Nep Jennings – MR

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Detroit based artist/producer Nep Jennings has released a new high energy lyrical banger with a bouncing music video, “MR.”

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Acacia Grace – I Can’t Live Without You (Radio Edit Instrumental)

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Acacia Grace has graced us with a track deeply moving and spiritual. The radio edit instrumental of “I Can’t Live Without You,” is a soothing movement for lovers of Jazz, R&B, and Instrumental Soul music. You could be gazing at a beautiful sunset while curled up in the arms of a lover, or taking a walk in the sun-lit forest, but its certain that this song makes listeners feel transported to a feeling of comfort and out of chaos. It’s slow tempo and velvety saxophone lines remind us of overcoming hard times- the blues. Whether it’s in love, or in life, “I Can’t Live Without You,” wraps around your heart for a moment of peace.

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Manuel Joachim Alexis Mahé – Rêve Inachevé

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“Rêve Inachevé” by Manuel Joachim Alexis Mahé is new age, trance, electronic music at its finest. Manuel Joachim Alexis Mahé gives us some insight behind his music: “I learned music like everyone else … in school and in high school. I also took private lessons in music theory and amplified guitar (School of Rock’n roll of Grenoble). At the same time, I started out in classical guitar at a very young age, forming a group first as a singer and then a guitarist. I left this group in 1980 after an evening on stage. I’ve had a period where I was a street musician. After a long time without musical activity, I use now for this musical keyboards. Currently, I compose and perform my compositions.”

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Kyle Garrison – My Love

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“My Love” is a love song by Nashville alternative singer-songwriter Kyle Garrison. In the words of Kyle Garrison, it’s a love song about anybody, “not just a significant other. It could be anybody!”

Kyle Garrison has been writing songs for 10 years and started uploading music 3 years ago. He is influenced by a lot of California alternative music and indie rock.

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Ramiro Pinheiro – Sentido

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US journalist Scott Yanow described it as “highly recommended to any listener having a love for Brazilian jazz. The rich melodies, variety, and top-notch musicianship along with the consistent creativity make this a memorable release” and it’s also been covered by publications including Jazz Guitar Today, Instituto de Memória Musical Brasileira and on several Official Spotify Playlists.

Sentido is an amalgam of inventiveness and accessibility. Pinheiro pays homage to his roots through reinventing the traditional motifs, creating a work that is simultaneously conventional and refreshingly contemporary.

“Ramiro Pinheiro’s Sentido is highly recommended to any listener having a love for Brazilian jazz. The rich melodies, variety, and top-notch musicianship along with the consistent creativity make this a memorable release.” – Scott Yanow, L.A. Jazz Scene

About Ramiro Pinheiro: Ramiro Pinheiro is a Brazilian guitarist, singer and songwriter born in the city of São Paulo (Brazil), and currently living in Barcelona. He was mostly self-taught at the beginning, learning the guitar by ear before attending the Conservatório Souza Lima in São Paulo.

As well as his hometown, his music is the result of multiple influences from choro to brazilian jazz. Ramiro has performed in venues and festivals in Spain and Europe, and has sought to develop a Brazilian music without borders and clichés.

Ramiro has played and recorded with musicians such as Horacio Fumero, Rafael Barata, Rita Payés, Pablo Selnik, Gabriel Amargant, Ana Rossi, Albert Bover, Hugo Arán, Jeffe Otto, Felix Rossy, Pablo Giménez, Rodrigo Balduino, Sara Pi, Jurandir Santana, Amoy Ribas, Martin Laportilla, Jaume Vilaseca, Rodrigo Bezerra, Ramón Ángel Rey, among others

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The GroovaLottos – Boom Bu-cha – Remix

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Check out the new single by The GroovaLottos, “Boom Bu-cha – Remix.” 

Stream The GroovaLottos – “Boom Bu-cha – Remix”:

Wealthy Bastard – All On Me

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“All On Me” by Wealthy Bastard promotes a smooth vibe with exciting wordplay and metaphors. Wealthy Bastard also experiments with versatility in his flow/delivery. Wealthy Bastard is a young entrepreneur born in Detroit, MI but currently living in Houston, TX. He has a passion for music and investments.

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Lucas Ingram – Haunted

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Lucas Ingram’s new single “Haunted” is a mellow yet emotionally striking pop/rock song with rich instrumentals and a flowing structure that holds the listener from start to finish. 

Stream Lucas Ingram – “Haunted” on SoundCloud:

Rodeo Flip – Never Drinking Again

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“Never Drinking Again” is a feel good, energetic and upbeat hip hop track by Rodeo Flip with rich real instrumentals including piano, strings, and drums driving and pumping an uplifting rhythmic feel throughout. A perfect song for changing up the pace, working out, and as a feel-good track while hanging out with friends.

Stream Rodeo Flip – “Never Drinking Again” on Spotify:

Muenster – Fake News feat. JSun the Prophesor & Kilathon

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“Fake News” by Muenster and featuring JSun the Prophesor & Kilathon is an expose on the very divided and deluded skew that polarized media places on social totems. We all are trying to carve a path ..don’t get blinded by the banners on the way.

Muenster is a well versed web3 artist wrapping up his third solo LP. This project encapsulates two decades of paying dues, building bonds, and breaking barriers in hip hop and beyond. Artists from all coasts and styles of hip from golden era to drill can be heard on this record. From Ras Kass to Prince Po the features and bar work heard on this record are both timeless and completely contemporary. Join us on this journey.

Stream Muenster – “Fake News” feat. JSun the Prophesor & Kilathon on YouTube:

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