Sean T. – Airborne [Instrumental Chill Indie Hip Hop Type Beat + Visuals]

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Sean T. (@seanthomps) is a producer and beatmaker who creates indie hip hop instrumentals and is looking to collaborate. This beat is a chill hip hop instrumental available for free for artists for a limited time. Go to its YouTube page and read the description for more info and subscribe to Sean T. for more dope beats!

Saúl – Vintage Collection 2008-2012

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Saúl’s (@souloperatorVintage Collection 2008-2012 is a collection of instrumental and rap songs, hip hop and electronic beats, made between 2008 and 2012. Saúl is a beatmaker from Allentown, PA. He has been making music for 20 years and is now based in Tampa, FL.

So Much to See and Learn in Billboard Top 10 Songwriter Ron Hamrick’s “Time”

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What are the elements of popular songwriting? What makes a hit song? Multiple Billboard Top 10 songwriter Ron Hamrick’s single “Time” shows us many of these elements:

1) Feeling

Most people don’t talk about feeling with enough importance, but I’d say it’s the primary element. The songwriter needs to love what he’s doing. That love for music first and foremost shines through the moment Ron Hamrick’s voice enters the track.

2) Relief

The music feels like a great relief, i.e. that it stems from an authentic place in Ron Hamrick that feels every word he sings deeply and strongly. Every word and every nuance of every word is enveloped in the vision that Ron Hamrick is locked on, and which he’s trying to communicate.

3) Relatable

Before you know it, you’re in the chorus. Ron Hamrick touches a common chord in every person: time passing by.

No matter whether you’re a 55-year-old truck driver, a 35-year-old upcoming entrepreneur, and possibly harder for the younger generation, but there would be some early-20-year-olds and some teens also seeing what the song talks about: When you’re 13, you can still picture how you were an infant, a child in primary and secondary school, all kinds of different friends you’ve had, classes you’ve been in, your relatives, your parents and family. Places you’ve been, things you’ve seen and done. So Ron Hamrick chooses a topic that’s close to every person.

4) Picturesque

The lyrics weave together settings, objects, people and movements, making it easy to see music-video-like pictures of the sound painting Ron beautifully orchestrates.

The picture that came to me was a guy on a brown-and-white porch surrounded by green bush, kicking back with a cup of tea, as his eyes turned inwardly to his thoughts, and he traveled into a flow of memories and a contemplation of time. There was also lots of camera panning, zooming  and movement involved in these pictures.

5) Optimistic

Shining guitars, and drums-and-bass that hold the rhythm with a persistently calm drive, bed the track with a characteristic simplicity and positivity.

While different to most music I listen to, at the level of these elements—feeling a love for music, music as a relief in life, a topic common to all people, picturesque lyrics and an optimistic tone—it shares so much in common in today’s hip hop and rap songs that I like, and yesterday’s grunge and metal songs that I liked (and still like), and the day-before-that’s pop and rock music that I liked (and also still like), i.e. when looking through a more fundamental lens, outside cultural influences, with focus on the common things to all people that Ron Hamrick’s music has, I greatly appreciate the intermingling of elements that have woven together through Ron Hamrick with such precise professionalism. Ron masterfully uses his songwriting and musicianship skills, his body, his guitar and his voice, as tools to express exactly what he wants to sing to every person alive on the planet.

In addition to all that, since I help artists with their branding, I also have to mention Ron Hamrick’s genius branding tactic: using “Ron Hamrick is an internationally acclaimed Billboard Top 10 songwriter” as his tagline.

Why is this so genius?

It’s because, without knowing anything about Ron, when I received an email with Ron’s material, before clicking to listen to his music, I clicked to find out about him, and in about 2 or 3 places, it was strongly mentioned “Ron Hamrick is an internationally acclaimed Billboard Top 10 songwriter.” Thus, before I even started listening to his music, I already had the context locked into my head of “Okay, let’s find out why’s Ron Hamrick is such a successful songwriter.” Then, with that inquisitive ear, I entered the song, and the music started playing out as many answers to this question: “Why is Ron Hamrick a successful songwriter? It’s because…” and then I heard and wrote the reasons above. I believe that Ron’s branding approach and the domino effect it caused in me is worth a mention, because the context you set before people approach you helps shape the perception and feelings that you’re trying to convey.

