John Tomaino – Freeze Frame

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“Freeze Frame” is a new EDM, electro, glitch pop song by John Tomaino. 

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Youlanda Burnett – Rendezvous

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“Rendezvous” by Youlanda Burnett is a smooth R&B song about being with the one you love in any state country or mountain. Youlanda Burnett is an artist born in Ridgely TN, and now resides in Joliet, IL.

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Aria – Lady in White

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With music by Aria and lyrics by Germaine Shames, “Lady in White” touches the emotions directly. Aria’s “Lady in White” has been released as a double-single with the animal rights song, “The Next Life.”

Aria is a composer out of Sanremo, Italy who combines different genres of music to create something new. He’s also a champion of animal rights, hence his latest single “The Next Life.”

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Kita Beach – Swim Classic LP

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San Diego-based Kita Beach is the latest project of Conor Meads (formerly of Pistolita), bringing nostalgic, genre-bending alternative rock to a new era. Bearing the sonic calling cards of pop punk and baroque pop (a la Queen and ABBA), Kita Beach defies convention and shirks definition. Leaning heavily on Meads’ skill as a pianist, Kita Beach crafts compositions that are unexpected, theatrical, and versatile. The band’s debut album, Swim Classic, was released in 2021 and features ten piano- and guitar-driven tracks carried by Meads’ bellicose vocals and tight instrumentation. Mixed by Grammy-award winner Jesse Ray Ernster and featuring guest vocals from rising star Elise Trouw, Swim Classic is a punchy, intricate, and unpredictable reflection on the process of restarting a life after heartbreak and transition. Prior to forming Kita Beach, Meads toured extensively as the vocalist and pianist for Pistolita. The band gained wide popularity and was picked up by Warner Music Group, sharing stages with the likes of emo darlings Dashboard Confessional, Saves the Day, Say Anything, and Brand New. After Pistolita dissolved, Meads spent about a decade away from the stage, focusing instead on his career as a music writer for television and advertising. Now, immersed once again in his own creative process, Meads and Kita Beach are bringing an exciting and revamped sound to the world of modern alternative music.

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Aria – The Next Life

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“The Next Life” by Aria is a touching soul ballad with a wide array of instruments, a beautiful vocal, and a rap, dedicated to animals threatened with extinction and the vulnerable natural world we call our home. “The Next Life” was released to coincide with Earth Day 2022. With music composed by Aria himself, a haunting lyric by the prolific LA artist B. Warner, and collaborations from an assortment of talented international musicians and vocalists, “The Next Life” gives a voice to the voiceless. Let us not forget the creatures we share this planet with, and may they live on, not despite us, but in harmony with us.

Aria is a composer out of Sanremo, Italy who combines different genres of music to create something new. He’s also a champion of animal rights, hence his latest single “The Next Life.”

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BeatGodStacy – Invite Only

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Invite Only is a house/jungle album produced entirely by BeatGodStacy. This album features epic vocals and a great vibe to start off the summer.

BeatGodStacy is an American producer from Richmond, VA. He started off as a rap/hip hop producer but he has since crossed over into the electronic/house scene. He is part of the production team Orisounds and is best known for his production on the popular song “Ratchet” by rap artist Phalie.

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Vandes Jackson – Sushi Date

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Vandes Jackson returns with his recent heartfelt single “Sushi Date.” This self-produced selection is published via Bentley Records, and there is no end in sight for this rising flair.

Vandes Jackson is an American record producer and musician hailing from the culturally diverse city of Chicago, Illinois. He grew up in a world of diverse sounds.

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Peezie Parker – Blue Heron Blvd.

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Blue Heron Blvd. by Peezie Parker is a mixtape with great vibes of music on a street level, talking about real situations and life obstacles. For instance, the track titled “Sister” is a song about the artist Lil Sister who was shot and killed last year, while a track like “Pose for a Minute” is a bounce record for the clubs. A lot of different sauces on this street album.

Peezie Parker, better known as P. Parker, is from Riviera Beach, Florida a.k.a. Tha Raw.

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American Dub Mafia – Rolling In The Deep

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American Dub Mafia’s “Rolling In The Deep” is a club and radio friendly cover of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.”

American Dub Mafia is a mysterious electronic dance music collective that has appeared, disappeared and reappeared in different forms since 2011’s “Occupy The World.”

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Azuhl – African Shockwave Vol. 1

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African Shockwave Volume One, the first release of DJ Azuhl in collaboration with Grenville Williams (High Voltage) was described as one of the most unique anticipated album release of 2010. Previously with bands Nine as well as Firing Squad, bassist and producer Grenville Williams has worked as a producer for Moodphase5ive and South African female rap group Godessa. Teaming up with The Beat Bangaz and Brasse vannie Kaap’s, DJ Azuhl, was the perfect addition to this mixtape album.

“African Shockwave Volume One is a proudly South African product with a high international standard, setting the bar for future mixtape album releases” – DJ Ready D – Iconic African hip hip pioneer, radio and television presenter.

African Shockwave Volume One consists of a dynamic mix of South African music ranging from Funk, Ragga and Hip Hop. Artists such as the Godessa’s one third EJ von Lyrik, SAMA winner Claire Phillips and multi talented Teba Shumba are just a few names featured.

Azuhl is a DJ, producer, and artist of rap, hip hop, breaks, and experimental music from Cape Town, South Africa.

Stream/Download Azuhl – African Shockwave Vol. 1 on Bandcamp:


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