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The mixtape Bandido Rico, translates to hard life in the streets of southern Brazil, on the island of Florianópolis. Showing the audience the improvement of life of its members MOT47 and KOKILLA thanks to music. After a hard life on the street selling drugs the trapthugbr arrives showing why he carries the trap in his name.


  • The group emerged between 2018 and 2019.After some modifications the official formation was defined, which has two producers André Molina and Guilherme Machado (Caos Beats) and five mc’s (MOT47, Kokilla, Mancha, Karui and Boo).
  • The newsstand came to stand out on the scene by the fast pace of releases, with different styles among its members.
  • Participated in an interview at Barraco Rap (Campeche 98.3 FM community radio programming).
  • The team already has several singles, some video clips and a mix tape (Bandit Rico) with special participation in track 04 of DBS fat boss.
  • He has already been invited to minister the social project with the children of the penitentiary hill.

Account with support:
– Sandubar Anchor
– Muka Dogão
– Taubes Barber Shop
– Tchê Pizzas
– Doidem
– Ice Flex
– Rancho Burgres


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