The Importance of Differentiating Between Your Artist Profile and Your Personal Brand From the Very Beginning

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Artist Brand vs. Personal Brand

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What’s the difference between your artist profile and your personal brand?
As mentioned, your artist profile leads primarily with your artist name.
But in many cases, people will think of your real name together with your artist name.

Your personal brand is everything represented under your real name.
It is already interlinked with your artist profile from the very beginning.
you need to take that into consideration as you develop these brands.

You can think of your artist profile led by your artist name as your business brand,
and your real name as your personal brand. In a lot of businesses,
the business leaders represent the same values, ethos, beliefs and interests of their business.
These qualities guide who the business leaders communicate with,
how they communicate, and how they’re perceived.
Business leaders who communicate these qualities genuinely and consistently
over time end up becoming recognized for sharing those qualities with their companies.
For example,
Dr. Dre and Beats by Dre,
Steve Jobs and Apple,
Richard Branson and Virgin.

Likewise, when setting up your artist name as your brand,
you need to take a hard look at the person behind the artist.
You need to make sure the two versions of how you’re perceived complement themselves and
maintain that consistency of presenting your strengths, motivations and uniqueness.

If you fail to do that and neglect your personal brand, you run the risk of
your professional profile being “amateurized” by the things people will find online connected to your real name.
The most obvious instance is with Facebook.
On Facebook, you’re usually identifiable by your real name, and
you keep in contact with your friends from school and family.
So think what would that photo of you drunk at a party communicate to
A&R reps of a label you might want to sign to?
What would all kinds of statuses and comments that are only
relevant to a handful of your close friends and family communicate to the fan base you want to grow?

Also, a lot of networks you will be on require that you identify yourself with your real name.
For example, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+.
people interested in finding out more about you,
whether the “real life you” or the “artist you,”
will search for your artist name and your real name, and in those searches,
will find results from both your artist name and your real name.

So by understanding the connection between your artist profile and your personal brand,
you can maintain consistency in the values, strengths, motivations and uniqueness you project,
and the perception you create.
whether or not you like the idea of branding yourself and your artist name,
the principle is very simple:
If you don’t brand yourself, you will be branded by others.
So follow this advice to setup your personal brand and have your artist profile as an extension of it…

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The Internet Guide for Rappers – 10 Steps to Establish Your Artist’s Online Presence and Branding [eBook]

The Internet Guide for Rappers: 10 Steps to Establish Your Artist's Online Presence and Branding [eBook]

Get PDF Version Get Kindle Edition




What is The Internet Guide for Rappers, and what will it give you?

Step 1. Choose Your Artist Name

A step-by-step process of scrutiny on your artist name: its strengths, weaknesses, what you can change, and what you can’t.

Step 2. Get Your Artist Name on All the Web Property You Can

A one-time task that will set the foundation of your artist name’s online real estate.

Step 3. Characterize Your Artist Profile

An essential process that will guide you to find what will make people want to become your loyal advocates.

Step 4. Write Your Artist Profile Statement

Frame the perception you want others to have of you as an artist in a 1-2 sentence zipped format.

Step 5. Write Your Artist Bio

How to put together a snapshot of your strengths, motivations and uniqueness as a rapper, including examples.

Step 6. Make Your Artist Photos

What kinds of photos you need to have of yourself, and tips for how to make yourself more photogenic.

Step 7. Create a Communication Plan

A guide for how to plan your networking in the upcoming 12 months in order to help you realize your goals, and also to open you up to new opportunities.

Step 8. Implement Your Communication Plan

A checklist for you to apply across all your communication channels to maximize the impression you make.

Step 9. Setup Your Artist Profile as an Extension of Your Personal Brand

The importance of differentiating your artist profile and your personal brand from the very beginning, and how to setup your artist profile as an extension of your personal brand.

Template 1: Artist Characterization Template

A guide to fill out your artist characterization, as described in “Step 3. Characterize Your Artist Profile.”

Template 2: Artist Bio Template

The must-have parts of every artist’s bio to help you write your bio comprehensively and quickly, as described in “Step 5. Write Your Artist Bio.”

Template 3: Communication Plan Example Template

One example of how a 12 month communication plan looks like, for you to apply to your own networking actions over the next 12 months, as described in “Step 7. Create a Communication Plan.”

Template 4: Communication Plan Checklist

Template of the communication plan checklist described in “Step 8. Implement Your Communication Plan” for you to apply across all your communication channels, to maximize the impression you make.

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