Sophia Venn – Save Me [Album]

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Singer and songwriter from the bustling city of Beijing, China, Sophia Venn has just released her first full English album to the world, Save Me. It is a collection of six songs with a twist of genres to each song. With her unique style and vocals, it will blow you away. Check out this vixen out of China who recently signed with Ghoust Music Group out of Atlanta, Georgia. She is a force to be reckoned with.

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Alaska MC – All This Love feat. Adante

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Birmingham’s best come together for this track. The legendary Alaska MC locks into a soulful, guitar and hip hop groove, accompanied by the prestigious singing of Adante. Alaska paints a vivid picture of life growing up, how life could be and how to make it better with an intense untraditional ‘take’em to church’ delivery that’ll stick in your head and touch the heart. Produced by Jim Johnson – you can’t go wrong with all this love.

Alaska MC is an articulate, energetic fun-focused, reality based vocalist who loves to perform and entertain people and beings from all walks of life and of all ages. Hailing from South Florida; now residing in the UK.

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TRUTHR – Something Epic (Starring EWON)

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An audiovisual collaboration between rapper TRUTHR and graffiti writer EWON. The two teamed up on a masterpiece underneath a bridge, as TRUTHR spits pure fire and EWON paints a vivid picture in that background.

TRUTHR hails from Sonoma, CA and currently resides in Norfolk, VA. Amazing flow, catchy melodies, and soul piercing lyrics are characteristics that come to mind.

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Truent – Prayer

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New official video to “Prayer” by Truent. This song is a banger with a catchy hook and excellent wordplay and delivery. The song is about looking over your shoulder and being cautious while trying to make it to the top, overcoming obstacles in your way while “Living on a Prayer.” Truent is an artist from Atlanta, Georgia.

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MrLivingReality – Turn Down Ya Goofy! feat. Sasha Go Hard

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MrLivingReality’s “Turn Down Ya Goofy!” feat. Sasha Go Hard is heavy bass with a smooth vibe giving you the street sound and lingo of Chicago (Chi -Rack). The veteran artist from Champaign, Illinois calls his unique sound an original fusion of trap and hip-hop – music that features a trap beat with a lot of bars. It’s a sound that he puts on full display with his new single, “Turn Down Ya Goofy” which is currently available for download on all digital distribution sites.

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Key Money Musik – No Assistance

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No Assistance is an album by Key Money Musik that will form an anthem on empowering minds. Key Money Musik is a self-motivated and inspired artist who is bringing authentic lyricism back into mainstream hip hop. It’s a creative and vibey album with nuances of musicality that are immersed in cultural diversity. The album will set the world alight and give people hope, inspiration, and courage to be who they are and to be what they want to be. It’s a message of encouragement to those who have been struggling and members of the LGBT community can take heart in the underlying themes of the album. The skill in her delivery is undeniable. She pours her heart out and spits authentic bars and witty and intricate punchlines. It’s an album for anyone to learn that they can take the steps to shape their future and re-write their own story. No matter the situation and no matter who they are. Play, download and stream this body of conscious bangers! Key Money Musik is here to change the game.

Lakeya Cleveland who goes by the moniker of Key Money Musik. She is a multi-talented vocalist and rapper born in Columbus, Ohio and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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Half Consciou$ – Seminoles

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“Seminoles” by Half Consciou$ is a song based on the fact that a large number of African-Americans are truly indigenous to the Americas. In the words of Half Consciou$: “I myself have proof that I am. This being known, a different lifestyle is being described in the song that wouldn’t be taught in a standard household, but seems to be the right way to act.”

Half Consciou$ was born and raised in Gary, IN, known to be the murder capital of the state. Though life may not have been easy, self-education was at the fore front of his kind, creating a unique skill set for the young artist. Taking elements of popular sounds, combined with personal studies, the music created can appeal to several fan bases.

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JIffthegeneral – Love Potion

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Written and produced by Jiffthegeneral, “Love Potion” provides a unique, salacious brand of Hiphop Afro-swing, a subtle 808 bounce, with some sensual undertones of RnB coupled with a provocatively witty rap.

The South London based singer, songwriter, producer and rapper has spent the last few years providing his talent to artists and TV. His journey began in a rap group where honed his skills before choosing to remain in the background of the industry. He now emerges to take on the foreground and back in the studio working on the EP ‘The Final Round’ scheduled for release next year.

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Hearty2RAW – Vibes

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“Vibes” by Hearty2RAW is a perfect record for those chill nights. If you’re on the road taking a late night drive, or in the House pre-gaming before a night out. “Vibes” Sets you up perfectly.

Hearty2RAW an artist from Atlanta Georgia & Hammond Indiana. Perfectly blends down south flows with Mid west lyricism.

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NycoKing – HOV

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Ever heard a new song and said to yourself, “This is what Hip Hop is missing”? “HOV” is that song. NycoKing is that 1 artist that Hip Hop culture blooms once every 10 years. We hear the term “Freestyle” so often, but how loosely it’s used and the way artist misrepresent the word is a disgrace to it’s original meaning. NycoKing really raps “off the top” and is yet to find an artist who can out rap him (challenge, anyone??) He literally wrote HOV in under 20 minutes. His arsenal will change the trajectory of not just Hip Hop but music itself, just like the handful of other artists did, the Jay’s, the Big’s, the Pac’s, the Em’s, the Wayne’s and so forth. I can go on describing why he is possibly the most talented new artist of this time.

The World is awaiting NycoKing!

NycoKing hails from Brooklyn, NY. The best English/Spanish Artist you’ll ever hear!

Watch the Music Video for NycoKing, “HOV” on YouTube:

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