Marina Massanova – Dank’o’holik

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Genre-fluid punk rap queen Marina Massanova released her latest feel-good anthem “Dank’o’holic” on September 15, 2020. The heavy-hitter is the perfect soundtrack to anybody who likes a good drink. Touching on subjects like partying and alcoholism, the timeless track is inspired by alcohol addiction. It is quite possibly one of the most uplifting tracks about the subjects, bringing raw bars with emotional, upbeat hooks.

Marina Massanova is a Ukrainian singer and rapper. Her style incorporates a bit of screaming, more or less rapping, vocals here and there and so on… As Marina puts it: “it’s nothing particular, but a current mood”

Stream Marina Massanova – “Dank’o’holik”

Alei Ster – Dämonen

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Check out the new single, “Dämonen,” by Alei Ster.

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Lu – Ride or Die feat. DazeOnEast and Omari Night

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RnB artist Luis Torres aka “Lu” (@luniverseofficial), a native of Guadalajara, Mexico releases his debut single “Ride or Die” featuring Omari Night (@omarinight) and Dazeoneast (@DazeOnEast), and produced by @prodkxvi. The single has been released via Big Top Entertainment.

Stream Lu – “Ride or Die” feat. DazeOnEast and Omari Night:


SvltGoddo – Whos Goddo (Whats Poppin Remix)

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In the words of SvltGoddo: “I see rap as a sport. SvltGoddo is an emcee. I try to give you a catchy beat but I am also going to tell you how I feel, or maybe I’m just giving you bars and rhyme schemes to impress the hip hop heads. I love Hip Hop and always will. SvltGoddo wants to be mentioned with the greatest of rappers, not just known but respected as a lyricist.”

SvltGoddo is a 24-year-old Mexican artist out of Topeka, Kansas. He has been writing music since the age of 14. He has only released one tape so far The Grand Salt Goddo Tape, which is on YouTube and SoundCloud. His newest project Más Nervioso is set to release soon with singles like “Blade,” “Too Cocky,” “Give a F,” and “Goddo This Goddo That” already released. SvltGoddo is currently working on a new tape that does not have a title yet. He will also be changing his flow and rap style in that tape giving you a more hungry and gritty side of SvltGoddo. Be sure to follow @svltgoddo on Instagram for updates.

Stream SvltGoddo “Whos Goddo (Whats Poppin Remix)” on YouTube:


SN Gee – Tiki-Taka

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New French trap from SN Gee, a Parisian Afro rap artist with Malian origin.

Stream on YouTube:

The Obsidian Blue – Just One More Breath

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The Obsidian Blue’s newly-released single, “Just One More Breath,” is the fourth single from their collection, Living On a Frontline

The song is celebration to Torbjörn Lööv’s late wife, and to all the women in the world that we are all missing—the women that mattered to us in our lives.

Torbjörn Lööv is a multi-musician currently working together with different people. The Obsidian Blue used to be a band but the only remaining members are Torbjörn Lööv living in Gothenburg, Sweden and Ramin Rezainejad living in Los Angeles.

Stream The Obsidian Blue – “Just One More Breath”:

DraMatiQue – Above Water

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DraMatiQue’s new single, “Above Water,” is a romantic, radio-friendly jam that describes the heartbreak of a failed relationship in which the guy cannot get over his feelings for the girl and rhymes a romantic plea for a second chance. This is the 4th single from the Millionaire album which is available now digitally everywhere via The Orchard/Sony Music. Stream/Purchase full album here –

DraMatiQue is a hip-hop artist who specializes in the creation of cutting edge, original hip-hip music for the masses. Hailing from Sacramento, California…he has released two well received mixtapes and is C.E.O. of indie hip-hop label, Newborn Records LLC. DraMatiQue’s highly anticipated debut album ” Millionaire ” is currently available now on all digital platforms via The Orchard/Sony Music.

Stream DraMatiQue “Above Water”:

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John Kurre – The G-Man

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John Kurre’s new instrumental single, “The G-Man,” is dedicated to all the brave men and women doing Public Service.


Stream John Kurre – “The G Man” on SoundCloud:

HH4L – Hip Hop Beats

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Hip-Hop beats, need to find a great rapper asap to kill them! Old school and new school beats, various vibes, aggressive, dark, chill, funky, bangers… with or without sampling, mainly influenced by 90’s East Coast Rap.

French beatmaker, owner of the website Hip-Hop 4 Life (, vinyls seller and collectionner (, huge fan of US Hip-Hop. His influences as far as beatmaking: DJ Premier, Havoc, RZA, Madlib, J. Dilla, Organized Noize, Dr. Dre, The Neptunes, Just Blaze, Kanye West… His favorite artists: Outkast, Mobb Deep, The Notorious Big, Prince, David Bowie, The Cure, Frank Ocean, Nirvana, ScHoolboy Q, Lupe Fiasco…

Stream hip hop beats by HH4L:

Follow HH4L on Instagram: @_hh4l_

Gryphiitii – GTK

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In the words of Gryphiitii, GTK is an “album meant to show that I’m here to have fun and love every second of it! Not a day goes by that I don’t feel something new, so why not share how I feel?”

Stream Gryphiitii – GTK on all major music streaming outlets:


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