Cut Beetlez x Nice Guys – CBNGXMAS

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Whaddap! Cut Beetlez, the Finnish super producer duo who recently brought you hip-hop heat with The Good People, is back again with some cool breeze for your seasonal needs! This time we have teamed up with no other than Nice Guys from the U.S. Nice Guys is a rap duo formed by Dirty Winters (CA) and Lynx (PHL) who both bring contrast and charisma to Beetlez’s production with their gritty and witty vocal wordplay. No, we shall not take any unfinished steps with these track – nothing but hip-hop madness to your speakers while you either dwell into or escape from the holiday mania!

“Namusia” is ye olde Finnish for candy – the sweet sweet dangerous sugar treats.. Nice Guys did well learning the lingo for this one. Bass heavy headnodder is ready for your clubs romp or set the Cadillac’s trunk rattling. Or just enjoying your evening with some treats!

“Party of the Year” is the anthem for the changing year and we give toast to 2020 – the year of the Beetlez and Guys that are Nice. All on the floor plus give me some more!

Big things coming up and this collaboration which is not over yet, stay tuned. Meanwhile – enjoy these tracks with some eggnog and a smile!

Cut Beetlez is a Finnish hip-hop super duo – H.P Lovescrath & DJ J-Man produce tracks for international artists with their original touch and rock the turntables wherever they go. From Finland to all over the globe – staying fresh and making beats bang!

Stream and/or Download Cut Beetlez x Nice Guys – “CBNGXMAS”:

Matty Slacks – Certified

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Matty Slacks releases debut single “Certified.” The rising young rapper steps into the spotlight with his hypnotic trap inspired single. Based in New Jersey, Matty Slacks is an up and coming rapper with a refreshing style and the lyrical prowess to grab listener’s attention. Now he is ready to introduce himself to the world with his new single “Certified.”

Bold and confrontational, Matty raps with a purpose over a dynamic jazz infused beat. His lyrics are packed with punchlines, and he shows several different sides of his personality. He can go from being light and funny to aggressive, sometimes in a single verse. With a memorable hook to hold the whole thing together, “Certified” gives Matty Slacks’ hip hop career a strong start with plenty to build on. “Certified” will be available on all major streaming platforms.

Stream Matty Slacks – “Certified” on YouTube:

Follow Matty Slacks on Instagram: @matty_slacks

Theo Deleo – Basketball EP

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Theo Deleo’s EP Basketball was formed by samples and own recordings to create a hip hop and trap adventure with a lot of different flavor and sound. In collaboration with other musicians, including a feature by Nico H, Basketball has an always-changing color, as no song sounds like another. In the words of Theo Deleo, “a lot of heart and soul went into this.”

Stream Theo Deleo – Basketball EP on SoundCloud:

Goofilth – To Love Goofy Is To Stay Away From Him

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Goofilth is a trap/black metal experimental project based in the south-east of Spain. It mixes the core elements of trap music with touches of black metal in general, and dsbm in particular, in the voices and lyrics. We aim to polish the mix of trap and the most extreme subgenres of metal/black metal, achieving an unique sound.

Coming from Murcia, Spain, To Love Goofy Is To Stay Away From Him is a self-produced EP and our second work. We released our debut EP Songs to Die Along on late 2018, and then some more singles and collaborations with different artists, while keeping the essence of the project.

Stream Goofilth – To Love Goofy Is To Stay Away From Him:

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Laady J – ABC

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Rap artist Jaaziah Smith, widely known by her stage name Laady J, was born on June 11th 1998 in Livingston, NJ and was raised in the borough of Newark. Growing up, Laady J had always carried a strong affinity towards rapping. Often times to escape reality, Jaaziah would hide in her closet rapping over instrumentals for Instagram (@officialaady). After receiving great amounts of flattering remarks she realized that her talents should not go unheeded. Since then, she’s been recording at various studios producing her first hit singles “Draco” and “Bussit.”

What contributed to Laady J’s interest in music industry is watching her mother, as an adolescent, do music herself.

Moreover, she is known for being the daughter of Trigga the Gambler and niece of Smoothe da Hustler who discovered Foxy Brown.

From her musical influences that derived from her family, to who she is and where she is from all fused together is what generates Laady J’s unique sound. Without a doubt, the young star is set to shift the culture with her fiery passion to be the industry’s greatest female rapper.

Stream Laady J – “ABC” on YouTube [Music Video]:

Murder Gardens – The Movie

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Crime and drama return to Miami as  “Murder Gardens” is set to premiere on Nov. 19th

Sex, corruption, and violence are the norm in the side of the Magic City that the tourists don’t see!

It’s an exciting time for Murder Gardens creator Mark Samuels and it’s crew, as the much-anticipated release of the new “Made in Dade” urban/street featured film is about to be available to the world. The urban thriller will premiere on November 19th on streaming sites and services such as Amazon Prime, Fandango and more, it will also be available on DVD.

Murder Gardens centers around Chase Washington (Giovani Hogu), a 19 year old whose life is changed after being introduced to a life of crime and corruption by his older brother Rell. Chase ends up in the middle of a war between a notorious crew of drug dealers, corrupt politicians, and local law enforcement. Determined to survive, he must find a way to outsmart his new found enemies and keep his brother and himself out of prison or a graveyard.

