Obey – Snowy Days

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Obey’s “Snowy Days” is a 130 BPM trap beat with 808’s that go hard, its a song that makes you get pumped up and ready for anything. Obey is a young Producer from Minnesota who has been producing for about a year, and who has learned a lot in that time.

Stream on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/0bey/snowy-days

Go Go Satish a.k.a. Satish Dat Beast – Classy Fly Part 1

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Check out Go Go Satish a.k.a. Satish Dat Beast “Classy Fly Part 1” on SoundCloud. Here are a few words about the artist, by the artist: “I am a law school graduate and recording artist. I attended Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. I attended law school at Saint Thomas University School of Law in Miami Gardens, Florida.”

Stream on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/alexgarcia14/classy-fly-part-1-has-not-been-mastered-yet

Kay Rhoma – D D T (Don’t Do That)

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Kay Rhoma is an artist with a unique focus on hip-hop, combining the punch of the modern
scene with the warmth of old-school rap. His most recent studio single, “D D T,” is a stunning example of what you can expect from this talented artist.

The song kicks in with a cool keyboard loop, and the beat follows after a couple of introductory bars. The 808 vibes of
the drum merge in with Kay’s distinctive flow to perfection. His lyrics are melodic, yet energetic, making me think of legends like Lil Wayne, among others. The track also comes in with a cool music video, which really suits the vibe of this release! In addition to the edgy and energetic performance, the production of this track is definitely the
cherry on top. The sound of this release is very professional and world-class, making for a unique and personal tone.

The song is outstanding on a different level, and the first thing you might notice when listening to this release is that a lot of love, passion, and care were poured into this project, right from the get-go. This is definitely going to be right up your alley if you enjoy hip-hop with some dope trap influences.

Find out more about Kay Rhoma and do not miss out on “D D T,” which is currently available on the web:

Que Williams – Winning Issa Must

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Nowadays, it seems that much of that is lost in R&B. Those emotions that evoke adoration
all seem to be relics of the past… until now. Bringing back the fire and desire to R&B like a breath of fresh air comes 32-year-old Renaissanceman Que Williams. This seductive, soul-stirring singer sends chills down spines. His highly popula rself-written single“Winning Issa Must” is a symphony of positive energy.

Stream Que Williams – “Winning Issa Must” on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IimiMtXSnDI

Follow Que Williams:

The Proof – Prediction

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“Prediction” is the third single by The Proof. Album coming soon. Sirgin and ScoobRock make up the group, The Proof. They have put out 2 other singles and “Prediction” is their third. Sirgin lives in Australia and Scoob in Sweden.

Stream The Proof “Prediction” on Spotify » https://open.spotify.com/album/7cdUXGHbIIV9iPvXRd0xYt?si=cIJTs1eoQZ6dRe6ZWnCTJA

Athena G. – Zaddy

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Up-and-coming Trap Pop and Spoken Word artist Athena G. returns with a powerful and club-like trap pop single ‘Zaddy’. The single features an uplifting and dancefloor-fitting production, driving beat, impactful lyricism, and speaker-rattling 808s. The arrangement of the track is unique and different from that of other commercial pop/hip hop tracks. This single will make any listener want to dance with the heavy baseline and anthemic vocal performance by Athena. ‘Zaddy’ does an incredible job of pushing emotions through music. The contrast between the soothing vocal and heavy bassline gives ‘Zaddy’ it is unique character . ‘Zaddy’ has the ability to resonate with any trap pop aficionado as it has every element to be impactful and memorable.

