Sal Jordan – Rick ‘N Morty

By 44faced on Apr 14, 2020 in Music - 0 Comments

Rick ‘N Morty is a song that deals with internal struggles of finding your way through life in a volatile society. It also expresses the Artist’s background in martial arts and questions about what life means.

Sal Jordan is a 21 year old recording artist/producer born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Before he turned to music he was an amateur boxing prospect in his home country, competing at international events and in national championships as a youth. After breaking his hand in 2016 he was forced to slow down in competing, and this is when he started to take making music more serious. On May 5th that following year he released his first mixtape entitled “Translate My Name”, which was well-received by the underground rap scene and put him on the map as an up and coming prospect in his hometown city. His second project was released in 2019 and was called “Baby Orange”. This project focused on some darker subject matters such doubts and fear that comes with overcoming adversity and hardships.

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