D-Talkz – Paint Brush

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D-Talkz “Paint Brush” is a song about belief in self and manifestation. Positive energy creating a positive future.

About D-Talkz: D-Talkz is a rap artist with a focus on creating a unique sound. His instrumentals often feature punchy beat, blending in with psychedelic textures and unique atmospheres, adding more depth to the mix. In addition to that, D-Talkz is all about using rap as a way to express himself, and let a stream of consciousness out to the audience. In fact, his music often features deeply insightful themes, sharing feelings of truth, compassion, and light with the listeners. His upcoming studio album, “The Dash,” is a great example of D-Talkz’ in-depth connection with his own material. The title of the release itself is very emblematic, dealing with that small dah, which separates our birthdate from our death date. It is a stark reminder that life is short, and that we should make the most of it every day.

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Piper Landon – Seasonal

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In the words of Piper Landon, “I wrote this song on my couch in September. I had just had surgery on both of my feet, and I hadn’t left my house in almost a month. I was crying while writing it and really just feeling hopeless.
The line “is it seasonal or is it who I am?” Is really where I was at.

“I knew I didn’t always feel this hopeless or helpless, but I couldn’t see the light on the other side.

“I hope if you’re where I was at, this song can be an encouragement to you.. even in just knowing you’re not alone.”

About Piper Landon: Growing up in a small Kansas town as the daughter of an inspirational top-ten recording artist, Piper was always drawn to music. At 15 she signed her first record deal and went on to star as ‘cKenzi’ on the sitcom iShine Knect.

She has since been featured on numerous TV shows, movies, podcasts and blogs as well as performing extensively throughout the United States, Canada and Africa.

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Ato-Mik – Faithfully

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Ato-Mik’s ‘Faithfully’ is about the obstacles moving through life, being able to stay true to oneself. 2 different perspectives from brothers Atom and Mikey Mic with a shared message. Trusting in ones soul and purpose here, wanting to become the best version of ones self. While ignoring the negative opinions of people trying to pull you down, you are able to rise up above it and accomplish the goals you set your mind too. Lyrics: Ato-Mik. Produced by Ato-Mik x Malikai Motion. Record, Mix, Master Malikai Motion @ Paranoyd Sound Studio, BC, Canada.

About Ato-Mik: Two brothers joined forces to become ATO-MIK. Atom (1994) and Mikey Mic (1996). Bringing their realness from North Vancouver, Canada. With a message of creating purpose while always staying true to oneself. Their music is diverse at nature, eclectic hip-hop derived from many different spectrums. Ranging from the smooth sounds of the West-Coast to the NYC roots.

Stream Ato-Mik – “Faithfully” on all major streaming platforms: smarturl.it/Ato-Mik.Faithfully

Gaviana Releases Two Songs: “Free” and “Counter Clockwise”

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After the singles “What’s Coming For Ya” and “Dedicate This To You,” the R&B artist of A-Train Recordings Productions announces the release of two new singles, expected for the end of January or beginning of February.

The first song to be released will be “Free,” a cover of Deniece Williams, that is already receiving several passages on terrestrial radio and web. It will be followed by the further single “Counter Clockwise,” to be released later on streaming on SoundCloud.

Gaviana is a motivated and passionate artist, with charisma in spades that also stands out for a diversified approach and a truly eclectic taste. In her performances she focuses on an intense and warm interpretation of music, connecting with listeners through extraordinary vocal performances where she exhibits sincere lyricism and great vibrations, echoing the work of artists such as Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Beyonce and D’Angelo, just to name a few.

Gaviana has performed in all neighborhoods of New York. From open mics, lounges, to festivals. From the Salzy Lounge to Blackthorn 51, she also has performances outside the city, having had the opportunity to perform in Chicago.

With the single “Free” she is currently climbing the Starfleet Music Pool Top 50 Urban/Hip Hop and Top 60 Crossover charts. Gaviana has done it all and she’s ready to do a lot more.

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K-Brew – ‘Crazy Space’ Freestyle

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In the words of K-Brew: “Is my music trash? Is it fire? I’d love to know! I love free rapping and I sometimes record songs. Looking for honest opinions and constructive criticism.”

K-Brew reps St. Chuck, the 636 (St. Charles, Missouri), which is close to St. Louis.

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Jac Ross – It’s Ok To Be Black

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“It’s Ok To Be Black”. In a time where so much change is needed, the Florida native pens an open letter and inspirational anthem to celebrate perseverance and struggle. Driven by the stories of those that are disenfranchised, low on hope and high on disappointment — Ross, lends his voice to provide a reason to smile. Jac Ross delivers a warm, melodic upbuilding song that calls out prejudice, even speaking of some of his own struggles.

