Ren$carJames – Grand Hustle Flow

By 44faced on Jul 07, 2019 in Music - 0 Comments

In the words of Ren$carJames (@ren_franklin): Down South Chicken eating Mack. Graduated from the University of Hustlers. Perfection we must perfect crew of emcees. Purple Cup Music affiliate. Get Money Messiah. Hull you and raw dog ya boo. Married to the streets and engaged to ya freak. Disciple of GOD. The Universe is Our turf not just urf. New to you but not your boo. The fairest of the fairest. Report to the streets and not the police. Harriet Tubman cousin Dirty Harry. Different breed of Emcee.

Biggie Smalls was my favorite then 2Pac. Now Jay Z takes both their place. But my southern roots contribute all props to 8-ball & MJG, Too Short, MC Breed, Chad Butler & Bun, OutKast, Geto Boys, Juvenile, & Clifford Harris, Twista. My Sound is similar to Dope Boy Trap Musick so Gucci Mane, Jeezy, Weezy, Yo Gotti, & 2Chainz justah name a few is what I sound like.

GOOGLE ME…..whateva platform you listen to put my name Ren$carJames in the search button….. Don’t forget the dollar sign…..lemme putchu up on game 101…..

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