XXL – No Games

By 44faced on Oct 22, 2019 in Music - 0 Comments

Pittsburgh-based artist XXL is back with his 7th single that is sure to hit all the right chords. The single “No Games” is an upbeat, energetic beat with just the right touch of clever lyrics and wordplay to really make it fun and ?. Be on the lookout in blogs, radio and even the upcoming music video.

XXL (Double-X-L) A Pittsburgh based Rap artist. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, XXL was raised on the east side of Pittsburgh from childhood. XXL chose his name as a testament to the impact he wants to leave on the world. ” I refuse to let my impact on this earth be small, and irrelevant. Whatever I do, I will do big, grand, and extra large!” XXL is known around Pittsburgh for his involvement in youth ministry. XXL has high hopes of being able to make a big impact on hip-hop, music, race, racism, religion, and the state of the US.

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