ReadJ – Pap.Arazzi.Me

By 44faced on Apr 08, 2019 in Music - 0 Comments

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, is recording artist ReadJ (@Pap_Arazzi_Me) who recently dropped his 10 song album “Pap.Arazzi.Me”. Bathed in Pop, R&B and electronic flavors, the recording positions itself at the cutting edge of modern urban music. Throughout this album, ReadJ shines with the quality of his compositions, honing his craft and taking it to new levels. Be it with the conceptual opener “InTheMood”, the catchy mid-tempo jam “MoveYourBody”, or the reflective and spaced-out “NoComplications”, the gifted songsmith entertains with the versatility of his pen. (Source: TunedLoud)

ReadJ’s “Pap.Arazzi.Me” is available for streaming and download at more major distribution outlets:

Visit ReadJ’s Website: Pap.Arazzi.Me/ReadJ