Pryme Minister – The Money $ong (I’m a Millionaire)

By 44faced on Feb 20, 2024 in Music - 0 Comments

“The Money $ong” by Pryme Minister is a revolutionary track, almost like an affirmative track for mainstream culture. In the words of the artist: “It’s a bold statement of intent that’s available for download on Pryme Minister’s website. With a hard-hitting beat and luxurious lyrics, allegedly a few people have testified of receiving unexpected favors during or after listening.”

Pryme Minister born Randell J. Moody is from Hartford Connecticut. In the words of the artist: “My story begins at a very young age. My mother had me as a teenager I was raised in the ghetto of Hartford CT. My environment as a child was housing projects, rats, roaches and violence. Though we were poor we had all we needed and we had lots of love along with hardships. As a family we were broken but we were blessed with many good memories that later became lyrics to my songs.”

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