Ian Dencker – When Stars Collide

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“When Stars Collide” by Ian Dencker delivers an uplifting and inspiring Green Day vibe, perfect for easy listening. Emerging from Sydney, Australia, Ian Dencker, an award-winning singer/songwriter, captivates audiences worldwide with his heartfelt lyrics and melodic tunes, amassing over a million streams on Spotify.

Stream Ian Dencker – “When Stars Collide”: open.spotify.com/track/2Zd2qTLdpQOXtOniVbhkIG?si=052910f645294d2b

Isabel Marcheselli – Your Eyes

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“Your Eyes” by Isabel Marcheselli is a spellbinding love song that captures the mystery of the romantic gaze with enchanting pop vocals, piano, and violin accents. Isabel, originally from New York and now residing in Massachusetts, weaves a magical musical experience that highlights her talent as a singer and songwriter.

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Waves Crashing – Life on Display (Lulu Lewis Remix Radio Edit)

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Seattle shoegaze trio Waves Crashing’s new collaboration with Pablo Martin (Lulu Lewis, Du-Rites, Tom Tom Club) brings new life to the band’s most note worthy track “Life on Display.” The dreamy track is now stripped down and remixed into an electro dark wave sound that will have you singing the chorus for days.

Seattle area Waves Crashing breathes new life into the beloved sounds of the 80’s & 90’s. Infusing lush soundscapes and melodic hooks that offer a fresh take on the nostalgia of the past while delivering a contemporary edge.

Stream Waves Crashing – “Life on Display” (Lulu Lewis Remix Radio Edit):

► Spotify: open.spotify.com/track/1M5TwWvNoqSmquUL4nZzm8?si=747567c1beac487b
► SoundCloud: on.soundcloud.com/bmsAsjLyFYhDHicb7
► Bandcamp: wavescrashing.bandcamp.com/album/life-on-display-remix
► Apple Music: music.apple.com/us/album/life-on-display-remix-ep/1740927293
► Amazon Music: music.amazon.com/albums/B0D1K26L71

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► Instagram: @wearewavescrashing
► TikTok: @wavescrashingband
► X: @wavesxcrashing
► Facebook: facebook.com/wavescrashingmusic

Wes Dean’s Call for Unity: Why “Time to Bring Back Peace and Love” Is the Song We Desperately Need Today

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Wes Dean’s song “Time to Bring Back Peace and Love” is a hopeful and uplifting song pinpointing what is most important in our lives: unity. In a world where there is a lot of division, this song reminds us that we are all brothers and sisters, no matter how we might appear different on the surface. The lyrics and melodies work together to make us feel united and encourage us to show more compassion and kindness.

Through an immaculate blend of acoustic guitar and vocal layers, the song communicates a wondrous harmony and peace that mirrors the very same qualities we would experience if we managed to continuously remind each other that through unity, we would live much better lives than our divisiveness leads us to see otherwise.

Wes Dean is a talented musician with a rich voice and great guitar skills. His song not only sounds good but also makes us think about being kinder to each other. “Time to Bring Back Peace and Love” is a song that can inspire people to come together and create a more loving world.

This song is more than just music; it’s a call to action: “We’ve gotta love our fellow man. It’s time to bring back peace and love.” It invites everyone to raise their peace signs and work towards unity. Listening to Wes Dean’s music feels like taking a step towards healing and making the world a better place. Join him in spreading peace and love through his inspiring music. – Review by 44faced.

Stream Wes Dean – “Time to Bring Back Peace & Love”:

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Maria Rago – Images_ with Laura Gómez, soprano

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Maria Rago’s “Images_” featuring Laura Gómez is a compelling piece of classical contemporary music, characterized by its melancholic mood and intense emotional depth. The Italian pianist and composer, now residing in Illinois, USA, skillfully weaves her rich cultural influences and profound emotional experiences into every note. Rago’s evocative compositions have earned her international acclaim, including numerous awards and performances at prestigious festivals and theaters worldwide.

About the Composer, Maria Rago: A curious and compassionate listener is what best describes Italian pianist and composer Maria Rago. Born in Sicily, though now residing in Illinois, USA, she has used her new environment to build her music career. Despite her late coming to the music world, she has utilized how to express her emotions through her music, which has led to her works being performed worldwide. She began playing the piano at the age of 24 and studied with Lea Cumbo at the Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali V. Bellini di Caltanissetta (Italy), where she graduated and continued with her studies with Eliodoro Sollima. She studied her composition at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et Danse in Lyon, France with Philippe Schoeller. Her love for arts is limited to music composing and photography, travel, black and white movies. Alongside her studies, she rapaciously soaked up influences from across the arts: not just musically from J.S. Bach, Igor Stravinsky, Arvö Part and Frank Zappa, but paintings of Caravaggio and Picasso and the literary works of Dostoyevsky, Strindberg and Beckett.

