Uncle Sam’s Sister – I Need a Job

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“I Need a Job” by Uncle Sam’s Sister is a hard rock single with a metal edge, driven by a dominant bass line hook. The track narrates the struggle for financial stability, humorously detailing the desire for a job to afford a guitar and a car, rather than relying on a bike.

About Uncle Sam’s Sister and “I Need a Job”: Avant Garde, Eclectic, highly accomplished musicians combine an intelligent & innovative blend of Rock, World, and Jazz. Some have likened the Uncle Sam’s Sister EP to a New World band with Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention combined musical prowess and creativity together with Jethro Tull and King Crimson – emerging into a fresh sound made for the 21st Century. Unlike anything else – the EP is a variety of alternative Rock to the MAX… beyond other independent and alternative bands – Guaranteed. What is “alternative?” What does that mean? Uncle Sam’s Sister defines alternative – just by hearing it. The EP is a seven-song experience – each taking a ride through a different musical dimension. That’s a genuine rock “alternative.” I NEED A JOB is just the beginning of the EP experience as the title track. UNCLE SAM’S SISTER is out of Chicago – having performed top rock clubs in the area and around the country (USA).

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