Post Death Soundtrack – Tide Turns Red

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POST DEATH SOUNDTRACK’s fourth full-length release Veil Lifter is a tempestuous, 10-track Molotov cocktail channeling doom, grunge, hardcore, and thrash into a crushing new record. Following the orchestrated industrial soundscapes of their third album, It Will Come Out of Nowhere, Jon Ireson and Stephen Moore have taken a sharp turn to an unruly organic live sound. This fresh ‘doom grunge’ approach is driven by those who first inspired them – Alice in Chains, Black Sabbath, Nirvana, and The Stooges, as well as artists who are redefining heavy music for a new age – Russian Circles, Windhand, Queens of the Stone Age and YOB. Sludgy riffs, hardcore fury, hypnotic grooves, and empyrean ambience work in union to conjure a singular affecting vision. Veil Lifter is a relentless charge throughout, capturing the unwelcome outsider mentality of a threatening pack of hyenas.

Vancouver-based psychedelic doom grunge duo Post Death Soundtrack crafts a dense electric symphony of heathen guitars, brazen bass, and a bubbling cauldron of vicious sounds. The score to the untamed plains of the subconscious. This lays the groundwork over which the inimitable Steve Moore showcases his crushing vocal performances. In each piece, he takes from his hall of faces to embody the essence of a theme, be it scathing fury or enlightened ambivalence. Balancing ferocity and serenity, surrealist absurdity and earworm familiarity.

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