POSE – American Factory

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“American Factory” is a simple yet hard hitting punk inspired song from the alternative rock band POSE. Intricate guitar lines weave in and out of one another as they sit over an almost mechanical driving bass line.

Throughout the song the vocals vary from in intensity, sometimes floating airily above the music while at other times digging in with aggression and emotion and eventually all out shouting. The lyrics offer a subtle introspection over the role schools and societies play in sculpting children into teenagers, almost as though they’ve come straight off of a production line.

About POSE: POSE consists of: Ruby – Vocals and Guitar, Marc – Guitar and Vocals, and Richard – Bass. Having come from backgrounds covering indie pop, grunge, and post-punk, POSE have unearthed a collective sonic understanding that bridges elements of hard hitting alternative rock, scintillating pop, and grandiose soundscaping. This culminates in a sound which blends Ruby’s ‘hypnotic yet soulful’ voice over music which is full to the brim of ‘teeth and claws’.

This desire to push creative boundaries is what POSE is all about and has seen them continue to create an unadulterated product into which they have poured their heart and soul.

“American Factory” is out now along with ‘Ten Miles” and “Nothing” which you can find on all music streaming services.

Stream POSE – “American Factory” on Spotify: open.spotify.com/track/1nmIeDjtu41jIxvAqj7qJE?si=3c3aa097d72f4607

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