Rob Georg – Sunsets at the Ranch

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Rob Georg’s “Sunsets at the Ranch” is authentic country music made with full feeling from a man living the cowboy life. The song immediately envelops the listener into a reminiscent, contemplative and relaxing atmosphere. The sparkling arpeggios of the guitar together with sliding effects, masterfully produced and mixed to give a wide spacious feeling—from the opening bars before the lyrics set in, Rob Georg already invites you to stare out at the vast country horizon together with him. The video on YouTube perfectly captures the sensation of the country sunset that Rob Georg communicates through the music.

Lyrically, “Sunsets at the Ranch” is sincere appreciation and gratitude for what the title suggests: that Rob has seen many beautiful places, Tennessee mountains, beaches, planes, but nothing is like the sunsets at the ranch. In other words, there is no place like home. “Sunsets at the Ranch” is a tribute to many evenings over many years spent at the ranch. Rob allows the listener to enjoy nuances he’s experienced from watching the sun setting “as a blanket” over the livestock, and that down below in our world, we raise our families and go about our daily business, but the sun above continues shining, setting and rising.

Besides the details, the overarching feel of the song is a feeling of genuine love for the beauty of what Rob Georg has experienced over many years: whether it is the specific sunsets at the ranch, or whether it is his appreciation of home in relation to other places, Rob Georg has the ability to completely absorb the listener into a sensation of beauty for what he feels, which is ultimately more important than the specifics of what we contextualize from it.

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