DJ Tony H. – Hustle feat. Corey Montana

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DJ Tony H. has teamed up with Corey Montana—alternatively known by his Jacktown C moniker—to deliver his latest single, “Hustle.”  A sobering, yet gritty, southern-style anthem produced by Smoked Out Productions, “Hustle” resonates with listeners in every region. As the title suggests, it’s the rags-to-riches ode flawlessly illustrates the desire for a sumptuous lifestyle. Both Mississippi-natives, Tony H. and Montana reunited after their collaborative efforts on Montana’s 2019 project, “Day II Day.” “Hustle” is the first single released by DJ Tony H. since 2018, when he joined forces with upcomer Mike Caesar on “Worth”.  “Hustle” is currently available for streaming on all major streaming platforms, including Apple Music, Tidal, and Spotify.

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Los Musick & P.A.T. Louisiana’s Finest – Too Much Fire

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Los Musick and P.A.T. Louisiana’s Finest are two of the Bayou’s smoothest rappers, bringing you the blazing single “Too Much Fire” from their recent album, About Time, released on March 25, 2022. About Time is an 8-song collaboration between the two artists that mixes laid-back Southern Hip Hop with some soul crunk-ish vibes. The combination of creative energy between these two talented hip hop artists and their LaTex connection make this a sound like none other. Los is from Port Author, Texas, and P.A.T. is from Opelousas, Louisiana.

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Los Musick and P.A.T. Louisiana's Finest

DFlexXx – Today

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“Today” by DFlexXx is a track inspired by Ice Cube’s “It Was a Good Day” and Tyga’s “Good Day,” but with DFlexXx’s unique spin added to it. In the track, DFlexXx talks about pressures that we deal with as young adults today and how we put on a fake face to fit into society.

DFlexXx is a rapper, songwriter, actor and dancer based in Cardiff, Wales.

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Isabel Marcheselli – House of Dreams (Runway Remix)

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Isabel Marcheselli’s “House of Dreams (Runway Remix)” is an EDM dance track and mashup of 3 original pop songs written by Isabel and which were released years ago by her band, Isabel and The Whispers: “Dancing,” “Dot to Dot,” and “Josefina.”  The original Isabel and The Whispers’ album can be found on Spotify here.

On the track, Isabel has stated that: “it is an experimental dance track that represents a sort of re-imagining of three pop songs that I wrote years ago interlaced as electronic dance music, which are ‘Dot to Dot,’ ‘Dancing,’ and ‘Josefina’ off of my band’s self-entitled album, Isabel and The Whispers, on Spotify. Since I had always wanted to create a dance version of my songs, this was my inspiration for ‘House of Dreams (Runway Remix).’ In the future, I hope to release more electronic music, so this is a debut track.”

About Isabel Marcheselli: Isabel is a singer, songwriter, pianist, multi-instrumentalist and lead singer of the band, Isabel and The Whispers.

The daughter of South American immigrants, Isabel was born in New York City and overcame many obstacles in life on the way to finding her voice as a musical artist. Nevertheless, her father, an engineer who served NASA, always encouraged her to dream and to reach for the stars.

Following her B.A. degree from Cornell University, Isabel attended Mannes School of Music and Hunter College, and worked on her major in music while also studying piano with renowned artists, including Naxos-recording pianist Xiayin Wang.

A gifted singer, songwriter, poet and wordsmith as well as a versatile musician, Isabel has musically crossed so many genres and her eclectic scope of music continues to evolve and defy easy categorization. While she was trained as a classical musician, she can just as easily create music in mass-appealing genres such as pop and dance.

Isabel is a member of Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI) who is regularly booked for performances, collaborative projects, and much more.

Her creative philosophy is to stay open and to stretch herself across new frontiers to keep things fresh and exciting for herself, her musical collaborators, and her audience.

Isabel is currently working on new releases, including a new album of original songs recorded with her band to be released soon.

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N.Ø.Y – Won’t Lose

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“Won’t Lose” is an inspirational single by N.Ø.Y about never giving up on your dreams and believing in yourself.

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Solomen Pade – HBO: Handsome Boys Only

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Handsome Boys Only (HBO) is a 10-track piece of art by Solomon Pade that seems to be the perfect vibe for any situation. Production is never lacking and accompanying lyrics are just serious enough with a dash of witty humor.

