Pologang DB – Mama Left Me [Music Video – Review]

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Pologang DB is a rising lyrical prodigy from the Midwest who paints a vivid picture of his motherless childhood in “Mama Left Me,” a relentless 3+ minute outpouring of no cliches or hooks, just straight, raw rap. Don’t expect any love or respect for DB’s mother: “Mama Left Me” is a sad story of how DB’s mother fell to drugs, neglected him and his family, and overdosed when DB was 14. DB talks about all the other players in his life throughout the period, his father, brother, uncle and sister, and how they tried to hold things together while his mother continued her dissolving life. Top-level music production by Ill Will and NebulaBeatz ring memories of the emotional kinds of beats with gospelesque backup female vocals on early 2pac records but with modernized sound and instrumentation. Also, top-level video production by Hogue Cinematics, cutting between shots of DB doing his lyrical storytelling, and shots with actors playing out different stages of DB’s childhood, the other players in his life, and ending with a chilling photo of DB and his mother—”chilling” because underlying the two looking happy together in the photo, through their smiles pierces the aftermath of a story that portrays the unfortunate downfall of this woman who failed to overcome her drug addiction and grow into her responsibility as a mother.

A defining characteristic of DB’s flow is clarity: he makes his storytelling straightforward and easily accessible to connect with him. Often, a music reviewer seeks a stand-out one-liner in the song to emphasize in the review, but in the case of “Mama Left Me,” DB’s lyrical content weaves as a tapestry that pieces together more and more pieces of a jigsaw puzzle for the listener: the more it unfolds, the more you see a full picture coming together, and can step back and see this real-life movie playing out between DB, his mother, and all the major influences in his childhood. You thus can’t pull out a single line without connecting it to the entire lyrical stream. The verbal and linguistic clarity, as well as the unfolding nature of the flow, are a 180-degree inversion from today’s urban musical atmosphere that hails drug-influenced slurring and distorted meanings. I suppose that after growing up with such a crushing example of drug addiction in his mother, DB sees no reason to glorify drugs. He instead seeks clarity and directness, and to communicate his messages that way to the world. If the urban music world shifts into its next phase of hangover, then DB’s music awaits with the clarity to give listeners their energy shots as they contemplate yesterday’s mistakes and start a new day.

About Pologang DB
Up-and-coming Toledo, Ohio hip hop artist Pologang DB is one rapper impossible to ignore. One-fifth of the acclaimed rap group ‘PoloGang’, the melodic and fierce, technical bars of DB’s sound are a breath of fresh air in a declining musical landscape of cliche’ hooks, mumble rap and autotune.

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Varsity – Game Over

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Varsity’s “Game Over” is a song with a dialogue between a girl and the man who cheated on her. He tries to resolve the situation but she’s too hurt. The first verse is the guy’s perspective and the second is the girl’s response. It explores the concept of treating love as a game… in this case a video game. Game Over.

Varsity is a a hip hop artist from Chicago, IL.

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Skelly Bones – Up in the Clouds

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Skelly Bones’ “Up in the Clouds” is a mix of RnB and rap heavily influenced by artists like The Weeknd and Childish Gambino. Skelly both raps and sings on the verses as well as singing the chorus. “Up in the Clouds” is a song about escaping the daily grind to achieve your wildest dreams. For Skelly Bones that happens to be making music for a lot of money and smoking a bunch of weed.

Skelly Bones is an independent artist from the south side of Chicago, blending hip hop, RnB, and rap into his own unique brand of music.

Fed – The Amethyst [Hip Hop Instrumental EP]

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Federico Perez also known as ‘‘Fed” is a producer and composer that specializes in house, hip hop and film music with an abstract sound. He was born in Montevideo, Uruguay and moved to Bayonne, New Jersey at the age of 8. Growing up in the Tri-State area gave him the advantage to experience different types of culture and people that influenced him throughout the years to create his own distinct work of art. He has been working side by side with Privat and RPS Productions for the past couple of years. His latest project has been to establish his own label called “The Art Facility” which includes all types of art and artist that come together to create together.

Young Khaliq – Broken Ties

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Young Khaliq is an upcoming artist from Gainesville, Florida. “Broken Ties” is his single about a women that was unloyal to him and the passing of his mother and brother.

Ayo Meezy – Purple Bean

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Mass – The Hitlist Trilogy [Mixtape Series]

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The Hitlist Trilogy is hip hop’s first terrorist style attack on 30 of the most elite lyricists the game has to offer. For the culture, 3 full mixtapes dedicated to dissing the best of the best of hip hop for today such as Eminem, Royce Da 5’9, Joiner Lucas, Pusha T, Big Sean, The Game, Fabolous, Jadakiss, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, Cyhi The Prince, Lupe Fiansco, Hopsin, Kxng Crooked, Joel Ortiz, J Electronica, Cassidy, Papoose, Busta Rhymes, 50 Cent, Meek Mill, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, Andre 3000, Dave East, Styles P, Kanye West, Nas, Jay-Z.

Tytist – Runnin’

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Tytist’s “Runnin'” is a hood anthem, club song from his album, I Am Liberty, which features members of his team Sswag Movement. I Am Liberty dropped on September 28, 2018.

The Original Rapper – I Wanna Get High

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Dark, underground hip hop, explicit and mean, from The Original Rapper (@o_original_o), an artist representing Durban, South Africa, signed to Bentley Records. Themed with drugs and death brought across with consecutively-flowing punchlines and mad adlibs.

Cloud Daddy and the Kingston Big Smokes – Feel Loved, Gnomes

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Cloud Daddy and the Kingston Big Smokes is a Sydney-based collaboration between Otto Reitano and Galen Sultmann. They collaborate with artists from around the world, including a collaboration with Kitty Got Claws and Go South.

“Feel Loved, Gnomes” is their 2nd release, a double-single featuring two songs: “Enough to Feel Loved,” featuring Go South and Kitty Got Claws, and “Gnomes,” featuring Kitty Got Claws.

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