Lil Taco – Already Famous

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Lil Taco’s latest release is a catchy melodic song about life on the verge of fame. With a happy vibe followed by a heavy beat-switch halfway through, this is definitely a fun song many can enjoy!

Lil Taco is a buzzing artist from Nashville who knows no limits to his sound.

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NK47 – No Hook

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In the words of NK47: “The song no hook is an old school hip hop type rap that was inspired when I was listening to J Cole. It’s called “No Hook” because it has no chorus, just proper rap, and I rap about my music and how my life is right now and what I’m doing to get big.”

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Kirko Bangz – Bad Bih feat. Rill Lehigh

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Check out the new single and music video “Bad Bih” by Kirko Bangz featuring Rill Lehigh.

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Christhebrooo – Bag Talk feat. Ace Tarantino x Tsuku RSG x 1wayfe

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“Bag Talk” by Christhebrooo covers the feeling of getting your money and backing it up with whatever words you as an individual, feel the need to say it. Christhebrooo is an artist from Hopewell, Virginia, working to leave his mark as a musician for the world to see and listen.

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Natomas Slimm x DavidJZam x Jay Cruz – Don’t Share It (It’s A Secret)

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“Don’t Share It (It’s A Secret)” is a fusion of Hip-Hop, Reggaeton and Afro Beats all in one song. With features from artists from Madrid (Spain), Ghana, and a Mexican-American artist, “Don’t Share It (It’s A Secret)” gives you a unique blend of different cultures from across the globe!

Natomas Slimm is an artist coming out of California that brings together artist from different genres and cultures to make music that gravitates to any and everybody.

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Pflames – High Anxiety

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Check out the new single “High Anxiety” by veteran hip hop producer and talented instrumentalist, Pflames. In his own words: “This record was a labor of love. It was me finding inspiration in music to say the things I couldn’t actually say to people. Where words fail…music begins. With this I had a message that had weighed on my heart and came out in this form.”

Pflames is out of Omaha, NE. Certified dope since 1978, his beats are incomparable.

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Ethanpil – Welcome to the Madness

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West Coast producer, songwriter, composer, and rapper, Ethanpil evokes a dynamic truth, and shifts between high energy bangers, motivational orchestrally-dramatic productions, and a relentless drive to get listeners charged song after song in his newly-released debut album, Welcome to the Madness

The album emerges as the latest unraveling of the California born-and-raised artist’s long string of hip hop and rap productions, where he has produced, mixed, and mastered works by Yukmouth, D’Lo, King Chucky, Steady, B3, Montana Montana Montana, and Cold Cody. Each of the album’s ten tracks are an aggressive, enterprising, powerful, and tireless journey into Ethanpil’s creativity.

Songs like “Litt” and “Popin Shyt” are high energy and set the mood for the project, while songs like “Alive,” “Bounce,” and “D Booker” set the tone and atmosphere of the album’s dynamic truth.

Ethanpil is the stage name of Sir Douglas Anthony Beeks. The name means “Everything has a natural purpose in life.” Ethanpil was born in Long Beach California, and he currently resides in central California.

In 2008, Ethanpil co-founded the production team SKIMASK PRO FAM (Skimask Production Family) and has had local radio success with a couple of his songs gaining radio airplay. In 2018, Ethanpil released his 1st mixtape, On a Mission, with S.T.E.A.D.Y.. He also featured and collaborated on individual tracks with local artists. Ethanpil has worked with several producers in collaboration works and has released debut solo album, Welcome to the Madness, on September 10, 2021.

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Hundo – But the Flesh Is Weak [Album]

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But the Flesh Is Weak, a new album by Hundo, takes you through the story of a young man coming to grips with the sex in his relationships and also his relationship with sex. With an accompanying award-nominated short film and even sending condoms in the mail, it is clear that But the Flesh Is Weak is meant to be experienced more than simply consumed.

Los Angeles-based rapper and Sprite-sponsored artist Hundo got his start when he gave up preaching to start making music that now has him mailing condoms as part of his sex-charged album, But the Flesh Is Weak.

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Iamkeynotes – You Know the Deal feat. J-Kwon

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Iamkeynotes - You Know the Deal

Releasing on Friday, September 10 will be the new single, “You Know the Deal,” featuring with award-winning dynamic songwriter artist J-Kwon, whose vocal brilliance seamlessly complements Iamkeynotes multi-faceted song writing and lyricism. “You Know the Deal” follows up on the artist’s previous releases, “All These People” feat. Drake, “Buss It Down” feat. Dababy, and “On God,” building onto Iamkeynote’s stunning discography, led by his soulful storytelling abilities.

