Verdwaalde Kunstenaar – Maak Jezelf Gelukkig (Prod. LedTrapin)

By 44faced on May 11, 2020 in Music - 0 Comments

Verdwaalde Kunstenaar’s “Maak Jezelf Gelukkig” (Prod. LedTrapin), translates into English as “Make Yourself Happy.” The title says it all. Through animation and funny acting, Verdwaalde wants to show how to turn the negative into the positive during times when we all have to deal with walls creeping on us.

Verdwaalde Kunstenaar is a Dutch rapper, living in the Hague. He creates his own animations and artworks, which is also what he earns his money with. Hip Hop, especially the old school style, has always been in his heart and he hopes to entertain people with it for many years to come, combining these two hobbies of his.

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