WES 22 – The Game of Life [Album]

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Check out the new album, The Game of Life, by West Coast rapper, WES 22.

The Game of Life by WES 22 is an album inspired by the book The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn, and it is WES 22’s largest ever project released, totaling 16 songs. In the words of WES 22:

“The songs talk about playing the game of life. The idea is that we are all in a simulated reality playing The Game of Life together. Somewhere outside of this reality we are really just in an arcade playing this game. The cover of the project shows an arcade with one of the games entitled “The Game of Life”. The intro song, “Sitting Low” is meant to make you feel like you’ve entered the game and are now playing. The second song, “Level Two Freestyle” is meant to give the feel of meeting you’re first boss in the game but having plenty of confidence and skill to easily defeat that boss and continue in the game to the next level. The 3rd song, “Game of Life” is meant to be the song that most embodies the essence of the project. This is the song where we realize we are playing a game and we start to learn the rules of the game and how to play the game. The 4ths song, “Every Season” features Sky’s the Limit from Oakland and illustrates the grind of the game needing to prepare and perform every season over and over again. The 5th song “Best is WES” celebrates the success in the game thus far. The 6th song “We Whilin” focusses on why we decide to play the game in the first place. We chose to play the Game of Life. The 7th song “Money Scheme” reflects on the fact that sometimes we have to get gritty and physical to overcome challenges in the game and get to the next level. The 8th song “Buss it Down” takes a minute to blow off steam, dance and go dum. The 9th song “Lets Go” is getting back into the game, more than half way complete and ready to beat the game. The 10th song “Gulfstream Flow Take Two” is a returning boss from a previous game but we have to use misdirection and skillful grace to beat the boss and fly out in a private jet. The 11th song Leo Virgo looks inside our character in the game and takes a moment to reflect on the strengths and weaknesses that have brought us this far. The 12th song “Off the Jet” celebrates reaching a new level in the game and unlocking the worlds capital for entertainment, Los Angeles. The 13th song Lorenzo my Benzo reminds us who we need in our life to beat the Game of Life. the 14th song “safe to say” is when we realize we are almost done with the game and sure we will win. 15th song scores big and the last song dreams reached.”

WES 22 represents California, currently lives in Oakland, CA (northern California/Bay Area), and grew up in Central California and lived in Los Angeles (Southern California) for 5 years.

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