Zac Zhan – On & On

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“On & On” by Zac Zhan is an uplifting alternative pop song that captures the exhilaration of a deep, enduring love. Its lively melody and heartfelt lyrics celebrate the transformative power of a special connection that makes life feel like a continuous, joyful dance. The chorus radiates with the energy of fearlessly embracing love, inviting listeners to revel in the magical moments that make life extraordinary. This track is a vibrant tribute to love’s ability to illuminate life’s journey, encouraging everyone to fearlessly embrace the adventure of love and life.

Zac Zhan is an analyst by day and a musical visionary by night. Based in Beijing and Toronto, he crafts alternative/dance pop that offers solace in the urban hustle. Influenced by 2010s icons like Lady Gaga, his music blends rebellion with serenity, creating anthems for tranquility amid chaos. Deeply personal, each track mirrors his quest for inner peace. Zac’s music is more than sound—it’s a journey to harmony in a bustling world.

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