Wystelands – Why Do People Hate Jews?

By 44faced on May 10, 2019 in Music - 0 Comments

After getting feedback from someone who thought this song is racist, I wrote a detailed explanation aiming to accurately contextualize it so people can understand its message, and how it’s definitely not racist.

“Why Do People Hate Jews?” is a song in 3 parts that aims to express:

1) Myriad events and phenomena that the Jewish people have been accused of throughout history—murder of Jesus, denial of Muhammad’s prophethood, greediness, usury, cause of the black plague, drinkers of children’s blood, physical bearers of devil horns on their heads, oppressors and child-killers of Palestinians, assassins of Tsar Alexander II who planned to establish an elected parliament in Russia, but it ended up going the way it did, Germany’s internal traitors who caused Germany’s First World War defeat, making up the Holocaust, making Hollywood, controlling the world, disproportionately succeed compared to other groups considering they make up less than 2% of the world population, the root of all evil, use excessive power for self-benefit, and those are some of the reasons why the Jews have been made targets of genocide as a result of the hate crimes against them.

2) The attempts of millions of Jews who have tried assimilating into other cultures, but despite the assimilation efforts, anti-Semitism rises at some point, marking out the Jews.

3) The hook: the deeper reason behind many people feeling hatred toward Jews.

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