I wish to thank Ron for the opportunity to listen intently on his music and write this review, which I believe provides great value to any upcoming musician, as well as anybody who wishes to take a deeper look inside a great musical experience.

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Navan Releases New Self-Titled Album

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Navan (@NavanReal) records, produces, mixes and masters the majority of his material. His self-titled album, “Navan,” really defines who he has become from his near past.
About Navan:
In the words of Navan: “My Journey, My Story, My truth; I am a self taught Producer, Mixing/Mastering Engineer, and recording artist from Chicago, Illinois. I live in my car as of now in Los Angeles. I have been living in my car for 7 months, I went to school for 5 months in Hollywood, which was a music school.”

Listen to Navan on YouTube »

Check out Navan’s website:

Remembering Keith Flint

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That naughty-boy British voice of Keith Flint blazes around a sound completely unique to its own. No one brazes such a horn-like sqwanking tone that Keith Flint could reach. His coupling with Prodigy made him forever memorable. #RIPKeithFlint

A Musical Journey to a Different Place in 3 Minutes and 52 Seconds of Love Ghost’s “Mr. Blue”

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One of the greatest things music can do is take you from emotional point A to emotional point B, and even C, D and E etc. in just a few minutes. That’s exactly what Love Ghost’s “Mr. Blue” achieves.

Aside from the warm guitar tang, the full, chunky-yet-bouncy drums, the chest-felt bass undercurrent, graduating into a blooming ensemble of strings, pads and lead guitar, and the voice seated in the center holding a strong body throughout… i.e. aside from the luscious production and engineering work, the song makes a great use of dynamic range and intensification.

“Mr. Blue” opens at a relatively receded energy level. The more the song evolves, the more the interaction of efforts to combine sounds of the different instruments and the vocals together, materializing into a flourishing bouquet of harmonious elements.

The accumulation erupts when the chorus hits, like a drone camera sweeping into shore from high above the beach… waves of “I am Mr. Blue-oo” flowing over a field of an epic distorted guitar and additions of more and more strings and pads, continuously intensifying throughout and leading each time to the next song plateau.

Vocally, Love Ghost give out a hand to their parachute partners participating in the listening experience. In a style that can often spill into vocal overload, Finnegan Bell maintains a moderateness that is fair and perfectly complementary to the instrumentation. His inviting vocal delivery finds an integral slot in the dense palate of sound space that Love Ghost masterfully fill up thanks to producer Carl Restivo, known for working on Tom Morello’s The Atlas Underground.

With such a pleasurable musical world that Love Ghost generates, the connection to life’s problems communicates through the plane of language: the pain of Finnegan’s depression, struggle with relationships and finding his place in society clashing with the uplifting musical current like waves on the shore.

I see the world is tainted
I bid you all adieu
I am Mr. Blue

Ah, how the painful experience of life gives more flavor to the pleasurable experience of music. That’s what I love about Love Ghost, which is what I’m sure Love Ghost also loves about Love Ghost.

Or maybe, the experience of connecting to make music gives more flavor to the pleasurable experience of music. That’s actually what I love more about Love Ghost, which is what I also now think Love Ghost loves more about Love Ghost.

Here’s a great shot of them together…

Love Ghost

About Love Ghost:

Love Ghost is an alternative rock band consisting of Finnegan Bell (guitar and vocals), Mya Greene (Viola and Keyboard), Ryan Stevens (Bass and background vocals) and Samson Young (drums). They have just returned from a successful tour of Ireland where they played Whelan’s, Crane Lane, Roisin Dubh and Spirit Store (amongst others). They will be touring Japan in March and have 11 shows booked in Tokyo and Osaka. On April 27th they will be one of the featured bands in de Música de Vanguardia Festivalfff in Ambato, Ecuador- and they will be playing 2 shows in Quito prior to the Festival.

