Sense Offence – You Saved Me

By 44faced on Apr 28, 2020 in Music - 0 Comments

“You Saved Me” is a mellow, laid back hip hop track from a New Zealand born, Australia based hip hop artist, Sense Offence. The song was written as a tribute to the only thing that saved him whilst struggling with his mental health, the ability to turn the darkness into something beautiful through making music.

Sense Offence is a Melbourne based, New Zealand born hip hop artist. His music covers topics such as mental health, drug addiction, relationship difficulties and suicide, tackling these heavy topics with a brutal realism about their realities balanced with a strong belief that recovery is possible and offering encouragement to anyone battling these demons to keep fighting. He is an extremely versatile artist often incorporating elements from different genres and a highly technical rapper with a mastery of complex flow patterns, strong delivery, powerful story telling and intricate multi-syllabic rhyme schemes.

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