SakéBoy Theory – Flamethrower

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SakéBoy Theory’s “Flamethrower” is a grungy anthem laid over muddy 808s that rattle the trunk. SakéBoy Theory’s underground hardcore influences are on display, creating a track guaranteed to generate mosh pits worldwide.

Insane. Ecstatic. Unique. These are just a few of the words that could describe SakéBoy Theory’s overall sound. From Saint Rose Louisiana, currently residing in New Orleans, SakéBoy embodies the underground hardcore scene.

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Zonaé Amor – Tik Tok

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Zonaé Amor’s “Tik Tok” is a catchy song made for anyone to pop to, young or old—a short, sweet and upbeat song for the summer heat. Zonaé Amor made the song “Tik Tok” in order to get her city, Phoenix, Arizona, on the musical map.

Zonaé Amor is a songwriter from Phoenix, Arizona, and is currently a nursing student at Aspen University. Songwriting has been Zonaé’s passion and gift since childhood. Her love of music created an avenue to pursue writing for other artists, and Zonaé puts out new singles as one goal to get the attention of artists who need lyrics. Zonaé will be the first in her family to graduate from college, and she is also a survivor of human trafficking and domestic violence. She uses her painful past as a driving factor for creating music that can be lyrically appreciated. Zonaé’s sound has been likened to Missy Elliot, Cardi B, Aaliyah, Nicki Minaj and Meli.

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DiLLAnoiZ – Follow the Drip

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Follow the Drip is the first studio album from Chicago artist DILLAnoiZ. Hard-hitting lyrics combined with a creative sound from Chicago’s most dynamic producers including Tim Beatz, Guddah Girl and Ace ILL easily makes this one of the hottest albums of the year.

Chicago, IL native DiLLAnoiZ combines street knowledge, witty punchlines and life in the Windy City to create his vision of musical artistry. Mastering the art of rap and venturing into new realms of music, conjuring a new style and sound of the cultures most influential art form which is Hip Hop.

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STKZ – S.H.O. (So Hands On) [Mixtape]

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S.H.O. (So Hands On) by STKZ is a hard-hitting mixtape with a unique North West London sound.

STKZ is a rapper hailing from the Grahame Park estate in northwest London. With his distinctive flows and witty wordplay, he’s a force to be reckoned with. Good with any tempo, any genre, he can attack any rhythm ferociously with thought-provoking content. He manages to smoothly impart his perspective on his surroundings and peers, balancing being relatable with being uniquely himself, STKZ. With a mixtape under his belt (S.H.O So Hands On, available on all major streaming services) and an EP pending (entitled Fraud Alert) he is set to make major waves in 2020.

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Dave Grymm – The Golden Tape

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In April 2020, Grymm released his second official project online, The Golden Tape. The
album pays homage to the raw lyricism and sample-heavy beats of hip hop’s golden era in the
1990s and early 2000s.

Rising from the projects of New York City’s Lower East Side, Nuyorican artist Dave Grymm
emerged at the turn of the century with a series of mixtapes chronicling life on these New York streets. After a nearly ten-year hiatus, Grymm (standing for Graphic Release Your Mind Music) made a triumphant return to the underground scene in 2017 reigniting his passion for raw music and poetry.

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BluFreezeinc. – Ice on Freeze Blu Freeze & Viktor Freeze

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Indianapolis’ BluFreezeinc. releases “Ice on Freeze Blu Freeze & Viktor Freeze.” 

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Foulcrum – Suffocate

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Foulcrum releases new dark trap and screamo single, “Suffocate.”

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Obsezzion – About It

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“About It” is a song that Obsezzion made about making it out of the hood.

Who is Obsezzion? What might seem like a simple question becomes an intricate and complex review within 5 minutes of chilling with him. After meeting up on a stormy day in South LA to seeing him come alive in an East Miami studio, it’s clear that Obsezzion is not one to be defined and in that medium is where he thrives. After making music for just a year, it could be easy to assume that being an artist was his chosen path. While this is true, it seems that being artist is just one of many gifts he is pursuing. He also makes his own beats, plays the piano, saxophone and mix/master. 
“I believe that I can do all things with God. I was blessed with musical talent. it is just the path I knew I could focus on and consistently give my all to . I’m just confident in myself”. 
 “I know that I can serve as a role model and show kids that there are other options than the streets. My influence goes beyond the music. I’m giving “game” to these young kids on the projects as well.”

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R.A Xander – Estoy Bien

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R.A Xander is an artist from San Rafael, California, who will soon be releasing his first mixtape titled, The Beginning. His latest single, “Estoy Bien,” will be featured on the mixtape.

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King Addis – Back Again

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King Addis coming from Detroit’s rough East Side, sought refuge to music from a very young age and over the years he found comfort in listening to the likes of Gucci Mane, Wiz Khalifa, Dip Set, Street Lordz, Big Proof, Project Pat, Snoop Dog, Andre 3000 and others that influenced his very particular style. His smooth, yet raspy voice, delivers us the stories his honest lyrics narrate, on a high energy, soulful, but trunk slapping beat selection. Be prepared to be taken on a passionate journey to the ghetto’s of East Side Detroit and learn what it takes to survive; stories full of hustling, gangs’ life, business, family, friends and love life situations all in one! King Addis is doing all that, putting God and family first, immersing in hard work and never taking no for an answer 
 M.L.P Mack I Lot 4 life

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