Lucas Ingram – Stories [Album]

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In the words of Lucas Ingram: “This album [Stories] was a new genre that I was trying and really started enjoying. All instruments are digital but create good melodies and warm music to enjoy in all environments!”

Lucas Ingram lives in Northwest Ohio. As an artist, his main goal is to make music that people can find comfort with. As he mentions, “as long as somebody in this world uses my music to get through their problems and help themselves in troubling times, my life as an artist is complete.”

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Jocie Denae – 1 More Chance

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Jocie Denae’s new single, “1 More Chance” is a smooth song about love and breaking up. 

Jocelyn Denae McDonald, a.k.a. Jocie Denae, is an new Chicago artist, dancer and songwriter. Jocie Denae has spent her entire life saturated in music long with dancing and performing. “I am a passionate performer using my gifts from God to bring delight to mind and body as well as the soul.” Jocie Denae is living proof that raw talent, ambition, and staying focus can make dreams come true.

Stream Jocie Denae – “1 More Chance” on SoundCloud:

Ayem Cemani – Little Brown

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Ayem Cemani’s “Little Brown” is, in Ayem’s words, “a song about a lot of pain that I’ve gone through alone.”

Stream Ayem Cemani – “Little Brown” on SoundCloud:

Follow Ayem Cemani on Instagram: @ayem.cemani

Antonio Dirty Roldan – All Love

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When asked to describe the song in 1-3 sentences, Antonio Roldan answered the following: “i made this track so all can enjoy the love i got in me im spreading. to the masses all love kindness pass it on. lover of all things amazing 1 love to music yea!!!!

Antonio Roldan is an eccentric producer from Texas, USA who loves the art of making music. In his own words, “the feeling of it all drives me to see all enjoying my joints music is life and everything in it.

Stream Antonio Dirty Roldan – “All Love” on Drooble:

Camarabi – Paper Lit

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CAMARABI just dropped the official music video for his self-produced single, “Paper Lit.” The video shows CAMARABI and his friends celebrating success while he reminisces about the journey to get there. Champagne and good vibes are abundant in the visuals. The elegant video, shot by Minhute, well complements CAMARABI’s laid back and jazz-inspired record.

CAMARABI is a Washington, DC-based hip-hop artist, producer and visual artist. He has worked with many prominent acts in the DC area. His production style takes cues from many genres, including jazz, classical music, atmospheric music, pop and trap.

Watch/stream Camarabi – “Paper Lit” official music video on YouTube:

Optimus – Who Am I

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Who Am I is an album by Optimus, which expresses what he has been through in the past five years. It also gives a vision, with every track, of how he lived his live up until now. Optimus describes himself as an artist by being driven, and that he strives forward for his kids, showing them to never give up on a dream, no matter what your age is.

Who Am I spans 13 tracks, for over 41 minutes, including a short introduction in “Probation” before the album’s title track, “Who Am I,” hits in epic orchestral fashion: strings stabs and choir shouts coupled with hard-smacking boom bap beats underlie Optimus’ lyrical statement track that peels away layer after layer about his life.

Each following track highlights different aspects of Optimus’ being and shoots from different angles of mood and perspective, but it is all held together with a special glue that runs consistent throughout the album: a feeling of perseverance, striving on, and constant motivation.

The instrumental counterparts of orchestral elements add a characteristic bigness to Optimus’ sound that provide a perfect mood accompaniment to the driving energy that Optimus brings to the rap world.

Two out of the 13 tracks, “King of Rap” and “Eating Good,” include features by Travis Gero, who adds a different flavor into the mix, albeit strengthening the general atmosphere of confidence that builds throughout the album.

Optimus’ Who Am I is an album to put on in the morning to get a boost for the day, to motivate our striving forward to discover our dreams, and to give the energy to push every next harder rep at the gym. Optimus successfully communicates dedication, discipline, hard work and the motivation to progress throughout the album, definitely a solid effort carved in audio that acts to give stamina and tenacity to its listeners.

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Taste Nate – Floriography EP

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When you speak with your heart and your mind, the resonance takes shape. The colors of each tune cross the divide. Floriography is a continued pursuit of the mystery; communicating the knowing from inside. By changing the language through your being, you are present in eternity.

Taste Nate is a rapper with an ear-grabbing, poetic style that draws on a wide range of musical influences and inspirations. A spiritually attuned man with a raw, urban sensibility, Taste Nate puts the highest value on truth telling.

Stream Taste Nate – Floriography EP on YouTube:

Atlas Before – The Recent Future (Feel Like Breakin’ Free)

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The Recent Future is a modern progressive rock song that epitomizes our times. It starts as a commentary on the boredom and emptiness we often feel in the information age, especially during lock-down. It ends up as pure escapism. Musically, it sounds a bit like old Queen with the overlaid guitar effects. The video is pretty fun, and most people can relate to it during these strange times.

Atlas Before is a band from Atlanta Georgia featuring the music of long time creative David Denton. The music of Atlas Before is primarily rock but with various styles overlaid. Many describe a typical Atlas Before album as an ‘eclectic mix’. Never a dull moment, check out Atlas Before at for more info, complete song lyrics, etc.

Stream the Atlas Before – “The Recent Future (Feel Like Breakin’ Free)” video on YouTube:

Alex H – Halimo feat. Ille Freeway and Aphro

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Check out the single “Halimo” by Alex H featuring Ille Freeway and Aphro.

Stream on YouTube:

Caeser Pink & The Imperial Orgy – Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

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See why the official music video for Caeser Pink’s “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” received the “Best Music Video” award at the 2020 Eurasia International Film Festival, a Special Mention at the Spring 2020 London-Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival, an Official Selection at the Košice International Film Festival and at the New York Lift-Off Global Network event, and also a Finalist at the L’Age d’Or International Arthouse Film Festival.

Watch the Caeser Pink & The Imperial Orgy – “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” Music Video on Vimeo:

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