The Nation – Luv Flo

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On the 50th anniversary of hip hop, global hip hop band The Nation are releasing their debut interactive album, Hip Hop for Humanity, to revive the ideological beginnings of hip hop into today’s global culture.

The first single release from this album is “Luv Flo,” released on Valentine’s Day. “Luv Flo” is a song about the true love that hip hop stands for—the force of love that emerges when people unite above their differences and divisions.

Before hip hop emerged into culture in the Bronx of the 1970s, fear increasingly filled the streets, and the emergence of hip hop managed to channel the fear into a new thriving culture of music, art, dance, street fashion, and street entrepreneurialism. Rival gang leaders came together in this new atmosphere and the slogan “Peace, Love, Unity, Having Fun.”

Since the birth of hip hop, commercial interests became interlaced with hip hop culture, increasingly detaching the products made in the name of hip hop from its original ideological foundation. The commercialization of “hip hop” became a vehicle that made “hip hop” the most popular music genre throughout the world today.

And like a peel develops and hardens over a fruit, the current global wrapping of “hip hop” in its myriad commercialized forms has formed around the sweet fruit of its original unifying ideology, which waits to be unleashed at a time of need.

In 2023, The Nation is bringing hip hop’s original ideology to the fore. Where the gang violence and fear-ridden atmosphere of 1970s Bronx New York saw the setting for hip hop to bridge divisions among gangs and people on the streets, today’s social division is increasingly felt globally—and The Nation infuses the positive force of hip hop’s original unifying ideology into its releases this year, encouraging unity above division as the way to a new positive global culture.

The Nation is a global hip hop band consisting of members from the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, and Israel. Its members are (in alphabetical order): 730RS, Aaron C., Joe Larez, Negus Nimrod (a.k.a. Judah), Wystelands, and Young Hysan.

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