Princess Rock – Automatic

By 44faced on Aug 16, 2021 in Music - 0 Comments

This is Princess Rock’s follow up to her debut “Doo Wop.” “Automatic” shows another more mature side of the young teenage hip hop star in the making. Streaming now on all platforms, “Automatic” with it’s Caribbean undertones makes it clear it’s a dub if you playing games with her heart.

About Princess Rock: When it comes to balancing classic rap with contemporary musicality, not many rappers today can do the job, but one on-the-rise rapper named Princess Rock has already done it. The release of her first single, “Doo Wop,” is demonstrating her flawless rapping abilities which go far beyond mere vocals; she is a songwriter in her own right.

What’s perhaps surprising to many who hear her music for the first time is that Princess Rock is still a teen. She might only be fifteen years old, but Princess Rock is etching her own place in rap royalty. Citing influences such as Drake, Teyana Taylor, and Big Sean, Princess Rock wants to in particular inspire young girls with her unique musicality. In person, Princess Rock has a big personality to match her sound, and being a Philadelphia native, she has been steeped in authentic rap in a tradition that began as a child.

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