With a cast that is formed almost entirely of African American, Caribbean, Latin, and other minorities, Murder Gardens focuses on the part of Miami that tourists don’t know about. Staying true to this ethos, series creator Mark Samuels made sure the entire cast was compromised of locals.

The movie is honest to the culture it comes from, with Miami slang, mannerisms, and the city itself captured in the most realistic way possible. It shines a light on the extreme difference of resources and culture of the area, with Miami Gardens being physically close but culturally far from the luxury and lifestyle that Miami is commonly known for.

“In recent years, as Miami Gardens has dealt with several high-profile shootings and incidents of gun violence, the city has picked up a not-so-flattering nickname among some residents: Murder Gardens. Now a native of the city is attempting to turn that name into a feature film that he hopes will show the grittier sides of Miami Gardens. – Miami Herald

Watch the trailer for Murder Gardens here:

You can also watch the Directors Cut : The Making of Murder Gardens here

About Murder Gardens creator Mark A. Samuels

Mark Samuels is an African American filmmaker from Miami Gardens, FL. After embarking on a successful career as an independent artist named King Colosus, Mark discovered a passion for film through his first love music. After directing music videos and documentaries for a variety of artists, record labels and production companies in South Florida, Samuels created his own production companies Dade Fire Films and Mbs Media Group. With over 10 years of experience in music and film in South Florida, Mark is creating his original series, Murder Gardens, a tale about crime and corruption based in his hometown of Miami Gardens.

Read more about Mark Samuels on IMDB

Press release originally released here.

DB Kash – I’ll Be There

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Wavy chill ambient harmonized digital piano chord resonances pouncing into a woody beat maze of 86 bpm groove based in a pumping kick, crispy clicking hi-hats and claps, as well as a perfectly-spaced array of wooden percussive instruments.

R&B-esque choir-like chants panning around the ears until that mid-area fills with the man himself, DB Kash, letting it all out with the algorithm-friendly bumping hook entry

You know I adore you
You know that I care
You know if you need me
You know I be there
You know that I care
You know I be there
You know if you call me
You know I be there

The lyrics are a well-crafted document of interaction between the main character and the other. The other doesn’t get defined. It is left up to the interpretation of the listener: on the surface, relationships with a partner, on a deeper level, human relations in general.

The more “I’ll Be There” unfolds, the more two parallel movies form in the listener, the lyrics triggering pictures playing out on personal, social and global scales.

An absolutely beautiful, personal and epic showcase in this unexpected 2 minute and 54 second masterpiece.

I’ll leave this review with the two hashtags in its SoundCloud page at this time (Nov. 18, 2019) that give it a very suitable description:

#dreamy #love


DB Kash – I’ll Be There (Press Info):

DB Kash releases his latest single ‘I’ll Be There’. Despite it being a cover song to ‘On Chill’ feat. Wale, The song has its own identity that Express how he adore and care. With the combination of his voice, repetitive hook and chill melodies, this song could easily cause a effect similar to Jacquees and Ella Mai “ Trip” Remix.

Identity has always been the center of DB Kash music. Born In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, The Artist, Song Writer and entrepreneur continues to deliver solid work. Like many music lovers of his generation, DB Kash has the passion and drive that will guarantee him a spot to be mentioned amongst other elite artists of his time.

Stream DB Kash – I’ll Be There on SoundCloud:

Follow DB Kash on Twitter: @dirtyboykash

Tight Rhymes – Poor Who Die

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“Poor Who Die” is Tight Rhymes’ first single, which was released on November 12, 2019. Tight Rhymes was born on October 25, 1999 in the Netherlands. Tight rhymes is well-spoken word master, ready to enter the rap game with the tightest rhymes influenced by a large variety of music genres. Drawn to the old school side of hip hop he started writing, trying to release frustrations and anger.

“Poor Who Die” is from Tight Rhymes’ upcoming debut album Beauty Inside, inspired by a quote from Jean-Paul Sartre. It sends a message about human ignorance and flaws, which is a problem that that TR (Tight Rhymes) struggles with.

Further songs will be released throughout the month of November/December 2019 and in 2020, with TR’s vision on the system as well as struggles in his everyday life.

Stream Tight Rhymes – “Poor Who Die” on Spotify:

Follow Tight Rhymes:

O Z Swagg – Bitter Sweet

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Check out the recent release, “Bitter Sweet” by O Z Swagg on Spotify:

Follow O Z Swagg:

Go Go Satish a.k.a. Satish Dat Beast – Dilemma

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Go Go Satish a.k.a. Satish Dat Beast is a recording hip hop and reggaeton artist and law school graduate. He is also a 2020 presidential candidate in the United States. “Dilemma” is a single from the Welcome to Atlantis album distributed by Ditto Music of England.

Stream Go Go Satish a.k.a. Satish Dat Beast – “Dilemma”:

Follow Go Go Satish a.k.a. Satish Dat Beast on Twitter: @alexgarcia14

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