Tyme – Holly Anna Lisa (feat. Lil’ Flip and Killa Kyleon)

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Houston-born rapper, Tyme, has released his brand new single, “Holly Anna Lisa,” featuring fellow Houstonian rappers and legends Lil’ Flip and Killa Kyleon. The almost four minute long track was officially released on February 26 under Price Royalty Publishing/Universal Music Group. “Holly Anna Lisa” comes as his first new project of this year, right after the releasing by of his last singles titled “On My Momma” and “Air It Out.” Tyme is an artist that certainly did not come to play and in this song, he lays it all out for the world to hear and enjoy.

“Holly Anna Lisa” is a hard hitting, head bobbing rap song with features that only compliment the tone that Tyme has already set. This single has the characteristics of a standard trap song—an amazing beat and great music for the rapper to apply his lyrics to. But what sets it apart are the various classical elements applied to the music which is accompanied by the current rap sounds of Tyme. This song is the perfect meshing and an older era with the era of today.

Each rapper on the song brings a different type of energy to their verses, but they are all cohesive and flow effortlessly on the track. Rapping about numerous aspects of Houston life, not only will Houstonians be able to relate to the lyrics, but others who have lived a similar lifestyle will be able to relate as well. Overall, “Holly Anna Lisa” is great lyrically and is a great listen.

About Tyme: Born on the West Coast and raised in the South West of Houston, Texas, Tre Garcia, respected
and known in the music industry as Tyme, has always had a way with words behind a mic. His insight and lyrical wordplay have always been leagues ahead of his time and he continues to manifest flows and rhyme schemes that place him among some of hip-hop’s greatest. His legacy started as half of the rap duo TymeZone beside his homeboy, but when they parted ways to pursue their solo careers, he adopted the now iconic name Tyme.

Blessed with the talent of a top tier lyricist and the vision to piece sounds together to create hits without the loss of meaning and flaming bars, Tyme is a rare breed of rapper in the modern era of hip-hop. His music holds true to his character, authentic and created from a place of experience and passion. Tyme is like Picasso, painting how he feels, expressing his feelings and emotions. This depth of expertise has brought many memorable milestones in hip-hop, some of which includes performing in Austin TX for Chamillionaire’s last show and doing a show with his big brother and mentor, Rasheed from DopeHouse Records. Rasheed has been a voice of sound advice and guidance in Tyme’s career and has been a major influence and support throughout his rise to where he stands today.

Tyme has since worked with some of the legends that would be regular rotations in his playlist. Tyme and his team are wrapping up promoting their latest release “Holly Anna Lisa” which dropped on February 26 th released under Price Royalty Publishing / Universal Music Group. The track is exactly what you can expect from a perfectionist like Tyme. “Holly Anna Lisa” comes from the chorus or topline vocals of the songs. Simply put, the track is the truth. Tyme takes the southern trap sound and bends it to his will, making it his own. When Publisher and Manager of Price Royalty Publishing, Jeseka Price brought the beat to Tyme months ago, he caught the vibe, and the rest was history. Tyme goes crazy over the beat, dissecting syllables and piecing them together like a surgeon with the mic.

“Holly Anna Lisa” will be the talk of the industry upon its release and sure to make Tyme’s team and kids proud of his latest masterpiece. Follow Tyme and stream his current projects while awaiting the release of his new single “Holly Anna Lisa.”

The name of the city we all (Artists and Jeseka Price as Executive Producer) represent and reside in is Houston, Texas a.k.a. H-Town!

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