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In a real live movie of epic proportions, “Ground Attack9” is one of the most prolific, feared, and controversial hip-hop artists in the underground scene. Possessing a skill set that consists of some of the hottest metaphors and fire punchlines, he showcases a deadly wordplay that would make any game of semantics proud. Not to mention, his creative ability goes through the roof! And if you think it’s all of the above that has “Ground Attack9” standing out, head and shoulders above the rest, think again. This artist just happens to be a UCLA graduate who majored in audio engineering and chose to snub the corporate world to use his skills as a platform to speak out against social injustices. Therefore, he is taking the world by storm with his new album, “Black Genius,” filled with hot singles like “Fear of the Black Planet,” “Slave to Prophesies,” “Temple of Doom,” and many more.

As a result, “Ground Attack9” has been placed on the “Black Watch List,” under 24-hour surveillance by local police, federal agents, and snitches. On the other side of the same token, “Ground Attack9” has proven to be very elusive, setting out to prove that power is absolutely in the hands of the people. Maneuvering via the world of performing arts, he arrives seemingly at the right time when every oppressed country in the world is rising up to fight for their freedom. So click on the music links and show your belief in the power of the people by catching the “Ground Attack9” experience. And I promise, if you don’t remember anything else about this artist, you will remember his name. You can also catch him on all platforms under the name “Titan Black222.”