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Thom Bullitt – Nightrider 2021

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In the words of Thom Bullitt, Nightrider 2021 is “inspired by my experiences with hallucinogens and late night speedruns” and it was “designed to imitate the mental changes that occur through a long night out on the town. Blending synths with hip hop I can honestly say this is my most unique and creative EP to date!”

Nightrider 2021 shows a true artist at work trying to break past boundaries and explore new territory.

I’ve been following Thom Bullitt ever since he released his EP, Roses, which was a unique sound in its own right. The blend of outback experiences and hip hop, country-style guitar with smacking beats—Bullitt has eluded genres since his beginnings, hybridizing and experimenting to create a sound and style all his own. The Cooler King and The Cooler King 2 added depth and layers to the sound that he introduced in Roses, and being the unique sound and style that Bullitt was carving, one would think that he would continue developing in that direction. Nightrider 2017, and now, Nightrider 2021, however, sharply turns into a completely different direction.

“Return of the Nightrider” opens the album with a spacey fade-in leading to a four-to-the-floor beat that lays the foundation for Thom Bullitt’s characteristic vocal sound that simply needs to be heard to be understood how it fits into a space all its own. Trying to describe Bullitt’s vocal sound is a great effort: it is rap, but has an off-pitch feel to it, as if he purposefully—yet very naturally—selects pitches different to the musical scales that drive together with him.

As the album’s lead track, “Sunset,” sets in, this becomes all the more evident—a recurring ostinato of vocal delivery expressing the feel of the lyrics perfectly, “riding into the sunset.” It is a mesmerizing and soothing experience that gives a true feeling of heading down a long road into the sunset, inviting the listener with Bullitt on a captivating trance-inducing entrance to a new dimension.

The music slows down in “City Lights” but Bullitt’s vocal delivery goes up a notch in energy, once again emphasizing Bullitt’s artistry, bringing something different each time to what you expect, yet making it sound natural and that it simply works. High-pitched backing vocals and samples of a car driving away are like cherries on the top of a track that continues the driving feel of all of Bullitt’s output, and the tempo of “City Lights” makes it fit authentically into the blend of the album at track three.

“Floating” begins with a mellow rising mild-synth-stab riff on delay that sets the scene for a truly floating track expressing the freedom of getting high into the thick of the night. The hook of “Floating” leaves a memorable mark, in its first appearance at the opening lyrical stage of the track, which leaves you thirsting for its successive return throughout: “Floating through the night with the wind in my hair, walking in the clouds, it’s a breath of fresh air, another pack of weed got my mind crystal clear, the night slowing down till the world disappear.”

“Midnight Rhymes 2” changes up the atmosphere of Nightrider 2021 with an epic and motivational feel. It is as if a reminiscence of the come-up as a rapper while driving high in the night with a friend. That friend is featured rapper, OchiTommy, who integrates into the song lyrically and in a call-and-response manner—a refreshingly upgraded approach to introducing a featured rapper on a track, that he lives as part of the track, and weaves in and out with Bullitt, and not like so many features where the featured rapper simply lays down their verse around the general theme of the track.

Although once again starting with delayed synth stabs and arpeggiated synth sequences, and still holding the characteristic driving feel that Bullitt holds consistently not only throughout this album, but throughout his output in general, “Battery Acid” still manages to successfully introduce a different emotional aspect. This time, optimism penetrates through more than anything else. Accompanied by a new kind of bassline that travels around the low-end up-and-down in octaves of four chords that cycle throughout, Bullitt describes a high feeling of being above everything in the midst of the night. Lots of seeming metaphors weave together lyrically, from the title, “Battery Acid” supposedly blending between high on acid as well as keeping with the recurring driving theme, and the driving themes of eyeing the long road ahead optimistically—it is very easy to relate to as looking forward to higher long-term goals that a person moves to. And those are just tastes of what could be interpreted from this gem.

Each track successfully gives a different feel while holding a common theme: the common elements of four-to-the-floor beats, delayed synths, and Bullitt’s consistency with lyrical themes, and the differences notably come from a distinctively different BPM in each time. Producers would be wise to take note of the BPM changes from track to track in order to learn how to change up an album so innately while maintaining a consistent integrity of theme. The album’s closing tracks “Highway” and “Sunrise” manage to continue this theme throughout the album. Also, by the time you reach the closing track, “Sunrise,” you start feeling how you just went through a whole night with Thom Bullitt, literally from dusk till dawn. And Bullitt continues an inspiring head-held-high approach at every stage of the journey, inviting the listener to join him.

By this stage, I feel exactly what Bullitt mentioned, that the album was “designed to imitate the mental changes that occur through a long night out on the town.” It truly succeeds to encapsulate that feel, musically, lyrically, and also structurally.

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