Yvan Guilini – Big Band Is Back In Town

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“Big Band Is Back In Town” is an up-tempo jazz swing song by Yvan Guilini.

Game Records is releasing Yvan Guilini Big Band Is Back in Town. Yvan is best known for his worldwide hit song in the 1970s “Winter Memories.”

Yvan has composed and produced more than 150 songs, the genres include Jazz, Romantic, Tango and Bossa Nova

Game Records was formed in 1991 by Yvan’s daughter Carolina, the label had hit records with the Power Girl Band – Def Dames Dope, Lazerman, Snazzy and Euphrasia.

Yvan’s album Music Forever was supported by radio stations across Europe the tracks include Don’t Take My Dream Away, Happiness and Sunny Groove. The video for Fatamorgana, a dance track was playlisted on NBC, RTL, Ment TV, Eclipse TV, Showboat TV and XPTV 1.

His new single Big Band Is Back In Town is an up-tempo Jazz swing song available through Game Records and download sites.

Stream Yvan Guilini – “Big Band Is Back In Town”: www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRGAjoTZDM0

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