Mag – Designer feat. ZoneNaxis

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Mag is a hip hop artist/songwriter from Lancaster, PA (The Lanc). On August 28, 2019, Mag dropped his debut album entitled I Am Mag. It was met with high praise and the songs “My Last” and “Blessed” received radio plays. On September 23, 2019, Mag dropped his 2nd professional project entitled “Designer” featuring ZoneNaxis. It has received radio plays. Mag has stayed hard at work releasing two other singles in October of 2019—”Standards” and “Lanc”—and he plans to release two more “Been Through” and “Steph” in November, 2019.

Mag is known for being relentless with his songmaking. Mag’s latest album can be found on Spotify and other major streaming platforms.

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James Courtney Rives – Concepts

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Concepts is James Courtney Rives’ first rap album. It is a diverse self-produced album. In the words of James Courtney Rives: “I am from Chicago, IL. This album takes you through sounds that I thought were interesting and lyrics that I thought would grab some attention. Please stream, download, or purchase my album. I also have a second album called Feelings for the Streets that is available for free download on James Courtney Rives’ SoundCloud.”

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Rizzy Rackz – BET

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Growing up in Richmond, VA there isn’t much opportunity for young driven artists such as Rizzy Rackz. Its a city of low-income families and high crime rates. He got the name Rackz as a teenager when a friend pointed out the fact that Rizzy never bought anything, but always had a big stack of money. One day while in the studio recording he got a call that his 23-month-old daughter was shot in the side of her torso during a visit to a family members house in Hillside Court Projects on Richmond’s Southside. The same neighborhood where his uncle, Marco, was murdered several years earlier by his best friend. Thankfully the bullet went straight through all flesh, sparing all organs as well as her life. From that point on Rackz took his music more serious, focusing on developing a sound that’s unique to him and no other saying “Failing is not an option.”  When talking to Rizzy, at times it seems as if he has this intellectual burden of superb logic, street consciousness, and self-awareness. He said, “I just wanna make people move while maintaining substance, content, and deliverance of the message.” Rackz’s new single “BET” is definitely an all new sound with a contagious vibe. Perfect title to describe the feeling the song gives you. Authenticity is what you get with Rizzy Rackz. Follow him on this journey of music and life.

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Pyro Tha Flame – Cash Wars

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Michael Watts Jr. better known as Pyro Tha Flame is a Brenham, Texas native know for his wittiness and uncanny ability to be versatile on various tracks. Following his 4 years of service in the Marine Corps infantry in 2006 he collaborated on his first musical project, Voices from the Frontlines. He’s currently working on his first solo album, Headin Back 2 Brenham, set to be released in 2020.

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Night Creed – Fly With Me

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NIGHT CREED is SONIC JOY Record’s new urban, hip hop, electronic project. NIGHT CREED epitomizes a unique sound and style that could be described as intense, full of passion and inspiring moods, providing a massive listening experience. It features powerful, complex rhythms, ultra-modern styles and last but not least displays awesome studio singers ranging from rappers to an array of impressive male and female vocalists.

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The mixtape Bandido Rico, translates to hard life in the streets of southern Brazil, on the island of Florianópolis. Showing the audience the improvement of life of its members MOT47 and KOKILLA thanks to music. After a hard life on the street selling drugs the trapthugbr arrives showing why he carries the trap in his name.


  • The group emerged between 2018 and 2019.After some modifications the official formation was defined, which has two producers André Molina and Guilherme Machado (Caos Beats) and five mc’s (MOT47, Kokilla, Mancha, Karui and Boo).
  • The newsstand came to stand out on the scene by the fast pace of releases, with different styles among its members.
  • Participated in an interview at Barraco Rap (Campeche 98.3 FM community radio programming).
  • The team already has several singles, some video clips and a mix tape (Bandit Rico) with special participation in track 04 of DBS fat boss.
  • He has already been invited to minister the social project with the children of the penitentiary hill.

Account with support:
– Sandubar Anchor
– Muka Dogão
– Taubes Barber Shop
– Tchê Pizzas
– Doidem
– Ice Flex
– Rancho Burgres


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XXL – No Games

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Pittsburgh-based artist XXL is back with his 7th single that is sure to hit all the right chords. The single “No Games” is an upbeat, energetic beat with just the right touch of clever lyrics and wordplay to really make it fun and 🔥. Be on the lookout in blogs, radio and even the upcoming music video.

XXL (Double-X-L) A Pittsburgh based Rap artist. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, XXL was raised on the east side of Pittsburgh from childhood. XXL chose his name as a testament to the impact he wants to leave on the world. ” I refuse to let my impact on this earth be small, and irrelevant. Whatever I do, I will do big, grand, and extra large!” XXL is known around Pittsburgh for his involvement in youth ministry. XXL has high hopes of being able to make a big impact on hip-hop, music, race, racism, religion, and the state of the US.

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Fishstick Patterson – Still Shootin’

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Fishstick Patterson “Still Shootin'” is pretty simple. There’s violence/corruption all over the world from America to Russia. And its self deprecating!

Fishstick Patterson is a Comedian/Rapper from D.C. Half man/Half Alaska Pollock fillet, breadcrumb coating, and vegetable oil.

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Nick Beezy – Don’t @ Me feat. AD

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When you think of good music to match good times and good vibes, thoughts of nostalgia from the 90s and early 2000s might come to mind. While it might get a little boring listening to the same old songs everyday, don’t worry because South Los Angeles-born and raised independent artist on the rise, Nick Beezy has got you covered with fresh new sounds and perspective.

Growing up in the struggle and finding refuge in music, the Southern California native has been able to carve out a lane all his own, linking with some of the music industry’s top players, as well as putting out work with producers like CookThatShitUpQuay, The Martianz, CashmoneyAP and Supah Mario. Dynamic, hard-working and ambitious in every sense of the word, Nick Beezy‘s music pack plenty of vibes and as much passion and resilience as his spirit.

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Mystic Flowers – Night Shift

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RnB & Electro-Dance Pop enriched by ecstatic rhythms meet world-class vocalists! The Mystic Flowers project was initiated to surround the listeners with elegance, bliss and timeless beauty, via highly melodic and danceable songs that feature a multitude of fantastic studio singers.

Producer and songwriter John Meisel showcases the softer side of beat-driven complexity via this colorful project and features incredible vocal talents who are as different and beautiful as the flowers on a summer wildflower meadow.

Stream an excerpt of Mystic Flowers “Night Shift”:

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