Keller – Heart On Ice Remix

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Keller’s “Heart On Ice Remix” is a remix of the phenomenal song, “Heart On Ice,” by artist Rod Wave.

Keller is an artist from the DMV. He doesn’t limit himself to one genre or to be called a rapper, rather an artist.

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Becky Rose – Up And Down

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UK pop artist, Becky Rose, releases her new single, “Up and Down.”

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Matchelo Metropolis – National Bread Winner

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National Bread Winner is the new 11-track project by Central Florida hip hop artist, Matchelo Metropolis, from Orlando, FL.

Covering a range of feels, from the banging “Rockstar Reality,” produced by 808College, to the chill “Like That,” to the introspective “Lights Off,” to the confronting “When I Leave,” to the slow groove “Bad Bitch,” the R&B-flavored “Mention,” the driving “Don’t Want To,” the contemplative “When I Stunt,” the epic “What I Need,” the sad-yet-inspirational “Through God’s Eyes,” and then leading to a close with the enigmatic “Falling in Love”… the project encapsulates a lifetime of experiences and makes for a well-rounded listen that never loses interest.

The top-level production quality together with the lyrical weaving between storytelling and communicating of feels and concepts make National Bread Winner one of this year’s more stimulating and alluring releases.

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Young Mikey – Double07 feat. Malibu

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Young Mikey’s “Double07” feat. Malibu is an intro track to the upcoming album 207. Young Mikey is a 17-year-old artist on the East Coast, who has been working on his music career since he was 13.

Stream Young Mikey – Double07 feat. Malibu on SoundCloud:


Godfather part.3 – Infamous Everywhere ( BDI Beatz)

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Godfather part.3, the legendary voice of Infamous Mobb supports BDI Beats with a track for his new debut album Gory Bastardz, which will be released in winter 2020. Godfather part.3 is an artist from the USA.

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Shaman Nostra – Bread On The Platter

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Shaman Nostra’s “Bread On The Platter” touches on the lack of authenticity in current hip hop music and the tendency of rappers to portray a lifestyle that they are not living. Shaman Nostra wrote this song a few months ago and during the quarantine, shot some quick visuals to accompany it and shared it on YouTube.

Shaman Nostra is a 22-year-old rap artist from Toronto, Canada, displaying a great amount of versatility, and is able to deliver both mainstream, catchy hip hop music, and more underground, lyrical music.

Stream Shaman Nostra – “Bread On The Platter”:

DEVISDEVIN – Special Indeed

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Montreal Born Hip Hop Artist and Producer, DEVISDEVIN, 3-track EP Special Indeed set for release on June 5, 2020. 

Special Indeed is a short and sweet 3-track EP that is the first EP to drop for DEVISDEVIN. The EP was co-produced by DEVISDEVIN himself and with the help of a 3x grammy nominated engineer, this EP is sonically sound as the beats and vocals sound magnificent and really is a new sound coming out of the Canadian Rap/Hip-hop scene. Moreover, This EP has a chill vibe and uses melodic flows to bring that out.


A Montreal born hip hop artist and producer, DEVISDEVIN is a new and creative talent in Montreal’s emerging music scene. With productions ranging from Hip Hop, R&B and Dancehall to many more, DEVISDEVIN never limits himself in his creative process and creates energy to the masses by delivering infectious melodies to his fans. DEVISDEVIN is always searching for a new sound and inspiration, which is displayed through his track record of individuals he works with, such as Grammy nominated, Platinum record producer (London Cyr) and engineer (Ghislain Brind’Amour) along with the long list of artists out of the Montreal/Toronto area. Moreover, DEVISDEVIN is ready to make a permanent appearance in the Industry and put his city on the map. Too many years of hard work and sleepless nights have been sacrificed for this to go nowhere, DEVISDEVIN is playing for keeps and making his dreams into a reality.



SakéBoy Theory – Flamethrower

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SakéBoy Theory’s “Flamethrower” is a grungy anthem laid over muddy 808s that rattle the trunk. SakéBoy Theory’s underground hardcore influences are on display, creating a track guaranteed to generate mosh pits worldwide.

Insane. Ecstatic. Unique. These are just a few of the words that could describe SakéBoy Theory’s overall sound. From Saint Rose Louisiana, currently residing in New Orleans, SakéBoy embodies the underground hardcore scene.

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Zonaé Amor – Tik Tok

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Zonaé Amor’s “Tik Tok” is a catchy song made for anyone to pop to, young or old—a short, sweet and upbeat song for the summer heat. Zonaé Amor made the song “Tik Tok” in order to get her city, Phoenix, Arizona, on the musical map.

Zonaé Amor is a songwriter from Phoenix, Arizona, and is currently a nursing student at Aspen University. Songwriting has been Zonaé’s passion and gift since childhood. Her love of music created an avenue to pursue writing for other artists, and Zonaé puts out new singles as one goal to get the attention of artists who need lyrics. Zonaé will be the first in her family to graduate from college, and she is also a survivor of human trafficking and domestic violence. She uses her painful past as a driving factor for creating music that can be lyrically appreciated. Zonaé’s sound has been likened to Missy Elliot, Cardi B, Aaliyah, Nicki Minaj and Meli.

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DiLLAnoiZ – Follow the Drip

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Follow the Drip is the first studio album from Chicago artist DILLAnoiZ. Hard-hitting lyrics combined with a creative sound from Chicago’s most dynamic producers including Tim Beatz, Guddah Girl and Ace ILL easily makes this one of the hottest albums of the year.

Chicago, IL native DiLLAnoiZ combines street knowledge, witty punchlines and life in the Windy City to create his vision of musical artistry. Mastering the art of rap and venturing into new realms of music, conjuring a new style and sound of the cultures most influential art form which is Hip Hop.

Stream DiLLAnoiZ – Follow the Drip:

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