Warren West – Before The Storm

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A blue sky starts to become gray; the wind starts to blow; the trees start to dance as nature’s tune plays out across the sky. “Before The Storm” feels like that moment just before the first crack of thunder or bolt of lightning. From the start, Warren West takes you into the moment the sunny skies give way to the clouds and that first drop of moisture hits the earth. As you chill to the smooth yet exciting beat this calm before the storm plays out in a playful melody. You’ll feel the energy build up in this up-tempo jazzy gem. This new song will not leave you indifferent and will even make you want more.

About Warren West: 
Music is in my blood having been born into a family of musicians. My journey began at age 11, singing in the local church choir where my mother was the organist. My father sang bass with the Spiritualaires Gospel Quartet, recorded albums, and toured singing across the Midwest. Following in Dad’s footsteps, I and some of the fellas at church formed the Spiritualite Juniors named after my father’s group. We sang on famed Chicago radio station WVON AM 1450 which aired programs that featured youth in Chicago; at local banquets, and church services.

But that was just the beginning. Like my mother, I was hired as a church pianist. It was my first official gig and at an early age. Maturing into my teen years, I began playing in bands and writing my own songs. I played on my first studio recording as a teen. I played keyboards for a band called Arrival that recorded at Tanglewood Studios in Brookfield, IL. Two recordings were released “Four Star Day” and “Just won’t Happen Until It’s Time” both on Travelrama Records. These earlier years were a great start down the road I still travel today.

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