Sam Joole – Closer

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“Closer” by Sam Joole is his 2nd single of 2022. The follow-up track to “Burn Fever Burn” was released on Spotify and other major music streaming platforms on September 1.

A radio edit and an extended club mix of “Closer” is accompanied by a video which features the 90s inspired fluro-lyric video style of Jinnxxx.

The song joins Sam Joole’s current quiver of Nu-Disco dance floor bangers, sitting tight and progressive with an epic, anthemic vocal and face-melting bass line from Craig Strain (Tango Party/Pickpocket). The song talks about being “Closer to Love” and “Closer to Zion”; Zion being a mythical state of peace and love.

In the words of Sam Joole: “The word Zion makes us thing about the Jews or Rastafarians who have adopted the word but I see it as a universal word that represents Utopia or a Holy Place. That place to me is music and dance.”

The song was written and produced during the recent worldwide lockdowns, and was produced at Sam Joole’s studios. Its other central theme is freedom and moving closer toward Freedom Day.

Sam Joole is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Sydney, Australia. He performs his current style by crossing DJ Tech with live vocals, guitar, synth and hypnotic visuals.

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