Eli Kirk – Step Inside [EP]

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Released in February 2019, check out this gem of an EP, Step Inside, by emo singer-songwriter Eli Kirk (@evomek) from Nashville, Tennessee. 

Stream/download on major distribution outlets: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/elikirk/glzQ

Rome G – Too Cold

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Check out the new single, “Too Cold” by Rome G.

Dzaster – Anticipation Sells [Mixtape]

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Darvon “Dzaster” Johnson (@dzastermtg) is an upcoming hip hop artist from Houston, Texas, born September 30, 1988. Dzaster was inspired by artists like, Lil’ Keke, UGK, Lil’ Wayne, and 50 cent. Dzaster is a skilled lyricist and entertainer with an extensive background in music. He states his style of Rap is “Relevant Rap”. Dzaster works with a team of entertainers to create and produce his music. He has currently done some work with C3 Entertainment, Theazy Staccs, Greenweezel South, Big Smooth, Pyrexx, Lil Phat, Money Man, and a few others. Dzaster has been directly involved in the development of three record labels. He was working with an independent label called Close Camp Entertainment. He also teamed up with a management team called Greenweezel to create the record label “Greenweezel South”. Now he owns his independent label, Money Train Movement with a management team behind him titled DCJ Management. In the past Dzaster has released nine mixtapes and 1 album released on March 4th 2012. His mix tapes include: The Preview, Guard Your Grill Volume 1, Guard Your Grill Volume 2, I Am My Brothers Keeper Volume 1, Ladies Night, The Conclusion, and When Dzaster Strikes Volume 1. He has performed at several locations in Houston, Atlanta, Dallas, Colorado, Florida and North Carolina including: Dream Team Car Show, I Bar, The Playground, and The Jet Lounge. Dzaster has also been interviewed by radio stations like 96.1, Unspoken Grynd Radio, UnderdogTV, D.J Suede (NuEra Radio) and Bulldog TV.

Lof Bossghetto – No Sleep Until Sunrise

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Listen to Lof Bossghetto‘s (@liveonf3v3rNo Sleep Until Sunrise on MyMixtapes: https://mymixtapez.com/album/205304


Deuce Jibri – Hood Manga [Album]

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Deuce Jibri’s (@deucejibri) concept album Hood Manga shows the life of a young king and paints a picture of pure reality. Deuce Jibri is an artist born in Oakland, CA, raised in Kankakee, IL, made in Rockford, IL.

Sound Machine – En Paradiso

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“En Paradiso” is an electronica/EDM track by Sound Machine. Sound Machine is a project of Sunil Bhatia (@sunilbhatia), a music producer, singer, songwriter, composer and author/poet from Mumbai, India.

Automatic Children – I Won’t Wait

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Listen to Automatic Children “I Won’t Wait” on Spotify »

Damuaskari Preacher – Fuck Fame (feat. J-Diggs x RG)

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Damuaskari Preacher’s “Fuck Fame” is West Coast rap featuring J Diggs and RG.

Caglar Hepterlikci – Parallel Journey

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In the words of Caglar Hepterlikci: “I got inspired from NASA’s big announcement about black holes, and created this track with actual talks in it. It’s synthwave, 80s sounding future music.”

Here are more streaming options:

About Caglar Hepterlikci

Caglar Hepterlikci is professional guitarist and producer based in Istanbul, Turkey.

He worked with one of the notable pop stars in Turkey called ‘Murat Dalkilic’ who has received almost a billion views/streams in YouTube/Spotify over the last decade. Recorded 3 albums with him, toured and gave concerts both local and international, reached millions of people.

After 10 years, he founded his own production company, and focused on his own career.

He released ‘Secret Sky’ and now recently released his second single called ‘Parallel Journey’ on all music platforms.

He is also sponsored by Fibenare Guitars Co. attending the Namm show as their demonstrator since 2018.

Barraka feat. Matterphore, Dekay, DeFect, Akwa-Man, Mico – Taking It Back (Prod. DJ Downlow)

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Hip hop in its purest form: raw beats, skillful bars and turntablism all on 1 track. It consist of 6 lyrical masters, including UK rap battle veteran, Dekay, from Don’t Flop and 2009 DMC finalist DJ Downlow. Barraka (@thebarakamc) is an underground hip hop emcee from North London. The song also features artists from London, Ipswich, Leeds and New-York.

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