People I’m Not – Kill Bill

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“Kill Bill” by People I’m Not is a new male slowed down and very chill indie version of SZA’s “Kill Bill.” You could think of it similarly to a Mac DeMarco cover with Alex Turner on the vocals.

People I’m Not is a solo project by a multi-instrumentalist from Slovenia, Europe, which is best described as easy-going jangly bedroom pop.

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Ekow Armah – Feel So Good

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Ekow Armah is a House Music/ EDM producer with over 100 tracks to date. Tracks range from funky house to deep house and lots in between. Ekow has creates a House music platform for people who support and are passionate about house music. It is free to join and you get 6 more upliftimg tracks to keep, just for checking the platform out. Find it all here ‘I love the way music can make you feel. I believe music IS emotion. There is nothing better than an international community feeling the same way-welcome to Biggroove Music!

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Greg DiNero – Real For Me

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“Real For Me” is a new tech house anthem by Greg DiNero—one of the Tri-State area’s hottest DJs/producers. His roots begin from the early age of just seven when his dad bought him his first turntable. His drive and dedication, to not only advance his career, but to also give back to the culture is what has earned him his many notable accomplishments at such a young age of just twenty seven. These accomplishments include: Landing two radio residencies at age 22, Working with artists like Stitches, Famous Dex, Sean Kingston, NBA Youngboy,, Producing audio for a PUMA Commercial and racking up a whopping one hundred million plus views on Youtube and Spotify for his production. After signing a management deal in 2018 with “LOUIE KNOWS,” an affiliate of Atlantic Records, Rich Forever Gang, and 300 Ent. Greg continues to work hard toward his goals. He is fresh off a hiatus from the scene but is back and better than ever. Greg DiNero works hard to maintain a friendly reputation amongst his peers and in the Tri-State music scene.

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PhillT – Next to Me

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“Next to Me” by PhillT is a song about loving the person that is next to you. PhillT is an artist from Chesapeake, Virginia.

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The Hong Kong Dollars – Loser

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“Loser” by The Hong Kong Dollars is a lively fun rock song about the guy from school who never moved on. 

The Hong Kong Dollars are a UK band that blends rock, pop and punk sensibilities.

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Wystelands – Purim

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On Purim Eve, Wystelands releases the story of Purim as a less-than-2 min. dark trap underground rap song with a hip hop dance lyric video. Will the Jews’ unity overcome the threat of the genocidally-antisemitic Haman?

“Purim” is Wystelands’ first solo release of 2023 after two featured releases with 730RS, Negus Nimrod (a.k.a. Judah), and Aaron C. on The Nation’s “Luv Flo” and “Unite.”

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The Nation – Unite

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“Unite” is The Nation’s 2nd release for 2023 as part of their interactive album rollout, Hip Hop for Humanity—a driving high-energy banger with unconventional change-ups—each verse acting like a song in and of itself—on the need to unite above division.

The Nation is a global hip hop collective with members from the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, and Israel. Its members are (in alphabetical order): 730RS, Aaron C., Joe Larez, Negus Nimrod (a.k.a. Judah), Wystelands, and Young Hysan.

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Kamm – Digits

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Looking for a fun and funky new way to approach dating? Look no further than Kamm’s latest single, “Digits”! While many people are turning to social media and online dating platforms to find their match, Kamm is taking it old school with his catchy new tune. “Digits” is all about the classic dating tactics that were used before the digital age, like exchanging phone numbers and coming up with clever pick-up lines.

According to Mr. Raz, the producer of “Digits,” this single is perfect for those who are a little shy or anxious about approaching someone they’re attracted to. With its catchy beat and sing-along lyrics, “Digits” is sure to be a hit with anyone who loves a good funk tune.

The VAM-United Studios team in Germany is already raving about “Digits,” calling it an “ohrwurm” – or earworm – that you won’t be able to get out of your head. And Mr. Raz says that the song is “funky enough for Romania,” so you know it’s going to be a hit across the globe.