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Lilpo352 – Get It How I Live

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Lilpo352 (@lilpo352), from Gainesville, Florida, drops his single, “Get It How I Live.” 

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DeLashay – Mutual Feelings

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DeLashay’s (IG: @delashay_musik) “Mutual Feelings” is about DeLashay shooting her shot to a guy she really likes but is unsure if he likes her the same way she likes him. The beat is produced by Sammie Davis, originally for a trap rapper, but DeLashay put her spin on it to make it her own. DeLashay is a new R&B singer representing Fort Worth, TX.
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Can Established Artists Express the Same Level of Motivation and Hunger as Jon Harris on His Debut Single “Big”?

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Jon Harris - Big on Spotify

Listen to Jon Harris’ “Big” on Spotify »

The debut single release “Big” from New York recording artist, Jon Harris (@officialjholla), from his upcoming album Who Is Jon Harris? captures the motivational essence of the upcoming artist at the beginning of his journey up.

Encapsulating his vision for greatness, Jon Harris drops a manifesto-like vision of big things ahead for him in an anthem-like style. The opening grandeur of a brass section setting up an epic Rocky-like atmosphere, with a beat reminiscent of elements similar to the majestic quality of then-Puff Daddy’s “Victory.” I immediately thought how it’s been a while since I heard a motivational hip hop song, the kind that gives the energy to get through another rep at the gym, the kind that gives that feeling within to push through a state that holds back. This is exactly what Jon Harris’ “Big” does. It’s a motivational hip hop song in what’s become a desert for this style.

That is definitely something unique paying attention to artists right at the beginning of their careers still establishing themselves: the raw hunger for the come up before it becoming satiated and calmed with the money and status that a successful artist encounters.

The production work is a unique pull-away from the maximally compressed and limited loud sounds battling for the top of the volume war food chain today. The bass and drum machine combo takes from an almost late-80s, early-90s electro-dance and hip hop aesthetic, and the brass layering builds intensity throughout the verses toward a major hook climax, the kind of hook made to invigorate the crowd.

The hook of “Big” instantly grabs hold of the brain’s neurons, embedding itself into the memory reserve through a bouncing flow that immediately gives the impression of a stadium full of fans, bopping up and down with their hands in the air, mimicking its every word together with Jon Harris…

I think big, dream big, and I plan big
To make sure everything that I do is big
I try to get the most out of this life that I live
And the only way to do it is to do it big, so what’s up?

The beauty of Jon Harris’ “Big” is in how Jon acts out his desired future state, envisioning his status as an accomplished artist with a dedicated fan following. The song acts as an affirmation. It makes clear what Jon Harris is aiming at, and pieces together a unique ensemble of elements uncommon to the hip hop sounds we’re used to hearing today in order to achieve its motivational impression.

Jon Harris is a Hip Hop recording artist from New York. He grew up in an upper Westchester and start making music with no musical background or formal training. Jon spent his high school career, college career and the years to follow learning all aspects of the music industry until he felt he was ready. On December 14 he released his first official song titled “Big” from Living Life Our Way Entertainment.

Listen to Jon Harris’ “Big” on Spotify »

Jon Harris

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Cypress Hill – Elephants on Acid [Full Album]

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Artist: Cypress Hill
Album: Elephants on Acid
Label: BMG
Year: 2018

00:00 Tusko
00:49 Band of Gypsies
04:38 Put Em in the Ground
07:00 Satao
07:30 Jesus Was a Stoner
10:55 Pass the Knife
14:32 LSD
15:09 Oh Na Na
18:06 Holy Mountain
19:22 Locos
22:40 Falling Down
25:00 Elephant Acid
25:53 Insane OG
27:17 The 5th Angel
29:18 Warlord
32:36 Reefer Man
35:58 Thru the Rabbit Hole
37:52 Crazy
40:45 Muggs Is Dead
42:57 Blood on My Hands Again
46:17 Stairway to Heaven

Cypress Hill – Tequila Sunrise T-Shirt

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