Super Fëmmes – Everybody’s Free

By 44faced on Apr 29, 2022 in Music - 0 Comments

Super Fëmmes is a newly-started Swedish girl band presenting powerful and edgy, yet traditional and glamorous, pop music that blurs the lines between a wide variety of influences. The line-up consists of the 90’s pop icons Emilia Mitiku, Therese ”Drömhus” Grankvist, Denise ”DeDe” Lopez, and Mia Schotte & Josefine Willers from the duo Miio.

The members are all professional musicians who have reached significant individual successes in the 90’s, and now they have joined their super forces to continue making quality music that inspires their audience. As recently announced, the group is releasing a stunning rendition of “Everybody’s Free,” originally made famous by Rozalla. This Super Fëmmes version is energetic and fun, combining dance and pop vibes with lots of personality from the talented and charismatic members of this all-female group. This song is first joint release of this super group, thus a great milestone for Super Fëmmes, who carry on the legacy of their success as individuals, continuing to build an already existing fanbase.

Watch out for Super Fëmmes’ take on “Everybody’s Free,” which will be available on the leading digital streaming platforms from Friday, April 29, 2022.

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