Trap Pop artist Athena has always been greatly attracted to both visual fine arts and performing arts since she was a small child. Growing up as a Navy brat, Athena lived and flourished in many culturally diverse creative centers, such as San Francisco, Honolulu and Seattle. There, she routinely sang and danced in her formative years. By 2012, Athena graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, ready to live her dreams. Soon after, Athena moved to Los Angeles and began work writing hip hop, pop and spoken word records. She then joined forces with singer Wednesday to form the dynamic girl group duo Trouble. Trouble’s catchy single, “Dancing on the Floor,” was featured in the original soundtrack for the 2015 motion picture Sister Code, starring Eva Marcille (The Young and the Restless) and Drew Sidora (Wild Hogs). In addition to “Dancing on the Floor,” Athena and Wednesday wrote 10 other tracks for their LP Girl Next Door, including the single “Cuffin’ Season.” The tireless troublemaking hit-makers worked with such prolific and notable session producers as Dre Knight (Nicki Minaj and LL Cool J), ASCAP Award-winner Riley Urick (Kanye West, System of a Down), ASCAP Award-winner Trevion “Tempo” Stokes (Nelly and Robin Thicke) and Rochad Holiday (Brandy and Will Smith) on the album. Athena has performed to sizeable live audiences numerous times in the greater Southern California area in such venues as House of Macau in Hollywood for the VH1 Television reality series Love and Hip Hop and the Pearson Park Amphitheatre Summerfest 2016, opening for the Grammy Award-nominated Universal Music artist Frankie J, amongst many others. Athena dedicates her life and work to freedom and self-expression. She lives and works in Los Angeles.

Stream on YouTube » https://youtu.be/mpHXge18PJg

Matty Slacks – 51ack

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Check out Matty Slacks new mixtape, “51ack,” with songs so catchy like “Back to da Cul-de-Slack” and “Faded”—they might change your vocabulary forever!

Stream Matty Slacks “51ack”:

Follow Matty Slacks on Instagram: @matty_slacks

Naoz – Dying Light (feat. Sophia Omarji)

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Check out the new single by Naoz, “Dying Light” featuring Sophia Omarji on Spotify » https://open.spotify.com/album/1psPKN3YucqceDIcyVNIFn

Legendz GC – Money feat. Prince Ink [Review]

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The self-taught singer, rapper and musician, Legendz GC’s latest single “Money” captures talented lyricism together with good vibes and positive energy. 

Legendz GC has an uncanny ability to sound at home on a beat that is both party and chill at the same time, produced by STZ. Legend GC’s artistry is accentuated by his collab with Atlanta rapper, Prince Ink. Their teamwork on the track are like the constant and the variable in an experiment: Prince Ink holds down “the constant,” i.e. a repetitive melodic motive that loops around and around, entrancing the listener into the flow, and then Legendz GC comes in as the “variable,” changing up the vibe with higher energy pushing-and-pulling, up-and-down energy in his vocal attack. Legendz GC’s vitalizing energy coupled with his genuine and fun lyrical twists of wordplay, which he attributes inspiration back to hip-hop trailblazer Jadakiss, sound one with STZ’s beat: the vibraphone synth running calmly throughout the track, blended with a visual juxtaposition of the street life coupled with the high life on a beachfront property, alluding to the idea perhaps that getting money doesn’t detach the rappers from the streets—it only adds to it.

Check out the official audio of “Money” by Legendz GC feat. Prince Ink, produced by STZ: https://youtu.be/ogioOZ0N1rM

Like, comment and subscribe to his channel to stay up-to-date when Legendz GC drops new music, with more coming soon: https://youtu.be/ogioOZ0N1rM

About Legendz GC: Shaun Gordon, known by his stage name Legendz GC is an artist from Montreal, Canada. Legendz GC hasn’t limited himself to Canada’s borders, and has been spending much of his time state side (particularly ATL) honing his craft. The self-taught singer, rapper, and musician has committed himself full time to professional development and building his brand. Legendz GC has a sound that has a very lyrical feel and is composed with the sole intention of putting out good vibes and positive energy. Legendz GC draws his inspiration from his childhood and exposure to family members and individuals he looked up to. Legendz GC is lyrically inspired by Hip-Hop trail blazer Jadakiss, but demonstrates his versatility as an artist with his ability to put out Reggae, Trap, and RnB tracks, in addition to Rap. Legendz GC has recently completed projects with: Jimmy the Rocket, Chromazz, Prince Ink, and Grammy Award Winning artist Louie Rankin.

Nelson King – Rising Sun

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Check out Nelson King’s new single “Rising Sun” on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/3NkuAqFKmlVyyBQ21kf4Gp

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