YaSsine DJS ft. MNA – Lost

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“Lost” by YaSsine DJS ft. MNA is a heartfelt EDM track about the power of love and the possibility of reconnecting with someone from your past. The song explores the idea that fate can reunite people if it’s meant to be, emphasizing that love is never truly lost. With emotional lyrics and a poignant melody, it serves as a reminder that even in moments of despair, one can always find their way back to love.

About MNA: MNA watched and listened to all of the greatest rappers and musicians during the 1990’s and early 2000’s. During this golden age of music and music videos, Azcuy was inspired by both rappers and rock groups alike, and when he was sixteen years old decided to make his own music. After years of finding his sound, he teamed up with local producer nemo, to make his album “Diamond Dog”. He is also a published book author, avid writer, and a professional movie actor.

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