Zoo Land – Cant F**k With Us feat. BossedUp Yayo & Unk

By 44faced on Apr 16, 2024 in Music - 0 Comments

“Can’t F**k With Us” by Zoo Land, featuring BossedUp Yayo & Unk, is a high-energy hip-hop anthem that blends mellow vibes with powerful delivery and harmonious flows. With its infectious rhythm and energetic verses, the track captures the essence of confidence and unity, showcasing the dynamic talent of the artists involved.

Zoo Land, hailing from Sacramento, CA, and claiming East Palo Alto, CA, brings raw authenticity to his music, drawing from his life experiences to create compelling narratives that resonate with listeners. With just five years in the music industry, Zoo Land is already making waves, with much more to come from his vault of unreleased material.

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