Takeshi’s Cashew – There Is No Harmony

By 44faced on Jul 07, 2020 in Music - 0 Comments

Takeshi´s Cashew “There Is No Harmony” was inspired by the Werner Herzog documentary Burden of Dreams, a sample of one of his monologues also has an appearance in the song. Deep jungle sounds are mixed with Arabic flutes and and Turkish psyrock elements.

Takeshi’s Cashew are five ex-contestants of the infamous 90’s TV-show “Takeshi’s Castle.” When they met during the show’s finale they had a vision of becoming a band. Ever since they’ve been merging Funk, Disco, Cumbia and 60’s and 70’s psychedelia with a collection of ethnic instruments, creating a danceable and beautiful fusion.

Stream Takeshi´s Cashew – There Is No Harmony: