Sara Ferri`- Watch Out 4 Fanny (Album/Mixtape)

By 44faced on Aug 29, 2020 in Music - 0 Comments

Watch Out 4 Fanny is a new album/mixtape by Sara Ferri`. In the words of the artist: “This mixtape is the first ive ever released and ive enjoyed singing songwriting since i could talk and write. So theres a mix of feelings for some things or people ive overcome like “OLd flame” and “growing pains”…Then theyres also some songs relevant for my fiance now and blues olod school sounding bc this is the music of the roughest times. I also add songs daily.”

“Im 26 with a fanny pack fan and fanny that bounces back, repping 502 louisville caucasion, I write/mix/&sing every song.”

Stream Sara Ferri`- Watch Out 4 Fanny on SoundCloud: