Trum – Don’t Shoot

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“Don’t Shoot” by Trum is a song is relation to police brutality on African Americans that has been going for years in our country.

Trum has been a rapper for over 10 years. He started rapping when he used to be in the trap but he didn’t take it seriously. He really got into being an artist when he was incarcerated for a year. He came home with a folder full of songs and a vision.

Stream Trum – “Don’t Shoot” on YouTube:

Kali Katana – EY3 2 EY3

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EY3 2 EY3 by Kali Katana is an album dedicated to the youth of the world. It has VERY conscious lyrics that spread love, truth, and growth to everyone.

Kali Katana is a producer born and raised in Southern California, currently residing in Southern Colorado, making conscious music to help grow people and to show them that they’re not alone in this world. It’s time to support the damaged.

Stream Kali Katana – EY3 2

Takeshi’s Cashew – There Is No Harmony

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Takeshi´s Cashew “There Is No Harmony” was inspired by the Werner Herzog documentary Burden of Dreams, a sample of one of his monologues also has an appearance in the song. Deep jungle sounds are mixed with Arabic flutes and and Turkish psyrock elements.

Takeshi’s Cashew are five ex-contestants of the infamous 90’s TV-show “Takeshi’s Castle.” When they met during the show’s finale they had a vision of becoming a band. Ever since they’ve been merging Funk, Disco, Cumbia and 60’s and 70’s psychedelia with a collection of ethnic instruments, creating a danceable and beautiful fusion.

Stream Takeshi´s Cashew – There Is No Harmony:

Brian McCalla – Tensor

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In the words of Brian McCalla, “Tensor” is an “uplifting trance track created in my new studio location with many new updates. Great for the dance floor, while working, or just relaxing. BLACK LIVES MATTER!”

Brian McCalla is a professional engineer, green technology consultant, and STEM educator by day. Semi-pro electronic music producer for over 3 decades by night. Live, love, work, and produce in Cleveland.

Stream Brian McCalla – “Tensor” on Spotify:

Lil Ginobili – Locked In

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Lil Ginobili’s Locked In is a hot album, mixed by Grammy nominated engineer Adrian Mckinnon (MXV) 1 time Platinum Producer, who has worked with the likes of Rae Sremmurd, Lil Uzi Vert & Doe Boy.

Lil Ginobili is an upcoming artist from Detroit, Michigan. Popular songs (Pros, Stick Talk) have both accumulated over 25K+ streams on Spotify.

Stream Lil Ginobili – Locked In on Apple Music:

Sophia Venn – Call My Name

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“Call My Name” is Sophia Venn’s first hip hop / rap song. Basically, this song was written to dis an ex friend who lies and thinks she is a queen of rap and hip hop. But Sophia didn’t want the entire song to be ruined on someone who’s not worth the effort so she decided to only put in a little dis rap.

“They say Life is Short, Live it to the Fullest”
This is Sophia Venn 孙小涵
Singer / Songwriter from China
Performed internationally all over Asia
(Genre: Pop, Rock, R & B, Rap, Hip Hop, etc.)
Language: Chinese and English
(They say life is short. Damn, I don’t know what I’m going to do. It takes me 5 hours just to buy 1 thing even ordering food takes me too long to decide. I know I will definitely be late to my own funeral)

Stream Sophia Venn – “Call My Name”

Nuzzie – Cry About It

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Nuzzie’s new rap/hip hop single, “Cry About It” is about pain, hurt, fear and not taking any more chances.

Nuzzie is a local artist from Donaldsonville, Louisiana. He grew up listening to music with his older cousins and dancing to slow jams his that his mother use to play.

Stream Nuzzie – “Cry About It” on YouTube:

Simri Jeria Jismaja – Stay

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Simri Jeria Jismaja’s “Stay” is a masterpiece soul, pop and R&B song, recorded in a Dutch Studio with a live band on the spot. It was written by Simri Jeria Jismaja, with music by Tico Pierhagen, and produced by Simri Jeria Jismaja and Tico.

Simri Jeria Jismaja is a vocalist, producer, songwriter and entertainer from the Netherlands who loves to write music, sing music, and perform on stage with her Band Groove General.

Stream Simri Jeria Jismaja – “Stay” on Spotify:


Synthetic Mary – Let It Breathe

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“Let It Breathe,” by alternative rock band, Synthetic Mary. Radio personality Johnathon Brandmeirer described Synthetic Mary’s music as “Music that can play nicely in an insane asylum.”

Synthetic Mary is from Long Beach, California. SPIN Magazine was quoted as saying “Synthetic Mary has to be one of the best unsigned rock bands out right now.”

Stream Synthetic Mary “Let It Breathe” on SoundCloud:

Wystelands – One Man

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Wystelands’ new single, “One Man,” is the story of a gathering of ten men of different ages, backgrounds, cultures, economic status, nationalities and religions, who share a common will to unite above their differences in order to serve as an example of unity above division for humanity.

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