Rappers On The Come Up

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Rappers On The Come Up is a compilation dedicated to featuring rappers hustling to express themselves through their music to the world. Today, on one hand, we have all the means available to post our music and art through multiple channels and share them with the world. Yet on the other hand, the massive volume of posts coming out daily, the fierce competition to gain attention, and the increasing difficulty of many people to make ends meet makes it tough to gain the exposure that many artists deserve. Many don’t have the knowledge or the budgets to make their music known to those who would appreciate it. Rappers On The Come Up is here to showcase top rappers on the come up, presenting you with a track of their choice, and making it easy for you to follow them online. If you’re a new rapper on the come up, then with no strings attached, it is free to submit music to this compilation.

The compilation is divided by region. Click on a region to find new rappers on the come up according to the region, and connect to them…


California Rappers On The Come Up

Florida Rappers On The Come Up

UK Rappers On The Come Up

California Rappers On The Come Up

Ben Green

Featured Track: Change Up

California Rappers On The Come Up - Ben Green

Stream: Soundcloud

Ben Green’s Change Up has a unique backdrop of melodies and an electrifying beat that really matches Ben’s unique lyrical delivery. This song clocks in at slightly under the two-minute mark, packing a lot of punch and a unique attitude. The most stand-out element in the mix is actually the drum machine sound, which reminds me of the unmistakable thump of the 808-style drum machine. The melodic backdrop has a haunting and atmospheric feel, that suits the tone really well, particularly because it is never overpowering and allows the beat to stand out as much as possible. The vocal track is perfectly suitable for the song’s trap attitude. The greatest thing about Ben Green’s vocals is certainly the fact that he can be as direct and in-your-face as the best rappers out there, while on the other hand, add a lot of melody to the mix.

Ben Green Bio

Emerging from Venice, CA and at only 20-years of age, the aspiring Rap/Hip Hop and R&B recording artist delivers up a versatile and multifaceted signature sound and stylization with his witty rhyming techniques and next-level dynamic vocal projection. Determined to make his mark in the music industry, Ben Green has no intention of slowing down.

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Florida Rappers On The Come Up

Andre Rose

Featured Track: Hallelujah

Florida Rappers On The Come Up: Andre Rose - Hallelujah

Stream: YouTube | Spotify

Andre Rose’s Hallelujah incorporates the culture and diversity of South Florida. The song blends a party vibe into a new age, wavy beat with a classical/gospel bridge, mimicking the atmosphere of South Florida. It is made up of two bridges, two verses and a subtle hook in two different languages—English and Spanish. Feel the full energy and exuberance Andre conveys throughout this track.

Andre Rose Bio

Born Jevon Roye, Andre Rose is an American musician. While hip hop is the cornerstone of his art, you will hear strong reggae and Latin influences. This is no surprise, as Jevon was born to Jamaican parents in the Latin-rich city of Miami on August 16, 1990,

Jevon was born in the suburb of Miami Gardens. He faced adversity very early in life, as he was all but pronounced dead at age 2. Two months in a coma, his parents were told that brain damage was the best to hope for. His first fight was literally for his life. He never stopped fighting. Seemingly to always have a chip on his shoulder, he fights with blending in. He fights a deprivation of knowledge.

Having a greater appreciation for the brain he almost lost, he strives to learn. He fought being a middle child in a broken home. This canopy of issues cast a shadow over a young star who was meant to shine. Incredibly, this may be his greatest and longest battle. The diversity and energy you hear in his music, the appreciation to breath, is a reflection of his early experience. The vulnerability you hear is a thirst to know more: a need to be understood while trying to understand. Literally begging for everyone’s love while not being sure if he deserved it.

His father often tells a story about playing the radio the day Jevon awoke from the coma. This might be why the pragmatic star said music saved his life.

During middle schools is where Jevon’s talent really emerged. Participating in rap battles and finding himself through music and art. It was a way for him to express himself at that age his parents had been divorced and didn’t get along with his siblings. This made him internalize and write raps, songs and poems as an outlet.

His style of music is a combination of his culture, his family of Jamaican origin, and the diversity of his Miami community. Being exposed to these elements, complex thinking and having to figure out his entire life alone, directly transpires to his musical talents, from flows to wordplay.

In his words: “It’s all a big puzzle that you have to create and solve at the same time, while having the dimensions to intrigue people, and the simplicity that they can relate to, and see the song as a movie, as the tracks play.”

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Featured Track: Barcelona Freestyle

Florida Rappers on the Come Up - Reily

Stream: Soundcloud

Brooklyn-born Florida resident Reily Marte opens up his heart on his new RnB and soul release, “Barcelona Freestyle,” steaming on Soundcloud. The song testifies to how when you’re in touch with what you feel and want to say, and you’ve worked your craft to a point where the technicalities are no longer a disturbance, then you simply flow your feelings out through your words, your instruments or whatever it is you’ve worked on for years to serve your expression. 1 minute on this track is all Reily needs on to showcase his ability to do this.

About Reily: 

Reily was introduced to the music industry at the young age of 13 by his father. “Dad was more focused on the Spanish scene,” he notes, “but there’s still little tips I get from him and learn from him.” Fast forward, he’s now a multi-faceted creative and a one-man team. “[I] record, mix and master all [my] songs,” he states proudly.

His first album, “Patience,” contains a plethora of vibes to attract a multitude of different listeners to his music. “My sound can go from a dark feel to an uptempo dancehall style to a soulful RnB type of sound,” he says, citing Eli Sostre, Drake, and a handful of regional artists as influences.

“My goal in the industry is to show the younger generation that you can create different types of sounds and still get support from fans,” he states confidently. “If you’re authentic with your music people will respect it.”

“Always keep it real … people [will] feel what you’re saying in your music.” – AboveAverageHipHop.com

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UK Rappers On The Come Up


Featured Track: Devil Side feat. Foxes

UK Rappers On The Come Up - Roshan

Stream: Soundcloud

Emotional hip hop song produced by Tunna Beatz and R0SHAN. Initially Devil Song was sang by the Foxes as a Pop song, but Tunna Beatz and R0SHAN have now created a newer version, adding a hip hop texture to it. The chorus by Foxes is still evident in this song, which gives it a boost.

About Roshan: 

Unsigned Recording Artist from London who loves football and music.

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