Tanja Carol – Good To You

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Check out the new single and music video “Good to You” by Tanja Carol. 

Tanja Carol is a singer-songwriter from Switzerland. In her own words: “Even as a child, the music was put into my cradle, as it were, since I was born into a very music-loving family, and I will always be grateful for that. After all, music is not only the language of the soul, it also gives us answers to many questions.

I entered the music biz with my manager Francis in November 2021 with the song “Lost In Paradise.” My songs are one way or another part of my life, sometimes sad, sometimes full of joy. I sing and lyrics to touch people, not more, but also not a little less, and I want to try a lot and experiment with the different genres. But now I am at the start, looking forward to many new musical experiences. My biggest success so far was a live duet on Swiss TV with the Swiss rapper Stress.”

Stream Tanja Carol – “Good to You” on YouTube [Music Video]: www.youtube.com/watch?v=st5lkJkhJAc

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