The Kind Hills – Clusterluck

By 44faced on Jul 29, 2023 in Music - 0 Comments

The album Clusterluck by The Kind Hills features 10 warm and relaxed indie-tunes that are the perfect soundtrack for a chilled picnic in the countryside, an exhausted or hung-over moment in bed or a long, beautiful road trip. The band call it ‘music to fall asleep to’ and they mean that in a positive way. Some influences are obvious (Beach House on ‘Summer’ or Ducktails on ‘Volunteer’) but on all tracks the band essentially plays their own, laid-back, dreamy indie pop. Standout tracks are ‘waiting for the good times’ and ‘let youth take over’.

About The Kind Hills: Hailing from all corners of the globe, The Kind Hills stand as a testament to the transcendent power of music. The band, a cohort of long-standing friends who met while studying in Australia, now create captivating soundscapes from their respective homes worldwide. Their innovative approach to songwriting and recording has given rise to a deeply personal yet universally relatable body of work. The Kind Hills’ new album, Clusterluck, released on July 28, is a magnificent embodiment of this ethos.

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