ImJustHugo – SNDRSZN

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SNDRSZN is the debut album by ImJustHugo (@ordernamehugo), an artist who lives in the Rocky Mountains close to Denver, CO. In the words of ImJustHugo: “It has a comedic vibe but the subtext in all my music is deeper. This was really enjoyable to work on months seemed to fly by. Hope y’all enjoy! Much love and stay up!”

ImJustHugo’s SNDRSZN is available on all major streaming platforms: https://smarturl.it/sumnlite

The Legion of Rhyme – Legend and Rhyme

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Legend and Rhyme is the debut album of indie hip hop supergroup The Legion of Rhyme (@LegionRhyme). Each member is a solo artist but together they form this timeless hip hop group. The album is filled with instant classics such as “Egomaniacs,” “This City” and “Nothing but Chit Chat.”
The Legion of Rhyme is a group whose members come from many parts of New Jersey, but who love to represent Newark, NJ, with a love of classic hip hop, but who also add their own twist to the hip hop spectrum.

Kasper Park – Time

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“Time” is a special hip hop song that contains no chorus. However, it is still captivating with its punchy drum kit and fun melodies. This is a statement song by Kasper Park for sure.

Kasper Park is a new artist who is focused on making good music long-term. Based out of Philadelphia, be sure to watch out for his name.

Listen on:

– Spotify: open.spotify.com/track/1nbN4LfgmdSDx7hjkLw0rS?si=fqYXSTsFRfCdH5v6AIEatg

– SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/kasper_park/time-prod-by-yass

CrySpy – Chasing

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In the words of CrySpy (@therealcryspy): ” I produced this track when I decided to dedicate most of my time to making music. In the lyrics I describe my goals and my mindset that nobody can stop me.”

CrySpy is a rapper/producer based in Vienna in Austria combining chilled hip hop with ambient.

Beary Bondz – New Bae

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Beary Bondz (@BearyBondz) “New Bae” is a music collaboration about leaving your girl for another one who treats you better. Things people go through in daily life. Beary Bondz is a music collaboration producer upcoming hit maker out of Orlando, FL, with an upbringing from the westside of Orlando, straight out of Rosemont Pine Hills, Fl., a.k.a. the Crimehills.