Vezix – Outmymind

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Vezix’s (@IVezix) “Outmymind” is a mixture of rap and singing. Vezix is an artist and music producer from Orlando, FL.

Zilo Groove – I Love My African

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Zilo Groove’s (@zilogroove) “I Love My African” is the lead single from his new album, Afro Sal Soul Volume 02Zilo Groove is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, rapper, filmmaker and music producer who comes from Cameroon, Central Africa, and currently lives in New York City, USA. He calls his music Afro Sal Soul, a fusion of African hip-hop, neo-soul, Afro Beat, jazz, salsa, dance and electronic music. Zilo Groove’s latest album just came out. It is called Afro Sal Soul Volume 2. The first 3 singles I Love My African, Say It and Sweet Mother are doing fantastic on Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music and the video for “I Love My African” is getting fast traction on YouTube. Zilo is in the middle of a world tour and will soon be in your city. To get up to date with the latest Zilo Groove news and concert dates, follow Zilo Groove on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to get the latest news and shows in your city.

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Agent 07 – New Energy

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Agent 07 (@agnt_07) is a songwriter, producer and lyricist who lives in Los Angeles, CA, born in Nigeria and raised in Italy. “New Energy” is a song, where in Agent 07’s words: “My friend decides to use my laptop to mess around recording on a previous beat I’ve made months ago. As he does what he’s doing, he then comes up with a hook/chorus he loved so much he couldn’t wait for me to hear it. I come home from work to listen to the hook, and it definitely got me hooked. I rush to go grab a pen and paper and immediately wrote and recorded the verse in less than 20 minutes.” In addition to his own music, Agent 07 also produces for other artists.

Cab – Chosen [Album]

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Cab - Chosen - Spotify

Cab’s (@CABxSMH) new album Chosen is a high octane, substance filled rap project that fills the void of rap music with purpose and playback value. Cab is a rap artist from Lafayette AL. This is his second major project in the midst of rising in the independent ranks.

Listen to Chosen by Cab on Spotify »

Mikey Budd – Ganja, Mantras and Insecurities [Album]

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Old school vibe with melodic tones. Self proclaimed “Fittest Rapper in the Game”, mikeY budd (@mikey_budd) is better known for blending fitness and a healthY lifestyle into tasteful yet edgy raps. He began as a yoga teacher, playing popular rap songs and instrumental beats in his classes. Budd also raps about health and fitness in order to bring a different approach to hip hop. He now resides in Los Angeles. A different vibe of conscious hip-hop that plays off of mindfulness, healthy living and yoga.

ShaneBaggs – Notice [Music Video]

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ShaneBagg’s (@TheShaneBaggs) “Notice” is a song about ShaneBaggs being young from Jamaica trying to make it to the top so that he can take care of his round. ShaneBaggs represents Lexington, Kentucky, is from Jamaica, and is 22 years young.

Kira Harris – More Realer [EP]

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Kira Harris - More Realer

Kira Harris’ (@thereal_kira) More Realer EP has a smooth vibe and is a debut album for the 21-year-old artist/songwriter. The project features tracks produced by: DJLavishLee (YFN Lucci Official DJ) Far Far Da Dude (Of Legendary Beat Stars) Dinero1x (Multiple industry Placments), and The InFluence Beats.

Kira Harris was born in Luverne, Alabama, raised in Montgomery, Alabama, and now resides in Atlanta, GA. She’s a singer/songwriter who started singing in school choir and church. More Realer is her first studio album.

Mort Vivant – Waves and Graves (Deluxe)

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Waves and Graves (Deluxe) is the 1st commercial project from Mort Vivant (@its_mort_vivant), produced, recorded and mixed entirely in his home studio. Featuring sounds ranging from phonk and lofi hiphop to electronic hybrids, it blends his various musical influences together into a hybrid of underground and mainstream sounds and aesthetics. Mort Vivant is a 20-year-old rapper and producer from Lansing, Michigan.

Poetik Justyce – Don’t Stress

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Poetik Justyce (@poetjusytce) is a new independent hip hop artist from the DC area. He’s original in his music, creative in his delivery, and an overall talented individual. Poetik’s goal is to bring true hip hop back into the mainstream. Please visit his website at

Poetik Justyce’s “Don’t Stress” is a song that takes hip hop back to it’s original formula with hot lyrics, a strong positive message that people can relate to, and with a hot beat accompanying it.

Goyard Gotti feat. Dookz and Rope – I Wish

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Goyard Gotti’s (@107thGod) single “I Wish” feat. Dookz and Rope is a motivational song by a Carolina-born and Phoenix-raised artist who brings one-of-a-kind lyrical content.

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