The ZYG 808 – Beat Lounge Notes

By 44faced on Mar 29, 2021 in Music - 0 Comments

An introduction to the land of Southcoast Thump & Soul. The ZYG 808 brings that boom bap, with a taste of trap, and he’s a straight up Emcee, ’cause he does more than rap. Beats made from scratch with the lyrics to match.

The ZYG 808 is a 2-time Grammy nominated composer, musician, producer, and performer of hip-hop, nu-jazz, r&b, and edm. He calls his style ‘Southcoast Thump’ and he represents Southeastern Massachusetts. A formidable MC/rapper, beat maker and producer, The ZYG 808 started his own label, Soul Poet Records at age 14 to hawk his mixtape while busking on the streets of Boston and Cape Cod in the summer as a rapping drummer (earning the nickname 808, like the drum machine). A lot to accomplish for somebody born in 2003.

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