If you want to make sure you don’t miss out on any of Kamm’s fun and funky content, be sure to follow him on Instagram at @KAMMVAM. And mark your calendars for February 14th, when “Digits” will be released to the world. Don’t miss your chance to experience this fresh new take on dating and relationships!

About Kamm

Introducing Kamm, the multi-talented recording artist signed to VAM-United Records. As a performer and songwriter, Kamm has a sound that’s heavily influenced by hip hop, infused with funk and R&B. With a unique background that spans across different countries, Kamm has developed an ability to absorb various cultures, adapt to different environments, and create music that resonates with all genders, races, and ages.

Born in Germany with roots in Tennessee, Kamm draws inspiration from the diverse music scenes in both countries. His music reflects his passion for blending cultures and his desire to connect with people from all walks of life. Whether he’s performing live or in the studio, Kamm’s music creates a vibe of peace, love, and good energy that’s infectious.

In 2012, a decision was made that would change the course of music history. Teaming up with renowned music producer Mr.RAZ was the best choice for both parties. As the founder and owner of VAM-United Studios, Mr.RAZ’s expertise is second to none. Hailing from a family of musicians and born in Romania, Mr.RAZ brings a unique cultural influence to his music production that is now globally recognized.

When given the opportunity to witness Kamm & Mr.RAZ and his team at work, the experience is a feast for the ears and the eyes. With an unparalleled attention to detail and a passion for music that is evident in every note, the partnership between Kamm and Mr.RAZ has produced some of the most memorable and influential tracks of our time. In short, the decision to work with Mr. RAZ has been an incredible journey that has resulted in a fusion of musical styles that will continue to leave a lasting impact on the music industry for years to come.

As a cannabis enthusiast, Kamm’s music represents the culture of good vibes and relaxation. His unique sound, featuring unforgettable phrases, rhythmic drum patterns, and melodic grooves, are all recorded at VAM-United Studios. With anthems that have a message and music that speaks to the soul, Kamm’s music is not to be missed. Get ready to groove and feel the good energy with Kamm, the rising star of VAM-United Records.

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The Nation – Luv Flo

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On the 50th anniversary of hip hop, global hip hop band The Nation are releasing their debut interactive album, Hip Hop for Humanity, to revive the ideological beginnings of hip hop into today’s global culture.

The first single release from this album is “Luv Flo,” released on Valentine’s Day. “Luv Flo” is a song about the true love that hip hop stands for—the force of love that emerges when people unite above their differences and divisions.

Before hip hop emerged into culture in the Bronx of the 1970s, fear increasingly filled the streets, and the emergence of hip hop managed to channel the fear into a new thriving culture of music, art, dance, street fashion, and street entrepreneurialism. Rival gang leaders came together in this new atmosphere and the slogan “Peace, Love, Unity, Having Fun.”

Since the birth of hip hop, commercial interests became interlaced with hip hop culture, increasingly detaching the products made in the name of hip hop from its original ideological foundation. The commercialization of “hip hop” became a vehicle that made “hip hop” the most popular music genre throughout the world today.

And like a peel develops and hardens over a fruit, the current global wrapping of “hip hop” in its myriad commercialized forms has formed around the sweet fruit of its original unifying ideology, which waits to be unleashed at a time of need.

In 2023, The Nation is bringing hip hop’s original ideology to the fore. Where the gang violence and fear-ridden atmosphere of 1970s Bronx New York saw the setting for hip hop to bridge divisions among gangs and people on the streets, today’s social division is increasingly felt globally—and The Nation infuses the positive force of hip hop’s original unifying ideology into its releases this year, encouraging unity above division as the way to a new positive global culture.

The Nation is a global hip hop band consisting of members from the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, and Israel. Its members are (in alphabetical order): 730RS, Aaron C., Joe Larez, Negus Nimrod (a.k.a. Judah), Wystelands, and Young Hysan.

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The Great Maze – African Consciousness feat. Malena Rampi

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“African Consciousness” by The Great Maze featuring Malena Rampi is a song to wake up Africa with a new African consciousness. 

Stream The Great Maze – African Consciousness feat. Malena Rampi on YouTube:

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