Solomen Pade is a rapper and songwriter who is striding effortlessly to the centre stage of the hip-hop game and fulfilling the destiny of his own truths. Lyrically setting standards that are hard to beat, his music feeds the belly of the beast, representing the authentic sounds of his youth tempered with the emotions of his own stories.

Handsome Boys Social Club 580


NoKissing – GreenEyes & EyeLiner

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NoKissing, evokes depth and delicacy in his newly-released single, “GreenEyes & EyeLiner,” which came to fruition after a string of recent singles releases.

The single emerges as the latest unraveling of the American singer-songwriter’s (from Detroit, MI) soul-searching through his wide range of genre-bending influences from Kurt Cobain to Juice WRLD. Each of his releases are stepping stones on a journey increasingly revealing an introspective expansion of the artist’s mind and heart.

Shrouded in secrecy, outside NoKissing’s melodic outpourings, he discloses nothing more than bite-sized fragments about his music, which serve more as hints rather than clarifications. About the single, NoKissing’s few words of self-description are as concise as they are a question mark in and of themselves, that “this song is ambient, upbeat, with reflective subject matter.”

Taking these questions into the release, together with visually-arousing lyrics, attention-demanding voice, enticing bridges, a catchy hook within smooth production, the listener encounters a floating motion, melancholy blended with beauty, reflecting the confrontation between the mind’s paradoxes and the emotional release that the music provides both artist and listener.

“GreenEyes & EyeLiner” comes as a major artistic milestone for NoKissing, after his recent single release, “Leave Me Alone,” and the music videos for his captivating singles, “BADTHING” featuring MVRV, and “GreenDay,” the latter of which has racked up over 51K views on YouTube to this day.

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Thom Bullitt – Nobody

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Nobody is a new collaborative project between Thom Bullitt and Ryini Beats. Featuring primarily acoustic instrumentation, this EP serves as a break from Thom Bullitt’s usual hard-hitting rap songs, choosing instead to take a more laid back and stripped down approach.

Thom Bullitt is no stranger to experimentation, and Nobody takes a turn for the laid back while sustaining several of his stylistic signatures. The most noticeable stylistic signature that Thom Bullitt carries through to the project is his one-of-a-kind vocal delivery, which continues to surprise in terms of its pitch and inflection, as he never enters the track with what you’d expect.

Some songs carry through Thom Bullitt’s long-known rap style over the acoustic guitar accompaniment, such as “This Hotel Room,” “Saturdays, “Smoke Break,” and “Give Me My Roses.” Others go all-out songwriting, like “Alone,” “Never Come Down,” and “Nobody.”

Each song acts encapsulates a specific moment filled with emotion, sometimes introspective (e.g. “Alone”), and other times social (e.g. “Propaganda”), and at other times simply chill as Thom Bullitt takes us on a smoke break with him. The “moment” atmosphere is created often with song fade-ins and fade-outs that give a feeling that each song is the entrance into its own universe, while the common acoustic instrumentation and production throughout maintains the consistency that you’d look for in an album or EP project.

“Propaganda,” also featuring Tsa Da Don, includes some subtle instrumental additions of pad synths and drums to up the pace from the previous tracks, setting the tone for a social commentary on the project.

My personal favorite in this project, however, is “Alone.” Thom Bullitt reaches for a incredibly well-rounded songwriting approach, and conveys strong emotions through singing that uses his characteristic slightly off-pitches and inflections as a technique that he takes full control of—and also with lyrics capturing a very relatable feeling of our current times.

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Tyran Maxey – Lord Have Mercy

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Tyran Maxey’s “Lord Have Mercy” surrounds a new era of conscious hip hop rap music breaking into the more spiritual side of reality to elevate the minds of society on a level of self awareness and to move in a direction of a better environment.

Representing the City of Chicago an underground veteran Tyran Maxey transforms into a more mature artist in learning from his life experiences to educate and consciously speak about the everyday struggles that we endure and how change is needed.

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ALI LOL – Home at Heart

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“Home at Heart” is a Slap House song based on the feeling that you can be everywhere at home when your heart is there.

ALI LOL is a German artist who is enthusiastic in EDM, especially in Slap House and BigRoom. His single “Jimba Gin” has entered the TOP100 of Swiss Dance Charts in April 2022. His new release is “Home at Heart.”

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