She continues to write and perform music that seeks to challenge, soothe, and stimulate her audience’s senses, which has granted her the opportunity to perform in festivals and theaters throughout Europe and the USA. Her works have earned various nominations and won numerous awards, including the Global Music Awards Honors (bronze medal) Recently she won, with the American-Brazilian director Rafael Fernanz, the award for Best video “Voice surrounding the city” and Best music at Christian Film Festival 2018 (Newport News USA) and the award for Best Music at The American Tracks Music Award International Contest 2018 (Los Angeles, USA). Additionally, she won Best Music at Aphrodite Film Festival (New York, USA) and the Best Music Award at Lady Filmmakers Festival (Beverly Hills, USA) 2nd place at Paris Play International Film Festival (Paris,France). Award for Best Music at X World Short Film Festival (Las Vegas, USA) and Anabelle Munro’s Most Important Films ( Las Vegas, USA). Honorable Mention, Tokyo International Film Festival. 2nd place at The Artists Forum International Music Competition (New York, USA).

Stream Maria Rago – “Images_” with Laura Gómez, soprano on SoundCloud: on.soundcloud.com/GqAHc

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Nirmel Mouchiquel-Marcillac (MNM) – Laisse Tomber On Verra Plus Tard

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“Laisse Tomber On Verra Plus Tard” by Nirmel Mouchiquel-Marcillac (MNM) is an innovative fusion of dubstep and experimental electro-acoustic music, pushing the boundaries of genre with intricate soundscapes. Hailing from Dijon, France, MNM brings a unique perspective to the electronic scene, blending his extensive background in jazz, classical, and electro with cutting-edge production techniques.

Stream Nirmel Mouchiquel-Marcillac (MNM) – “Laisse Tomber On Verra Plus Tard” on SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/nirmel-mouchiquel/laisse-tomber-on-verra-plus-tard-remixage-01052024-v1-192khz

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Friday Dies – Protect Your Temple

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“Protect Your Temple” by Friday Dies is a powerful hardcore thrash metal track that captures the relentless energy and intensity of the genre. With fierce guitar riffs, pounding drums, and raw vocals, the song channels the rebellious spirit of the underground metal scene from the mid-’80s to the late ’90s. Reborn from the ashes, Friday Dies delivers a brutal anthem that stays true to their hardcore roots while paving the way for their new era.

About Friday Dies: On the underground scene in the mid 80’s through the late 90’s releasing several demos and a full length cd “Return of the Witch”. The band broke up and the members went in different directions remaining on the scene for decades in other projects. Mark Friday’s son found a box of old cd’s and so hear I am promoting this old ass music to pave the way for some new shit. The new stuff is being recorded in a professional studio (TRAX 52) and will be professionally mixed & mastered. It should have a more polished sound but it will not lose the hard-core edge or the complex song structure. Like the Phoenix, Friday Dies will rise from the ashes anew with strength and inspiration.

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Wes Dean – Time to Bring Back Peace & Love

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Rediscover the power of unity with “Time to Bring Back Peace and Love” by Wes Dean. This song resonates deeply, echoing the harmonious cries of a generation seeking to mend the fractures of today’s world. Through heartfelt lyrics, it reminds us that regardless of skin color—black, white, brown, or tan—we are all brothers and sisters in this journey. Raise your peace signs high and let this anthem inspire a movement towards compassion and harmony. It’s time to bring back, it’s time to bring back Peace & Love.

Wes Dean, an electrifying force in the music industry, seamlessly blends soul-stirring lyrics with compelling melodies to create unforgettable musical experiences. His single, “Time to Bring Back Peace and Love,” is a powerful anthem calling for unity and compassion in a divided world. With his rich, evocative voice and masterful guitar skills, Wes Dean crafts songs that resonate deeply with listeners’ emotions, urging them towards reflection and action. Dive into Wes Dean’s music, where each note is a step towards healing and every song is a call to bring more peace and love into our lives. Join him on this transformative journey.

Stream Wes Dean – “Time to Bring Back Peace & Love”:

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Di Ruption – Problems (Prod. 343 Muzik)

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“Problems” by Di Ruption delves deep into the emotional turmoil of doubt and struggle, resonating with listeners facing similar challenges. Based in Saint Thomas, Jamaica, Di Ruption adds his unique voice to the vibrant tapestry of Jamaican talent, guided by his management team at Elite Generation.

Stream Di Ruption – “Problems” (Prod. 343 Muzik):

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Manatan – Between Your Thighs

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Infused with funky beats and undeniable sex appeal, “Between Your Thighs” by Manatan is the ultimate anthem for hot summer nights. With its sultry vibes and infectious rhythm, this track is guaranteed to get pulses racing and bodies moving. Manatan’s signature blend of funk and sensuality shines through in “Between Your Thighs,” making it a must-have addition to your summer playlist.

Manatan is a French-American producer and singer renowned for his irresistible blend of funk and sex appeal. With “Between Your Thighs,” he delivers a sultry summer anthem that’s sure to set the night on fire.

Stream Manatan – “Between Your Thighs” on YouTube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEkqRVeSDXg

Follow Manatan: @manatan

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