Sabotawj and Slap Up Mill – Not Today

By 44faced on Dec 15, 2019 in Music - 0 Comments

Sabotawj (Buhay Cali), releases new EP collaboration with UK producer, Slap Up Mill (Victory Mode Music). A blend of Lo Fi and Boombap, the album features Sabotawj’s precise lyricism over Slap Up Mill’s signature production.

Sabotawj is a veteran emcee from the West Coast. He started from humble beginnings in southeast san diego, california and is also a member of Buhay Cali. He’s appeared on songs with Bo Roc (Doveshack), King Tee, Daz, Hussein Fatal (2Pac’s Outlawz), Randam Luck, Lounge Lo, Raekwon, Dom Pachino, Napoleon, Masia One, and more!

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