Trey Snow – Where’s Selena?

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Trey Snow’s (@ogtreyg000se) “Where’s Selena?” is a song about a lost connection between two hearts. Trey Snow is a creative being from Oakland, CA.

BuLife Silas – ZeZe Freestyle

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Silas’ Zeze (@TheBuLife95) freestyle is a feel good song with dope flow and crazy wordplay. A great visual! The BuLife is a hip-hop music group established in Provincetown, MA. They pride themselves on their dissemblance and aim to bring that honesty/transparency to hip-hop. Be. You. Life is their slogan. They have released three mixtapes: The Rosenhan Experiment, Cape Tippin, and The Nor’easter Tape.

Maxtallies – Antisocial

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Maxtallies (@Maxtallies) “Antisocial” is a deep and emotional song. It is a brief history of personal accounts and aspirations. It uses hip hop and R&B blends that consist of 808s, punchy kicks and intense harmonies.

Maxtallies is a hip hop rapper/singer and producer who also models from Boston, MA. A . Creativity is his strongest suite.

Dasors – Thx Lawd

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Dasors “Thx Lawd” feat. Zumo hits the spot.

Dogfuck – Violentheadjerk

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Dogfuck’s (@dogfuq) “Violentheadjerk” is, in Dogfuck’s words, “misshapen hip hop.” Dogfuck is from Richmond, Virginia.

Chrissii Key – Right

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Chrissii Key’s (@chrissiikey) “Right” is about being in so in love, that no matter what anyone says, feels or thinks, you will always love who you are with. No matter if being wrong in someone else eyes, it wont change the fact that you are in love. So, “if being wrong means, I’ve got you by my side. I don’t wanna be right.” Chrissii Key is a singer/songwriter from Detroit, MI. She has been singing and composing her own music for many years. Her focus is to not just create music, but to take you on a journey.

AseCard and Yungztah – Child’s Play [Album]

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AseCard and Yungztah - Childs Play

Soapmuzik’s AseCard (@AseCard) and Yungztah release their 33 track double album Childs Play! Classic joints for every mood, day, person and season. Features Ella Mai, great beat selection and lyrics that resonate with everyone. Enjoy this amazing listen and breath of fresh air from these two California boys.

Haki Saliim – Haki [EP]

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A reconciliation of hip-hop and contemporary sounds. Haki delivers a colorful variety of tracks that will have you introspective at one minute and lit at the next. Haki Saliim (@HakiSaliim) is a rapper and poet hailing from Los Angeles.

Dre Steelo – Play to Win [EP – Review]

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On Dre Steelo’s (@Dre_Steelo) third EP, the Michigan rapper personifies hunger for success and expresses it in 6 diverse tracks.

One of the greatest things about reviewing upcoming artists is that the yearning for the come-up is raw and more real than ever. In Dre Steelo’s case, his EP Play to Win positions him as a wolf eyeing its prey, ready to go in for the kill.

The 6 tracks of Dre Steelo’s Play to Win share pinpointed focus, clarity and directness. Even when using autotune, Dre Steelo never heads into the wavy, drugged up hip hop territory, but maintains his gravity around a vortex that’s ready to propel him to a whole other level.

In the first track, “Don’t Matter,” Dre Steelo sheds off his disbelievers and non-supporters. Dre introspectively verifies his reality to himself, that his success depends entirely on his determination to rise up the ladder, as well as making a statement to anyone listening that whether or not you’re with him, it doesn’t matter: it won’t shift Dre from working his way up. Moreover, he skillfully articulates the latter as the song heads into a catchy hook based around its title:

“You can think what you want
“But there’s one thing you should know
“It really don’t matter
“It really don’t matter, no…”

“Win,” the EP’s second track, re-tweaks Dre Steelo’s aspiration for success from another vantage point. As the beat cools off to more of a chill mode compared to “Don’t Matter,” Dre’s vocal entrance makes it clear that he’s no less fighting in this track than before.

“I didn’t come to play,
I just came to win.”

Definitive of the energy throughout the whole EP, Dre Steelo’s hunger to win is like a shot of pure motivation. His intention for success is well-targeted in his sights, and invites anyone to feed from that same energy.

The beat cruises out onto the highway on “A Lot On My Mind,” a steady-riding fast-paced drive that provides a basis for Dre Steelo to lay down his thoughts about making it on his own, money, pain, relationships and more of life’s ordeals.

Knowing what suits his energy in this record, Dre Steelo continues that driving-style beat with “100”: a steady-yet-progressive feel pounding through your chest down to your feet with Dre Steelo punching out each word with distinctive articulateness that cuts right through to that part inside each person that needs that fuel to go the extra mile to reach any kind of success.

Dre Steelo shows more variety of his approach when “I Know” hits. Taking a more reflective outlook on life, talking about what only he can know and others can’t know about over a boom-bap beat with a pounding, wavy 808 reminding you it’s the twenty-late-teens.

“Miracles” finishes off the EP in classic closing style. A vaster scope, a wider field of synths giving room for Dre Steelo to once again lay down his intent to reach the top by touching on the essence of what a miracle is:

“Miracles, miracles,
Making something out of nothing…”

Whether you need some extra fuel to start your day better aimed at your goals, or you need an extra boost to muscle in that last rep at the gym, Dre Steelo’s got exactly that pure energy to give you that extra thrust. I just hope that when he’s winning at the top, he won’t lose that same hunger he now has.

Kofi Daeshaun – Sweet Love

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Kofi Daeshaun’s (@kofidaeshaun) “Sweet Love” is a harmless, melody-driven song on the Legacy album. Kofi Daeshaun was born in Ghana and currently lives in Woodbridge, VA after spending over a decade in Brooklyn, NY. His fifth studio album Legacy is available on all digital outlets. He also has over 40 music videos on YouTube.

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