The Live Fire – THE LIVE FIRE [Album]

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The Live Fire - Album
















The Live Fire is an amazing new rap artist with a unique lyrical style and great stories in his music who has fun, hot beats, action, drama and comedy wrapped altogether in his self-titled creative album.

Hip hop is in a new age where the genre is changing in so many ways bringing all types of sounds an locations into rap. And still we search for an artist to bring even more change to the game. Introducing FJAMEZ THE LIVE FIRE a new rap artist born in Washington D.C. and raised in Rochester, New York also known as The Roc. In The Roc where growing up isn’t easy at all in any way and trying to follow your dreams makes it even harder, FJAMEZ always had a talent an passion for music at a very young age he knew he would influence the world one day. At fifteen he started to write music, poetry and lyrical rhymes moving forward and perfecting rap inspired by 2pac, Biggie and so many of the best to change the game and show the world a different form of music. Setting a new bar for hip hop and its possibilities with more than ten years under his belt he presents his new self-titled album THE LIVE FIRE soon to be released, which he says, “It will inspire and make you feel music and enjoy the difference because its not that same old song where there are too many people rapping about money, cars and sex, rap has no limits an there are an infinite number of topics and things people go through in life that are realer than those,” so he proceeds to create. Now he is ready to released his new album with some of the hottest new songs, “Real Hit” and “TELEVISION” to show how versatile he is and that he is here to stay.

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