Bernice Ye – Naturalization Test

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“Naturalization Test” is a comedy rap adapted from standup comedian Bernice Ye’s comedy bit of the same name, which is inspired by the true story of her taking the naturalization test and celebrating her US citizenship. It’s upbeat, funny, and fully of joy. The “Extended Cut” version includes a heartfelt monologue that also warms your heart.

Bernice Ye is a Los Angeles-based comedian known for her refreshing wit and dynamic performances. Originally from China, she has captured audiences worldwide with her unique blend of humor and storytelling. Bernice has performed at prestigious events such as the New York Comedy Festival and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal. With a knack for bridging cultural gaps through laughter, she has toured extensively, recently returning from a series of sold-out shows in Singapore. Whether on stage or online, Bernice continues to leave audiences in stitches while imparting memorable insights into her experiences as a first-generation immigrant.

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