Thom Bullitt – Nobody

By 44faced on May 04, 2022 in Music , Reviews - 0 Comments

Nobody is a new collaborative project between Thom Bullitt and Ryini Beats. Featuring primarily acoustic instrumentation, this EP serves as a break from Thom Bullitt’s usual hard-hitting rap songs, choosing instead to take a more laid back and stripped down approach.

Thom Bullitt is no stranger to experimentation, and Nobody takes a turn for the laid back while sustaining several of his stylistic signatures. The most noticeable stylistic signature that Thom Bullitt carries through to the project is his one-of-a-kind vocal delivery, which continues to surprise in terms of its pitch and inflection, as he never enters the track with what you’d expect.

Some songs carry through Thom Bullitt’s long-known rap style over the acoustic guitar accompaniment, such as “This Hotel Room,” “Saturdays, “Smoke Break,” and “Give Me My Roses.” Others go all-out songwriting, like “Alone,” “Never Come Down,” and “Nobody.”

Each song acts encapsulates a specific moment filled with emotion, sometimes introspective (e.g. “Alone”), and other times social (e.g. “Propaganda”), and at other times simply chill as Thom Bullitt takes us on a smoke break with him. The “moment” atmosphere is created often with song fade-ins and fade-outs that give a feeling that each song is the entrance into its own universe, while the common acoustic instrumentation and production throughout maintains the consistency that you’d look for in an album or EP project.

“Propaganda,” also featuring Tsa Da Don, includes some subtle instrumental additions of pad synths and drums to up the pace from the previous tracks, setting the tone for a social commentary on the project.

My personal favorite in this project, however, is “Alone.” Thom Bullitt reaches for a incredibly well-rounded songwriting approach, and conveys strong emotions through singing that uses his characteristic slightly off-pitches and inflections as a technique that he takes full control of—and also with lyrics capturing a very relatable feeling of our current times.

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