EmoneyBBE – Sometimes I

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“Sometimes I” is a new single by EmoneyBBE, where he raps what he sometimes does. EmoneyBBE is an artist from Harrisburg, PA. All of his songs are legit freestyles.

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Eneeks – Black Love

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Black Love – Eneeks featuring Sabrina Washington & Stush. South London rapper Eneeks with the help of featured guests Sabrina Washington (Mis-Teeq), and Stush (Groove Armanda) pen a heartfelt song titled ‘Black Love’ exploring the complicated highs and lows that both black men and women face within today’s society.

Eneeks is known as the artist who captures the truth in his word play, constantly challenging the listener to take in every aspect of his complex thoughts. Through his music Eneeks continues to make waves in the underground scene of Neo Soul HipHop. The listener will relate to his stories of love, loss, redemption, relationships, street life and everyday living. Like a painter, his music is his canvas and he writes with the purpose of illustrating a story for his listeners.

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Certified Flip, Bop Boyz – Twerkin for the Birkin

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The new single “Twerkin for the Berkin” by Certified Flip, Bop Boyz is for the clubs. It’s about woman who wanna shake a little something.

Bop Boyz a hip hop group from Midwest Cincinnati, Ohio and Chicago, Illinois. The group includes Hosse, Pscrills, Bonkers, and Certified Flip.

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Nick Almighty – Smokey City Raw

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Smokey City Raw is a smoking hot album by the very talented Nick Almighty who has poured his heart and soul and all his artistic capabilities into its creation.

Is there anything better than music? Whatever mood one might be in, music always has a way to uplift people in the most beautiful way. And this can happen across all genres. Whether it’s hip-hop, rap, rock, or pop, music is one of the best ways to connect with people. And when it comes to genres like hip-hop and rap, everybody knows that such music is born out of real experiences and struggles. A similar vibe can be felt in Nick Almighty’s music as well. He is all set to drop his latest album Smokey City Raw on May 28, 2021 and there’s already quite a bit of buzz around it. Smokey City Raw will be released under the label King 5 Music. This power packed album is sure to pack a punch as it is made of 15 amazing hip-hop and rap tracks. Nick Almighty has also tied up with various other artists in this albums. A few of the artists who feature in this album are Lucky Lucciano, Jay Go Hard, Sire, Live Sosa, King Meeteeie. The titular track, Smokey City Raw is a quintessential hip-hop and rap track that’s extremely groovy and funky and is sure to get everybody moving. The rhythm is absolutely infectious and listeners will not be able to help themselves but listen to this track on a loop.

More About Nick Almighty:

Famous as Nick Almighty, his real name is Nicholas Bell and in no time he has become one of the most fast-rising independent hip-hop/rap artists from North Memphis, Tennessee. His inspiration for the album Smokey City Raw comes from the fact that he has grown up in the neighborhood of Smokey City wherein he has seen all the crime around gangs and drugs in full throttle. And that’s what has led to this beautiful album.

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CONA – Stuck

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“Stuck” by CONA portrays one man’s struggle in the corporate world while at the same time drawing a parallel to our collective struggle in the perpetual political cycle. “Put your middle fingers up, if you’re tired of the way that they runnin’ us, if you’re tired everyday tryna make the cut, the blood money/ Drug money yeah its got us stuck.” Stuck is an anthemic call to togetherness and positivity in the face of darkness. CONA is a rapper/producer from Saint Petersburg, FL.

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David Ross – Perfect Guy

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David Ross’ “Perfect Guy” speaks about the struggle of dating one person and later be hurt by that same person. Saying “I’m a perfect guy” is a big statement but when it comes to that same type of girls its not a statement, its a reality, you always end up being “perfect”, but don’t get the same in return, so instead, love, live, let her go.

David Ross is a 21-year-old rapper from Israel.

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Nipsey Hussle & Juice Lee – Hussle Music

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San Diego based record label Juice Division Records CEO Juice Lee has numerous unheard Nipsey Hussle songs—after years of fighting with the majors for clearance for his numerous Nipsey Hussle tracks—which they did before Nipsey Hussle’s Crenshaw album, and he was still labeled one of the biggest underground artists. Years later, he became the label’s biggest independent artist. They started showing him respect when he really started getting the check!

Nipsey Hussle relationship with Juice Division Records CEO started early in 2008 right after Nipsey Hussle signed to Epic Records. To receive clearance for a major artist , not just a major artist but one of the top 10 most prolific rappers in history is no small task for a independent record label, but CEO Juice Lee proved he’s well connected and business savvy. A J Prince mixed with Master P is what Juice Lee will be remember as when it comes to a 100% independent hip hop CEO.

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North Bound Sound – But Lately feat. Half Consciou$, Tamera LaShawn, Aaron Kaii, Apollo

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We all go through ups and downs. You’re not alone in the regard. The downs are only momentary, and will get better.

North Bound Sound is a collective of individual artists hailing from either Los Angeles, CA or Gary, IN. With all current members growing up in lower end environments, music provides a light at the end of the tunnel. As we join forces to provide different voices and styles from track to track, we aim to share a bit of ourselves while hopefully others enjoy.

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Bfffth – H

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“H” is Bfffth’s newest album of dark lofi ambience progressing to glitch hell and back. 

Stream Bfffth – “H” on YouTube: youtube.com/watch?v=6a_60WfxGcw

Harry Sorry – Prince Saga

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In the words of Harry Sorry, “Prince Saga” is “new school Hip-Pop and trying chess girl. It consists mixtape scenario and little bit R&B however mostly it is Trap music to an entertain people from the world.”

Harry Sorry is an artist representing New York, Los Vegas and Los Angeles.

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