Daytona Mack – Pain Music

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Daytona Mack’s album Pain Music presents a raw real life voice of the trenches.

Rap artist Daytona Mack is known for his unapologetic, gritty and in-your-face style, blending the warmth of old-school hip-hop, with the clear punch of the modern age. Born Anthony Roger, this talented rap artist was born in the projects of Chicago, but raised in Houston, Texas.

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Boosie Badazz’ Verse on Slim Baby’s “Lost My Mind” Remix Is Shared 16K Times on Facebook

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Boosie Badazz is at it again in his latest feature on Slim Baby’s “Lost My Mind” remix. Spade TV posted a low budget thriller snippet video from an unknown source and it has gone viral over the last 48 hours. It has been seen 1 million times and been shared over 16,000 times and counting. Since Spade TV posted the original Boosie Badazz verse snippet it has been recirculated on Instagram platforms like SteetJuiceTV.

“Lost My Mind” Boosie Verse on Instagram

Slim Baby – “Lost My Mind” feat. Boosie Badazz on Spotify has seen 30K views and currently is being considered for syndication in Spotify playlists curated by Spotify like Rap CaviarRap Workout, and Raptopia.

Check out the Boosie Badazz viral verse on Youtube:

The original “Lost My Mind” written and performed by Slim Baby has seen great success in streaming and in visuals. “Lost My Mind” on Spotify has been streamed almost 1 million times and the music video has been played a quarter of a million times. It was dropped in 2019 and has been increasing steadily over the last year-and-a-half in views and streams organically.

Slim Baby feat. Boosie Badazz – Lost My Mind Remix

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Slim Baby and Boosie Badazz are back for the remix to “Lost My Mind.” This song goes hard, prepare yourself.

Fresh off his most recent big hit, “Period” featuring DaBaby and My Eyes Hurt, Boosie BadAzz is right back at it in the studio with Slim Baby for this new hit single. The original “Lost My Mind” was dropped in 2019 and has seen great success in streaming. As of January 2022, “Lost My Mind” on Spotify has been streamed 860,000 times and counting. This hidden gem should really shine now that Boosie Badazz has stamped his signature of approval.

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Cruise Control Soul – Thinking Out Loud

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The Cruise Control Soul band ft. Hollis Jordan drops a remake of Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud.”

Detroit-based band, Cruise Control Soul has created quite the sensation in the global music industry with their incredible thematic dexterity. Their remake of Ed Sheeran’s hit single, ‘Thinking Out Loud’ has earned praise and love from their fans. Sang by the lead singer of the band, Hollis Jordan, the new version revitalizes the brilliant essence and allure of the original track once again.

Not just the followers of the band but Sheeran’s fans are also taken aback by the vocal prowess of Hollis Jordan. Band members lead singer A’mor Shanee’ and guitarist/vocalist Darell Campbell have given him perfect support, taking the song to the next level. It was produced by Darell ‘Red’ Campbell of Detroit and released under the record label Cruise Control Music, USA. This song will be re-released at the beginning of the new year (2022) and the music video has received only positive responses.

Founding member Hollis Jordan is a multi-talented musician and lead singer of the popular band Cruise Control Soul. Along with his band members has created an incredible remake of Ed Sheeran’s famous single, ‘Thinking Out Loud’. As a solo artist, Hollis has dropped multiple records gaining a massive fan base. For more information visit the website

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Rozay Set – Run Up a Check

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“Run Up a Check” by Rozay Set is a club music banger taken from his new mixtape, Married to Money

Rozay Set is an artist from Emporia, VA but comes to you from Petersburg, VA. He is 23 years young, draws inspiration from Lowkey, Young Jeezy, and Yung Ree, aspires to perform with Lowkey and Justice League, and his goal is, in his own words, “to make authentic music that feels good to me but also have a message I think of myself as an activist so if I can spread positivity and awareness through music, I’ll do that.”

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Doctor Together – Guardian Angels

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“Guardian Angels” is an EDM/Dance track by Doctor Together, a pianist and DJ with origins in blues and jazz. Doctor Together creates environments and melodies, and aims to generate harmony and kindness in the listener with Mediterranean sounds, peace of mind, and stillness.

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Fenni Casino – “Black Diamonds” Freestyle

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Hailing from East Point GA, “Fenni Casino” is a multi-faceted Hip-Hop Emcee, lyricist, and producer. The Atlanta Hip-Hop Artist is a deity in the new wave of Emcees today.

The Southwest Atlanta rapper is highly regarded as a potent lyricist that makes records with a profound revelation of the old school style blended with the new school rap style.

“Black Diamonds” freestyle is an aggressive and dark introduction too Fenni Casino’s personality, principles, and lyrical capability. The production is almost designed for Fenni’s voice, seamless flow and master level emcee skill. The wordplay is what really shines on this track. Couple with zero filler lines & the ability to add a strong context over hi-hats and bass.

The track definitely sets the bar for inspiring emcee’s and provides a peak into the entrepreneurial hustle of Fenni Casino.

Fenni Casino is currently working on his 7th musical body of work “Breathing Room”. The long awaited full length album is set to release early 2022 by way of Best Out Club/Sinolife Media.

Fenni Casino quickly created a name for himself in the music and business arena. The Atlanta native is in album mode gearing up to release “BreathingRoom early 2022. Check out his latest release “Black Diamonds” np on MyMixtapez and SoundCloud.

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SIAHH – Red Trippin

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SIAHH’s “Red Trippin” is combination of genres composed of mainly hip hop roots. He refers to the track as a wake up call. “A wake up call to not only tune into his music and movement, but to also wake up the fact you can be who you want your the author of your own story.”

SIAHH was born on October 1, 1994 to Mr and Mrs Thomas. SIAHH spent his years as child living in Brooklyn, NY. There he was raised in a apartment development by the name of Glenwood Houses. These apartments were know as “the projects. There SIAHH was exposed to issues that the average kid living in a “normal home” didn’t go through. Struggles such as living in poverty, close friends being victims gang violence, etc. Had put him in the mindset to succeed.

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MKB – Freestyle

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“Freestyle” by MKB is a hip hop song with a very fun vibe. In the words of MKB: “I went in the studio and literally just recorded this song, it was so natural, so easy, best vibe I have had with a song in a while. It’s doing fairly well across streaming platforms.”

MKB is an artist from Raleigh, NC, a hip hop lover and music lover in general. In the words of MKB: “I will be the biggest artist in the world one day.”

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Tonio – Me Myself and I

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Tonio’s “Me Myself and I” is an uplifting song for when you feel like it’s just you against the world. Tonio is an artist from Charlotte, NC. In the words of Tonio: “I can go hit for hit with Dababy, showing the world Charlotte and North Carolina creatives are top tier!”

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“Me Myself and I” is from the recently released EP, Big Cozy, available on SoundCloud:

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