Urban Drop – A Reason to Be Alive

By 44faced on May 05, 2020 in Music - 0 Comments

Urban Drop is about Music, Lifestyle and Revolution—three elements that we have integrated into our souls. 

Urban Drop’s first single release is about the moment of change and realignment. The lyrics express Urban Drop’s story of traveling back to his homeland in Brazil, thinking about how while a lot has changed in him, some hasn’t. Urban Drop felt inspired to open up in order to help inspire others to think about the meaning of life, and what’s most important while we’re alive.

Musically, the music consists of trap elements, future bass, and Urban Drop’s own rapping style.

About Urban Drop: The Urban Drop project was born with the urge that its creator experienced a few times, where people create expectations about the future, building up a bubble hoping for better, and reflects on this feeling in the lyrics. In the words of Urban Drop’s creator: “Music for me as an artist represents changes in the way we see and live life. Music, Lifestyle and Revolution are thus essential and crucial elements that help us express ourselves.”

Urban Drop is originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, and now lived in Dublin, Ireland, where he decided to learn more about music, become a composer, producer, and now songwriter. Urban Drop is currently producing more songs with original ideas to inspire people into following their dreams.

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