Salvatore De Nardo – Tempo

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“Tempo” is the latest single by Salvatore De Nardo, a new German/Italian singer, songwriter and producer, originally from Naples, Italy, and currently living in Frankfurt, Germany. 

“Tempo” is driven by a passionate piano ostinato and a delayed or echoing rhythmic guitar lick. The song soon reveals Salvatore’s full-yet-subtle, and sweet-yet-manly voice, and then gradually unfolds more and more instrumental layers—delicate cymbal splashes, ethereal synthesized pad strings, and a rising flute—leading into a climactic chorus that adds a bold kick in the drums, and a fuller layering of pads and guitars. The chorus comes after a significant bridge section build-up, after nearly one-and-a-half minutes of the song, successfully guiding the listener into its climax.

After the chorus, “Tempo” continues with additional drive, helped along with more hi-hat, snare and synth pad involvement. If the initial build-up to chorus was a rather long one, the second time around, Salvatore reels in the chorus very quickly after a verse, and then leads out the track.

“Tempo” displays a very careful and subtle treatment of all instruments and voice throughout, both in performance and production. The music video equally is done very tastefully, showing how genuinely and passionately Salvatore performs the voice for the song. In Salvatore’s words, “music is my passion”… and it definitely both sounds and shows.

“Tempo” is a very emotional song that was self-composed, written and produced. The song is about older generations / older people who are neglected in everyday life because they are excluded from society, because people are too old and nobody really cares about the elderly. The song is also about the older people going back to the past every day in their thoughts and thinking back to their memories, because the old people have no choice but to remember the past in order to recharge their batteries and live on.

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