Sixo – 3 Promile

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“3 Promile” by Sixo is an adrenaline-pumping Afrodrill track with a fast rhythm that keeps listeners on their toes. Hailing from Luxembourg, Sixo brings a unique cultural flavor to the genre, blending dynamic beats with high-energy delivery.

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PEEL – Someday/Someone

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“Someday/Someone” by PEEL is a compelling blend of melodic alt-rock with a touch of grunge and classic rock influences. Featuring intense, raw vocals and heartfelt delivery, the track explores themes of alienation and the struggle for love and intimacy in an increasingly disconnected world. PEEL, hailing from just outside Norway’s capital Oslo and led by the enigmatic lyricist/songwriter Pim, continues to captivate with their poignant and powerful music.

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Brandon Zane Harmon – Water Winds

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“Water Winds” by Brandon Zane Harmon is a lively and engaging track that captures the essence of fun and freedom through its vibrant guitar riffs and buoyant rhythms. Harmon showcases his long-time expertise as a guitarist, delivering a piece that is both dynamic and enjoyable.

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Simon Jegzs – America is a Miracle

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“America is a Miracle” by Simon Jegzs is a soul pop anthem celebrating the American dream, blending uplifting melodies with heartfelt lyrics. The song reflects Simon’s unique genre, combining elements of soul and pop to create an inspiring and catchy tune. As an American artist from Redmond, Simon Jegzs brings his passion for storytelling and music to life, aiming to reach and inspire a global audience.

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Bombyx Mori – Leaves in the Wind

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“Leaves in the Wind” by Bombyx Mori is a progressive rock/metal track featuring socially aware lyrics and an eclectic ensemble of global musicians. This song from the album Chaotic Resonance showcases unconventional and refreshing sounds, blending diverse cultural and musical influences for a truly unique listening experience.

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Argon6098 – Peace

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“Peace” is a lo-fi song created by Argon6098. The mood is mellow and relaxing. Argon6098 is a small artist based in Vidor Texas who has been making music since before his grandmother passed. He hopes to grow and flourish the way she wanted him to.

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PATTERALL – Patterall 5

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“Patterall 5” by PATTERALL is a vibrant mixtape that blends introspective narratives of overcoming adversity with energetic tracks celebrating the highs of life, including smoking weed and partying. Based in Port Angeles, Washington, PATTERALL, also known as PNW ROCK, brings a unique blend of raw storytelling and infectious beats that resonate with both personal struggles and moments of triumph, making this mixtape a compelling journey through the artist’s life and experiences.

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Star System Legal – Dwight Schrute

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“Dwight Schrute” by Star System Legal is a lively and energetic alternative rock track that captures the fun and rebellious spirit of college rock. Blending catchy alternative pop hooks with a party-ready vibe, this song is perfect for fans looking to energize their playlists.

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Una Lengua Infinita – Horizonte Buenos Aires

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“Horizonte Buenos Aires” by Una Lengua Infinita is a neoclassical composition blending classical tango and ballad elements, composed by Rubén Yazyi. Influenced by Astor Piazzolla, this melancholic yet energetic piece features a quintet of piano, cello, violin, bandoneon, and guitar. Una Lengua Infinita is a borderless musical project that showcases the talents of musicians from around the world, emphasizing humanity and authenticity through acoustic instruments.

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Una Lengua Infinita – Saudade en Leopolis

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“Saudade en Leopolis” by Una Lengua Infinita is a piano solo piece that embodies the essence of new classics. The composition is characterized by its melancholic yet energetic mood, delivering a profound emotional experience through its dynamic piano melodies. This piece showcases the project’s commitment to bridging artistic talent and genuine human connection through the universal language of music.

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