Lit Bby – Bad Bitch Anthem

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“Bad Bitch Anthem” by Lit Bby is the ultimate party track, blending electrifying beats with unapologetic lyrics that empower and energize. As one of the coolest upcoming artists, Lit Bby delivers a bold and infectious anthem that’s perfect for any lit celebration.

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Selah Moonie – All I Want Is You

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Selah Moonie’s new single “All I Want Is You” has premiered on ABC News, Fox40, and more, showcasing her soulful and heartfelt artistry. Available in over 200 countries, “All I Want Is You” is a fun, unique and fresh melodic blend of contemporary jazz, R&B/Soul and neo-soul sounds fused with undeniable traditional influences from her Bahamian Roots like Goombay music (Junkanoo, etc.). Read more about it here.

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Snowflake Libtards – Bud Rock!

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“Bud Rock!” is a political rock song by Snowflake Libtards, which is inspired by the Kid Rock/Jason Aldean tour, and the hypocritical belief celebrities should disengage from politics; unless it matches one’s own. It addresses the current climate where minutiae is taken to the extremes to run distraction from larger issues.

Colin Spring, now based in Mexico, played extensively in the northwest USA, opening for several national acts including Devil Makes 3, John Doe, Evan Dando, etc.

Derek Wille, based in Mexico, is a multi-instrumentalist and producer. He has recorded with countless jazz legends and, if you get to know him, might even admit to you that he toured with Cher.
Jason Pruess, is a NYC based musician and video creator.

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Fortitude – Beautiful

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As Fortitude prepares to release his new project, Under the August Sun, he gives listeners a taste of what is to come with his new single “Beautiful.” Here, he talks about the beauty of life, the ups and downs and the experiences that help shape us, all described through biblical references and personal narrative.

Fortitude is an underground indie rap artist from LaCrosse WI. He is a U.S. Army Veteran, physicist, and works professionally as a quality engineer.

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Don Strong – A Foggy Day

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“A Foggy Day” is a single from jazz vocalist and guitarist Don Strong’s Seasons of Love, a modern take on beloved standards. It features special guest Grammy-winner Fred Lipsius (p) and a boss, Minneapolis jazz/funk band with Nathan Norman (d), Jeff Bailey (b), Greg Paulus (tp), and Andrew Schwandt (ts). The CD is produced by Don Strong.

Don Strong is a Minneapolis-based music producer, writer, performer and master teaching artist. He began his career in New York City in the mid-1980’s as a writer/producer for Def Jam urban R&B artists. Over the years, he ha/s produced and collaborated with artists in a wide range of genres spanning singer-songwriter, jazz, acoustic pop, Americana, and Alternative. Don is currently active in the Minneapolis music scene as an organizer, performer producer and showcase curator for Songwriters Circle /Twin Cities LLC, a non-profit organization he founded in 2014, serving local artists at all levels of creative and professional growth.

On his latest record Seasons of Love, Don offers beloved vocal jazz standards redefined, re-imagined and re-mixed with energetic, updated R&B grooves. The album features Grammy award-winning pianist Fred Lipsius and an ensemble of great jazz/funk players from Minneapolis.

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Stoney Forde – Rum Running 3 Sheets to the Wind

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“Rum Running 3 Sheets to the Wind” by Stoney Forde is more than a musical track; it’s a manifesto for the footloose, adventure-seeking spirit that dwells within us, often lying dormant, waiting for a song like this to awaken. It evokes the essence of Jimmy Buffett’s “Margaritaville,” yet with a sophistication and narrative depth that surpasses and charts its own course in more positive seas. This is classic yacht rock, redefined for a new generation, inviting all to trim their sails and sing along to the chorus of freedom and exploration.

About Stoney Forde: Borne to a flea-bit peanut monkey and a honky tonk woman during a crossfire hurricane, Stoney has bounced around at various odds and ends collecting a wide swath of observations and experiences regards the human condition as well as filling his passport with time stamps of his comings and goings extra-dimensionally.

Delving into a genre that he calls “Enlightened Americana” with an added dose of “Magical Realism” to create a mixologist’s handcrafted cocktail of unexpected characters, outlandish landscapes, and whimsical situations, Stoney showcases a unique perspective and a distinctive voice with a willingness to implicate himself in his bad and/or good behavior and to describe its costs and rewards to those around him as he chronicles life on the path to awareness and illumination.

Stoney Forde is coming straight outta Reno.

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Anabelle Ingram – I Wanna Be Like Taylor

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“I Wanna Be Like Taylor” by Anabelle Ingram is an upbeat-pop song showing appreciation for and praising Taylor Swift.

Anabelle Ingram’s musical journey began amidst diverse cultural influences, shaped by her upbringing on a traveling houseboat. Discovered in 2023 by her manager, CJ, Anabelle brings a fresh perspective to the music industry, blending elements of blues, pop, and country in her heartfelt compositions. Influenced by artists like Janis Joplin, Miley Cyrus, and Taylor Swift, Anabelle’s unique voice and storytelling abilities shine through in her heartfelt compositions.

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MC Earth – Boss Talk (9 to 5)

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“Boss Talk (9-to-5)” by MC Earth captures the journey from corporate monotony to soulful liberation. This debut single from his EP “This is a Gift” channels his transformation through travels and a profound connection with nature near Mount Rainier, blending lyrical mastery with a call to environmental action. MC Earth, hailing from Rockville, delivers a powerful anthem inspiring listeners to pursue their passions while honoring and protecting our planet.

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SatGame – One Cig

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“One Cig” by SatGame is an amazingly rad hip hop/rap track that captures the raw energy and vibe of Detroit’s Eastside. With its catchy beats and compelling lyrics, this song is sure to resonate with rap enthusiasts and casual listeners alike.

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Jungle Leez – Like I Really Care

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“Like I Really Care” by Jungle Leez is a futuristic Alternative R&B track with a beat that will get your head bopping and lyrics that will keep you engaged. Born in Cameroon and now based in London, Jungle Leez, along with producers Money In The Building (Atlanta, GA) and Sancho (Argentina), delivers a song about not caring for meaningless things.

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