Getting his start early, Jac Ross has built a buzz around his electric live show and his ability to connect to listeners through his songs. It’s Jac’s “soul quenching” music that’s exploratory and socially progressive that’s garnered him some early attention. The brilliant fusion of soul, funk alongside gritty synthesizing R&B melodies have earned him his debut TV performance. Airing MLK day, January 20TH , 2020 on TV One — Jac Ross has been handpicked by Ms. Cathy Hughes, Founder and Chairperson of Urban One, to open the Urban One Honors television special. A celebration of black music honoring iconic talents such as, Missy Elliott, Jamie Foxx, Chance the Rapper, Brandy, Anita Baker and others, Jac Ross is truly proving one to watch for 2020!

In a time when change is needed more than ever, the enigma Jac Ross emerges carrying enough pain to incite cultural change and the love to remind us we’re all the same. For Darkchild Records/Island Records signee Jac Ross, his soul-stirring vocals are deeper than the ears that hear them. The sounds of his voice tell the stories of struggle and success, but most importantly impress a glimmer of hope in the hearts of those who witness his silky and powerful harmonies.

Jac Ross, R&B’s newest voice, sets the tone for 2020 releasing a powerful, soul-stirring single, “It’s Ok To Be Black”

Stream Jac Ross – “It’s Ok To Be Black”:

  • Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/5UCeo0c4vQIrKe3JZaxVlY
  • YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4UkgoTNkMg
  • SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/jac-ross/itsoktobeblack

Low – People Change

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In the words of Low (a.k.a. LowerEastBeast): “I base my music from everyday Living of Life, My Influences are people such as G-Rap, Nas, Jayz, Kanye, Biggie, But my sound would be classified as BoomBap Hip Hop or Lofi Hip Hop such as artist like, MasterAce, JoeyBadass, Sadatx, Smith&Wesson, and etc.”

Low (a.k.a. LowerEastBeast) is a hip hop artist from the Lower East Side. 3rd st and Ave D to be exact. who’s known for his aggressive witty lyrics and Rhyme Flow. The rapper exudes confidence as he delivers heavy hitting punchlines that explore serious issues in his community as well as his own life. His name “Low” embodies a street mentality and New York State of mind that he believed keeping a low profile is the best way to survive when you doing dirt. Recognized by his inner circle for clever lyrics that don’t just speak the truth but almost screams it, low was encouraged by those closest to share New York’s best kept secret with a larger audience. As a composer, writer, and artist, he has always expressed himself in music. Low has always been creative and ambitious with a secretive nature that served him well in his neighborhood. He is now ready to break his silence and share his sound with the world and make some noise in 2020, Low is seeking more than survival in pursuit of his dreams. keep an eye out for this artist as he embodies New York he is New York.

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Frankie Volo – Your Breath [Conic Circle]

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Conic Circle imprint of Frankie Volo has decided to celebrate five years of the track ‘Your Breath’ with two releases. The first track the classic original which was very successful. The second track deliver a master class in left of centre electronic music. It ranges in style from the Frankie Volo hypnotic steeliness of ‘Your Breath’ to put on a line tech-house like as well as the atmospheric space techno. Clearly, Frankie Volo is at home making a wide variety of underground electronic music – the common bond is his ability to focus on the deeper end of the spectrum.

Preview Frankie Volo – Your Breath [Conic Circle] on SoundCloud: bit.ly/2YO7euU
Buy Frankie Volo – Your Breath [Conic Circle] Now on BeatPort: bit.ly/36BqvT4

Knox Rain Carter – Straight from …

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Mr. Carter provides quality lyrics wrapped in bass tones so the music gets heard through loud Rap in the new Hip Hop age.

In the words of Knox Rain Carter: “I don’t record, this is live. I represent no city, I will come to your home one way or the other.”

Stream Knox Rain Carter – “Straight from …” on SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/knox-carter-760541614/straight-from

Follow Knox Rain Carter on Twitter: @rain_knox

Wiked Wood – All 8 (ft. D-Lyrical) [Official Music Video]

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Wiked Wood, the east coast underground rap duo made up of Grave-Bait & Cray-Z, have teamed up with RoxxxTV for their latest music video premiere of “All 8” featuring D-Lyrical, who some may remember from ICP’s “Intelligence & Violence” in the early 90’s. The collaborative remix from the 3 emcees of the hip hop classic “The Choice Is Yours by Black Sheep” originally appeared on Underground Nation Magazine’s “Murder The 90’s Mixtape” in 2019.  With cinematography from Josh Hyland and backdrop of Philadelphia’s Graffiti Pier the visuals of “All 8” finally became a reality just in time for the 2020 new year.

Fans can learn more about Wiked Wood’s tour schedule and  upcoming release “Simulated Reality” by connecting with them on social media, via their website.

Stream Wiked Wood – All 8 (ft. D-Lyrical) [Official Music Video]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIfCrd554j0

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