Kidyah – Avoid You

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Kidyah’s (@kidyahdidit) “Avoid You” was written after a bad breakup. In Kidyah’s word, it is “the story of how I lost the first real love of my life even though it seemed like I moved on. This song will have you going down memory lane of your 1st true love you may have lost.”

Kidyah has been producing for over 12 years. Kidyah has produced, writen and engineered every song Kidyah has released.

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JamesWorld9001 – Love Poems EP and Musical

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JamesWorld9001’s new EP Love Poems is a combination of R&B, funk music and poetry with a smooth jazz touch. Titles include “First We Fall in Love,” “Holding You Closer,” “Love Is Still by Your Side” and “Love Reciprocal.” The EP is a story about love and the emotions we may face being in love, written entirely by JamesWorld9001.

JamesWorld9001 is an artist who has lived all over the California West Coast.

Stream the single “First We Fall in Love” on YouTube:

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Jay 28 – Ivory feat. Val Underwood

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“Ivory” is the lead single from Jay 28’s album Show No Emotion, made to show the true side of music. In the words of Jay 28: “The side of music that has been hidden and thrown away by today’s generation. When I made this album this was the way for me to step into another world of music.” Jay 28, born as Jacque Jones, grew up in Chesapeake, VA. The young entrepreneur and musician has became a solid and well known musician in his city.


  • Ivory (Single):
  • Show No Emotion (Album):
  • Motions:

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This release is the first project release from producer-turned-rapper DHVN. All songs were self-produced as well a written by DHVN. CUB3D is a representation of the box they tried to put me in and I am stepping outside that box by becoming a recording artist.

About DHVN: In the words of DHVN: “I am a producer-turned-rapper from Columbia, SC. I got tired of trying to sell beats so I decided to keep them for myself and rap on ’em. I figured even if I can’t rap, people will like the music because of the beats.”

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Unstoppable Knight – Da Knightshiftah

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Brand new G-Funk from The Netherlands! featuring West Coast legends Kokane, Ras Kass, MC Eiht, Kam and more! Produced by Leslie White. Unstoppable Knight (@Knightshiftah) a rapper-singer from the Netherlands, after releasing his debut album I Remain Unvanquished in 2015 he’s back with a brand new product called Da Knightshiftah.

Stream Unstoppable Knight “Da Knightshiftah”:

Dannyology – Ahora

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Check out this hot Spanish pop club beat track, “Ahora,” by Miami artist, Dannyology.

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Darrin Jones – Soulja and Slime

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Darrin Jones’ (@lord_darrin) song “Soulja” is a pop/hip hop cross over suitable for a spaceship, and the song “Slime” has a sound that almost turns south Atlanta into a beach vibe. Darrin Jones is a 22-year-old independent artist from Georgia with 100k followers across platforms.

Stream Darrin Jones “Soulja”:

Stream Darrin Jones’ “Slime”:

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Ren$carJames – Grand Hustle Flow

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In the words of Ren$carJames (@ren_franklin): Down South Chicken eating Mack. Graduated from the University of Hustlers. Perfection we must perfect crew of emcees. Purple Cup Music affiliate. Get Money Messiah. Hull you and raw dog ya boo. Married to the streets and engaged to ya freak. Disciple of GOD. The Universe is Our turf not just urf. New to you but not your boo. The fairest of the fairest. Report to the streets and not the police. Harriet Tubman cousin Dirty Harry. Different breed of Emcee.

Biggie Smalls was my favorite then 2Pac. Now Jay Z takes both their place. But my southern roots contribute all props to 8-ball & MJG, Too Short, MC Breed, Chad Butler & Bun, OutKast, Geto Boys, Juvenile, & Clifford Harris, Twista. My Sound is similar to Dope Boy Trap Musick so Gucci Mane, Jeezy, Weezy, Yo Gotti, & 2Chainz justah name a few is what I sound like.

GOOGLE ME…..whateva platform you listen to put my name Ren$carJames in the search button….. Don’t forget the dollar sign…..lemme putchu up on game 101…..

Stream Ren$carJames – “Grand Hustle Flow”:

Kareem Jamal – Adios

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Kareem Jamal’s “Adios” embodies the notion of doing rather than talking. Having fun, creating goals, including others & exerting self confidence.

It was created by Kareem Jamal free-styling to his own up-beat, self-produced sound and going with the flow. “roll with it” as he mentions in the song.

Kareem Jamal is a photographer, audio specialist & rapper hailing from Nottingham, England.

His objective has been to help enhance others auditory requirements as a hearing audiologist & audio engineer, whilst also building portfolio content for various models & artists across Great Britain as a photographer. Within the past month, Kareem has returned to music releasing a total of three singles including this newly released “Adios” and four videos on his YouTube channel!

Stream Kareem Jamal “Adios”:


Youngmoke – Just a Friend

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Check out the single “Just a Friend” by Youngmoke. Youngmoke is Jersey upcoming finest, he is born and raised in the United State of America. Youngmoke, singer and writer from Jersey, United State and have been doing this since he was an early teen. As he has grown into this music world in which we now live in, He is determined to break through with seductive, soulful, and harmonizing vocals matched with a conscious flow that can be versatile in any atmosphere of hip-hop and R&B, and to top it off he brings an advid skill of flows. Bredding himself on the aspect of just being real and making music that is real and sensible with a message in every word. That’s what he considers as real Hip-Hop.

Stream on YouTube:

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