John Kurre – Being Human

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John Kurre’s “Being Human” captures human emotions and converts them into something melodious. With all that is going on today in the world, it is important for all of us to be connected at some level. Please like and comment.

About John Kurre (in his own words): My name is John Kurre and I’m originally from Colorado Springs, USA. Today I continue to do most of my creative artwork from Colorado Springs, USA and sign my work under the artist name John Kurre. I also own and operate a music company “Kurre Music Media” to undertake work commercially.

I find inspiration from traveling around the world and integrating with diverse cultural and ethnic groups which have greatly influenced my creative style and creative process. I create art because I love Music. I specialize in Music Composition, Direction, and Production. At the moment, I focus on creating Instrumental Music on Genres like Pop, Dancehall, and Hip-Hop but aspire to work with successful Music Directors in the industry to get my work noticed in joint productions.

My art style is Soulful Music. I am motivated by the experiences of my life. I have been creating music for many years now. My favorite artist is Yanny and I find their work to be Soulful! My work has been shown at Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music, Radio Stations, and YouTube.

I intend for others to realize that the Impossible is Possible and with dedication and passion, anyone can convert their emotions into soulful music. Creating Music is like Discovering Science. The more the input, the more the output. Stay focused and always be flexible to learn. It takes a lifetime to master any art.

Stream John Kurre – “Being Human” on SoundCloud:

Chino2x – What’s Love [Music Video]

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Check out the single and music video to “What’s Love” by Chino2X.

Watch on YouTube:

Heron & Serum – Heron & Serum [Album]

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The Drug & Antidote—Heron & Serum—2 legendary hip hop artists from Miami, collab and give you this great performance of art. 

DJ Heron, legendary DJ from Miami, and legendary battle rapper and graffiti artist, Serum, unite and bring this nostalgic piece of work.

Heron is known for rocking and creating most of the best shows in the streets.

Serum is known for rocking paintings in the streets and his famous battles in many platforms including MTV.

Both are from Miami and rep it to the fullest.

Stream Heron & Serum by Heron & Serum:

Watch the music video for one of the album’s tracks, “Lonely Days” feat. Omniscient:

Soulful-Cafe – We Love Soulfulhouse, Vol. 7

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Soulfulhouse music for Soulful house lovers. Since 1999 Ted Peters spent over 35.000 hours producing music in his private studio in Roses/Spain with Logic Studio for several DJ’s in the Netherlands, Spain, Canada, South America, USA and under his own artist brand names like Soul-Ty, Soulfultrance the Real Producers, Ted Peters, Paradise Nation, Teddie Corleone, ManuAzul, TedjeP Soulful House, Soulful-Cafe, Soulful-Women, Dreaboxx, Bahia de Roses, Kingstone, Bahia Lounge, Soulful-Cafe ft Stanyos Young, Deep X, TMGrooves, Bagger Grooves TM and IbizaHouseAttack. Through his studio work he has access to the best musicians.

Stream Soulful-Cafe – We Love Soulfulhouse, Vol. 7 on Spotify:

Vish-K – Lucky Turned Favored

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Lucky Turned Favored by Vish-K is an album about the life and creativity of Vish-K. Welcome to “Lucky Turned Favored.”

Vish-K has a unique style unlike any other Artist. His clever word play and rare delivery is unlike any other. Vish-K resides in Atlanta, GA also where he’s based.

Stream Vish-K – Lucky Turned Favored on SoundCloud:

K-rocc – Mr. Confident

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“Mr. Confident” by K-rocc is a party song with an EDM and Latin flare. K-rocc is a producer and artist, a unique and creative individual with a zest for life.

Stream K-rocc – “Mr. Confident”:

Follow K-rocc:

Kurupt Tha Killa – Introduction feat. Jay Electronica and Kendrick Lamar

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“Introduction” was created with verses never released from Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica, and given back under contract to Kurupt Tha Killa’s label to create this magic “Introduction.”

Kurupt Tha Killa “Ktk”, is an New Zealander rapper, record producer, and songwriter from Auckland, New Zealand. He first received widespread attention after the release of his debut mixtape, ACT 1 : Life Of a Monsta (LOAM), in 2014, and was signed to record label Universal Music Mena in 2016.

Stream Kurupt Tha Killa – “Introduction” feat. Jay Electronica and Kendrick Lamar:

Hot Fa$e – Rat Season [Mixtape]

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Hot Fa$e - Rat Season

Rat Season is the 8th mixtape that been released by G M C artist / founder Hot Fa$e, set for release on Friday July 25, 2020 on Datpiff!

Rat Season is a seven track project including the hot single “Jam of the Week.”

It also includes the tracks, “Off the Map,” “Stove On,” and “I Need.”

Hot Fa$e is a solo artist from Montgomery, Alabama still buzzing the waves with more fire.

Upcoming projects from the artist are coming soon, in late October 2020!!!

Raw 6 the six edition to a ten chapter mini mixtape compilation coming soon!!!! G. M. C

Daylight Disc – Abductions

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Daylight Disc is alternative rock music influenced by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ramones, Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden and Nirvana. They play original music, which has drawn the interest of promoters and producers.

Daylight Disc are from Miami, Florida, and they have done a local rock circuit, having played venues from South Beach Miami to West Palm Beach—high energy performances where the music was the attraction. Band members: Lisa (vocals), Mike (guitar), Robert (drums), and Ed (bass).

Stream Daylight Disc – Abductions on Spotify:


Alei Ster – Rap-Messias

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Rap-Messias is the first EP release by German rapper, Alei Ster.

Stream Alei Ster – Rap-Messias on Spotify:

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